Nice and early tonight!

I have had a most productive day today, for a change! I started work this morning on trying (“trying” being the operative word!) to organise all my Dimension stuff. I used to have it all nicely divided up between several of my largest Dimensions, e.g. “All Plants, Trees and Rocks”, “All Kitchen related items” (food, plates, cups, goblets, etc.), “All Building Materials”, etc., etc., etc… Then I started “shuffling” various characters around, and to prevent “accidental losses” of Dimension stuff due to oversights, I decided to collect everything into one central point, namely my poor, long suffering Dimension looking-after girl, Cersie. I still have nightmares about trying to fit everything into her personal Bank vaults, even after opening up every available Bank vault, and filling her up with the largest backpacks that credits could buy, it was still too much… bits and pieces fell out and had to find alternative homes, and this is why I was trying to organise it all again today. I persevered for a while, then gave it up as a bad job and went looking for yet a “better” theme (here).

One of the main problems I have with these themes is that (a) I hate writing my blog on a white “page” – if I want white pages, I’ll use Word, and print it out on white paper, thank you very much! (b) I like to be able to pick and choose which font will give me the best effect – and let me tell you, there are precious few fonts available in WordPress! (says she, who is an incurable fontaholic with over 2000+ fonts to her name!)(er.. that includes dingbats and other decorative fonts, as well as ordinary and decorative writing fonts), and (c) I like some sort of graphic “header”, to set the mood… there are also precious few Themes that have header graphics, and there ain’t much choice there, either!

So, I decided to make my own. Back to my up until now sadly neglected Photoshop. First I did some research on how big to make these headers (they’re all different sizes!), so then it was a matter of finding which Theme I liked enough to make a personalised header for. This is the one I chose (it’s actually the same Theme as I’m using for “The Adventures of Darth Carla”, only with a personalised header instead of the one it comes with, and different colours 😉 ), and the header you see at the top of the page is the one that I made. Do you like it? 🙂

Since working with Photoshop over the last two days, it’s been niggling me that something seemed to be…. missing. It somehow didn’t feel the same… yes, I know it’s a newer version than the one I used for so many years making free web sets and free stationery for Outlook Express and Incredimail, but…. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it – until I wanted to make some changes to a pattern I had made and was experimenting with. It then dawned on me that what was missing were my wonderful dont-leave-home-without-them plug-ins, my Eye Candy (Alien Skin) and my Blade Pro! Hmmm… I wonder where they are, and if they’ll even work with this version of Photoshop? We shall look into it….

Himself has gone off to parts unknown to pick up and give a good home to yet another piece of C64 hardware (I can’t remember what it’s called, off the top of my head, and he’s not here to ask, so you’ll just have to sit there, chewing your nails, and wondering what on earth it could be, that’s taken his fancy so! 😉 )

When I finish this I shall get back to Rifting a bit, I think… My Minions should have finished their 8 hour runs that I sent them off on this morning, but I’d like to actually get a bit of questing in for a change! My favourite eldest daughter will be over tomorrow, and I dare say that after lunch we’ll spend most of our time up in the lounge room watching episodes of Person of Interest and Agents of Shield, which I am most anxious to catch up with! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was very pleasing… I should be right in the middle of my usually out of control upward moving Provera spike, but I actually went down to 119.3kg! I was pretty chuffed! (…or maybe it’s because I missed out on morning tea yesterday morning? If so, I must try to do that more often! 😉 ) Hopefully I’ll go down again tomorrow…. (hope, hope, hope…)

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow night for all my latest adventures, graphics-wise, weight-wise, Rift-wise, comment-wise and gossip-wise! 🙂 Don’t be afraid to leave me a comment or three to let me know what you think of my header… 😉

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