Unlit candle (frown)

I’m looking at an unlit candle… I think it needs its wick trimmed, something himself said he’d do, only it doesn’t look trimmed to me. We got this fancy, long handled wick trimmer when we got the candles (I had forgotten that we bought two, so I didn’t have to go out in the heat today to get another one! 🙂 Wasn’t that clever of me! 😉 ) The wick trimmer looks like a pair of long handled scissors, but the finger holes are on an angle to the scissor bit, and the base, or bottom, of the cutting edge is higher than the base, or bottom of the other side, the side that has the groove for the wick in it. You’re supposed, I think, to rest the thick part with the groove in it, flat against the candle, with the wick sitting (sort of) neatly in the groove – when you close (cut) with the wick cutter, it’s supposed to trim the wick off neatly at the correct length. Now, I don’t know if I’m just extra clumsy (possible), not doing it the right way (probable), or just too old to understand the question (many would say so)… but with the finger holes of the wick cutter on such a weird angle, and the base that’s supposed (I think!) to rest flat against the candle, I just… get it all wrong :/ Julian seems to be able to do it, and he’s the klutz in the family… so why can’t I? *pout* Well, I just trimmed the wick, and as usual, managed to gouge the candle wax quite nicely – luckily the wax melts smooth again soon after lighting – and lit the candle, which produced no visible sooty smoke, so I must have done it correctly. And this time we’ll be more careful removing the last bits of soy wax from the only-painted glass when it’s finished…

This morning, pretty much straight after breakfast, I started work on my Dimension items overhaul… So far I have eleven separate holding “pens” for the different categories – two of them are “part 1”, and “part 2” of the same item, because even shrinking things down to their smallest size, I run out of room to store them, long before I run out of the number of items I can store in that particular holding area. I just had a brilliant thought! 🙂 (Sometimes I can be so clever that I even amaze myself! 🙂 ) I can…. go up! Build a second floor! Why didn’t I think of that earlier?! This morning I almost went cross-eyed stacking up 32 ruddy floor panels! I could have used them to create a second floor on which to store things! Of course, there is the very small problem of – what happens when I’m working on a Dimension, and I need to use those floor panels… I don’t keep that many floor panels just for their decorative properties…. Bother!  Maybe I’m not clever enough to amaze myself, after all! 😦 Back to the drawing board… *sigh* Oh well, looks like there’ll be more “part 1” and “part 2” Dimensions needed after all… I think I have two more spare… :/

Tomorrow, of course, will be our usual Sunday “Picnic in Telara”, or “How many nasties can you kill in four hours?” The only parts I’m not particularly looking forward to are the underwater bits… But there are also plenty of areas that are not underwater, so that’s OK 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was pleasing, to say the least… down to 119.1kg! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could get down under 119kg by Tuesday! It’s possible, but probably not likely… I shall do my best! 🙂 That would be 15.5kg in about 3.5 months… which isn’t too bad, I suppose (says she, very grudgingly!)

Anyway, tuned in tomorrow night for the next exciting episode of “Will she lose weight? Or will she drown in Telara…?” 😉

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