Water! Filtered… coffee! Filtered… swimming pools! No! Filtered… Photoshop! 🙂 Yes, I went hunting for some filters today – I think I got most of the main ones I wanted – a few are still missing though, like the Kaleidoscope one I used to use, and a few of the other fancy-shmantzy lighting effects ones I used to have… Give me time, I’ll track ’em down 🙂 Unfortunately, some of the ones I found that did have those filters (or similar) in their libraries were from “not safe”, or “don’t download from here unless you want your computer pwned!” download sites, so more digging will be needed. But I did get Super BladePro, which was one of the ones I was hanging out for, so I had a bit of a play with it all this afternoon and came up with some fairly credible fire opal and other gem-like effects that I’m thinking of using in a type of “gem encrusted” border, along the lines of one of my freebie web sets I made countless years ago… 🙂 So many things I want to do, so little time…. *sigh* (and then there’s the teeny little problem of my perennial laziness… 😉 )

I also Rifted a bit this morning – got Lavendermyst up to level 20, so now it’s back to the tedious grind, grind, grindstone to get her up to level 50 with all the others. On the other hand, I could turn her into a Crafter instead of a Gatherer, but I already have Crafters in most of the main professions that we can use in the Guild… There are about 17 Guild members at the moment, 12 of them are me, and the other 5 are Julian – all of the Crafters are me (that is, my “alts”, or “alternate characters”, but they’re all played by me), and they’re all Grandmasters or Savants in their fields (i.e. they can make the highest level goods in Healing Potions, Dimension items and keys, Plate mail, Chain mail, Leather armor and Cloth armor, Shields, Bags, Magical weapons, ordinary weapons, Runes – you name it, and I have someone who can make it! 🙂 ) I even have a dedicated Dimension constructress, and a dedicated Auction Manager… 🙂

Why do I have all these alts? *shrug* I have NO idea… I just seem to have this… compulsion to create them… and if I run out of character “slots”? I either move someone to another Shard to make room for a new character, or else I strip down a character I don’t like terribly much, distribute all her worldly goods amongst her “sisters”, donate her “money” to the about-to-be-created character, and… delete her. And so the cycle goes… endless creation, deletion, and character shuffling.

I suppose it’s better than vegetating in front of the television… but probably not by much… “Unproductive!” as my mother would have said…

Tomorrow my favourite eldest daughter is coming over, so not much Rifting or graphic-ing will get done, but I dare say a lot of conversation will be made and much enjoyment garnered from watching such shows as “Agents of Shield” and “Person of Interest”. Poor old Flipper will not be quite so happy though – it’s tomorrow morning that she goes back to the Vet for the rest of her tests and blood pressure monitoring. They want her for “several hours”, so she’s going up at about 8.00am… She’ll be fine, but she won’t like it! :/

Weigh-in this morning was disappointing, but fairly expected. It’s a fair drop from 117.5kg to 117.0kg, and I suspect that that was only because I’d missed out on both morning and afternoon tea the day before. Yesterday, I managed to get (force) fed both, and…. paid the price this morning!  I was back up to 117.2kg 😦 But, I’ll get even! I dutifully had my morning tea this morning, but I manged to sneak quietly past afternoon tea without anyone (read: Julian) noticing! HA! That’ll larn ’em! 😉 …you know, it’s funny! I’m still losing my kilo per week (approximately), and I know I’m not standing still, weight-wise, but ever since last week (when I saw Dr. Y.), I feel as though I’ve come to a complete stand-still, and am simply not getting any further… It’s really silly, because I know that I am… it’s just that I feel as though I’m not… :/

Anyway, tune in tomorrow night to find out how Flipper went at the Vet, and to see if sneakily skipping afternoon tea today makes any difference to what the scales tell me tomorrow morning! 🙂

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