Too darned hot!

Ah, misery me! It was 35C today, and it’s not even summer yet! 😦 What’s it going to be like when it is summer?!  I think I shall have to do what I was always threatening to do when I was at school… I’ll have to stow away on the next ice breaker to Mawson Bay! Honestly, what good is summer, anyway? All it’s good for is getting all hot and sweaty for no particular good reason (personally I can think of at least – oh, half a dozen good ways to get hot and sweaty? and have an enjoyable time doing it! 😉 ) At least in winter if you get cold, you can always add more warm clothing… in the summer, when it gets hot, there’s only so many items of clothing that you can remove and still remain decent in public! *sigh*

If tomorrow is hot again, I’m staying home with the egg-nitioner on, but if it’s cool enough I’ll go shopping with himself… I used up all the nice candle I got from Dusk a week or so ago, and I must say I was quite disappointed when I found out (the hard, scratchy way!) that the black glass jar (which turned out in fact to be a very dark reddish purple!) was really only painted on, and scratched off in patches when we tried to clean the last vestiges of soy candle wax off it. So I want to get another candle – this time I’ll get a big ordinary type candle. Hopefully it’ll last a little longer than this last one didn’t, and at least we won’t be able to scratch off the pretty colour on the glass jar, like we have with this one. I shall complain to the people at Dusk, too! I would have expected much better quality for the price we paid for it!

This morning I struggled along sorting a few more Dimension items, and disposing of them in newly created “holding areas” (“A All Large Decorations”, “A All Kitchen Related items”, “A All Vegetation and Rocks”, and so on and so forth) It’s getting there, but it’s a long, slow, tedious process. So much for getting back to questing! :/ Then my favourite eldest daughter arrived, and we had lunch, whilst I finished off the last of the Vegetation and Rocks that I had left to transfer to their new home. After a most welcome cup of coffee, we repaired to the lounge room and watched the remaining episodes of season two of Person of Interest. I think I’ve said before that it’s a good show, and the plot is quickly thickening, like properly cooked custard, or gravy 🙂 Next week she’ll have season three, and we can find out what happens to Elias, and Carter, and the rest of them. I’m also hanging out for the return of Orphan Black, which is about a gaggle of clones, who didn’t realise they were clones, but now they’ve all got together to try to find out why they were created and why they’re being killed off (well, that’s roughly what it’s about, but it’s complicated, y’know? 😉 )

I must also get himself to re-install our 2008 version of Eye Candy – if it doesn’t work with this version of Photoshop, the Alien Skin website says that people who have licensed copies of their filters can simply pay for an upgrade – much cheaper, too (can’t remember what it was off-hand – I’d have to go and re look it up again. If you’re really interested, and ask me nicely, I’ll go fetch, but if you’re not all that bothered about it, I won’t, OK? 🙂 ) I’m a trifle amused at myself – getting all interested (welllll… a little bit interested, anyway 😉 ) in getting into graphics again! I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at wallpapers…. now, there’s a thought! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was tres annoyment! Same as yesterday – 119.3kg *sigh* :/ Looks like the gremlins are putting me through another bout of  “Let’s annoy the [rude word] out of Winter! Just for the fun of it!” for a few days! I really wish they wouldn’t… Oh Noes! I shouldn’t have said that!! Oh dear… now they’ll make me pay for admonishing them like that – they’ll make me go up again! *sob* What have I done to myself!? [flings back of hand to her forehead in dramatic gesture]

And with that heartfelt and passionate declaration, gentle readers, I shall leave you all to wait, with bated breath, for the next installment of “The Trials and Tribulations of a Desperate Dieter!” – same time, same place! 😉

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