And finally… the week’s end…

TGIF! 🙂 Yes, ’tis the end of the week again – which means absolutely nothing, really, because my weekends are pretty much the same as my week days – except, of course, for Sunday’s, which are our “Questing for Fun and Profit in Telara” days. Today started fairly early for us, because Flipper had to be up at the Vet’s by about 8.00am, which was only accomplished after a lot of loud protests of “But we did this last week, Daddy!”, and “We don’t have to go today, Daddy! I’ve been there, done that, and I definitely do not want the T-shirt!”, with the occasional “LET ME OUT OF HERE!” on Flipper’s part… and a lot of encouraging sounding “There, there! Flipper, don’t worry little girl!” and “You’ll be back home soon, sweetheart!” on ours. Mission accomplished, Julian returned home and we had breakfast and a cup of tea, followed shortly thereafter by a cup of coffee before himself went off to pick up my favourite eldest daughter. All in all, it was a pretty rushed and busy morning – but the good side of it is, that once again, I managed to sneak past morning tea time without anyone noticing until this afternoon! 🙂 My weight’s almost guaranteed to go down, now! (oops! I shouldn’t have said that! I hope the Gremlins weren’t listening! :/ )

After lunch, it was off to the lounge room to watch one episode of “Agents of Shield”, and two episodes of “Person of Interest”. Julian rang the Vet to see how Flipper was going, and when they wanted us to pick her up. It turned out that they wanted her for as long as possible, so Julian was to pick her up when he took my favourite eldest daughter home this evening. The upshot of Flipper’s veterinary visit was that (a) her kidney function was a little improved from last time, which is good. (b) the Vet who was looking after her today specialises in elderly cats was very pleased with her overall condition, which is also good. And (c) Her blood pressure is definitely higher, and we need to increase her medication, which is not good. She was taking 1/8 of a Norvasc tablet (Norvasc is a human blood pressure medication) Now we have to give her 1/6 of a tablet. We’re not quite sure how we’re going to accomplish that… the pills are shaped like a rectangle with the corners chopped off, about 7cm x 2.5cm in size, which were hard enough to break into 8 pieces, let alone into 6! They crumble very, very easily, and Julian was always most pleased if he could get 7 reasonably even pieces out of a tablet.

There’s another problem we’re going to have with Flipper early next year… We live on the 5th floor of a high-rise apartment, which is serviced by one lift. Early next year the lift is being “re-furbished” – in other words it’s having quite a lot of maintenance, mechanical upgrading, and inside re-paneling done, and will be totally out of operation for about 3 weeks. This is all fine and well if you’re young and fit and can trundle up and down the fire escape or the front stairs, but there are many of us in the building who are either too old, or too disabled to do that, and will probably have to move out for the duration. Which is what we’ll have to do – I don’t like the thought of being cooped up in the apartment for three weeks, and what if there’s a fire?! 😉 The thing is, what are we going to do with Flipper? The Vet wouldn’t mind “boarding” her for a couple of nights, but certainly not for three weeks, and there’s no way we’d send her off to a boarding cattery – for starters, there’s her daily medication to consider, not to mention she’s very old, and a sudden and prolonged change in her daily routine might even be enough to carry her off. Besides, she just about lives for her “Daddy pats”, and I for one wouldn’t deprive her of one of her only pleasures. I’ll have a look online tomorrow for “Pet Friendly” Hotels, Motels, or Serviced Apartments, but I don’t really like my chances of finding something that we’d be happy to stay in, too! So, if any of you out there know of anywhere we can stay, or have an alternative solution, please let me know! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was better than yesterday’s! Back down to 117.0kg, where I was the day before yesterday. (See?! I told you that missing a morning tea, or an afternoon tea (or better yet, both of them!) would work! 😉 ) Well, I went without morning tea this morning (I had a pear for afternoon tea though), so hopefully it’ll make my weigh-in tomorrow a bit less… This morning the scales dithered around 116.9kg for a couple of seconds, then changed their mind and went up to 117.0kg instead, so…. almost into the 116kg bracket… 🙂

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow to find out all the latest on Julian’s pill chopping, my weight, and Flipper’s histrionics – the cat carry basket is still living in plain sight, under the desk! 😉

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