Winter’s log, earthdate 201607.26

04.31 pm

Well, here I am, back at the keyboard again – better late than never, eh?! 🙂 So, what’s been happening this side of the black stump… Not all that much – I’ve done a bit of work on Phaédra, and a bit of work on my Blog Project… and for good or ill, I’m going to consider that the “Blog Project” is ready enough for me to stop worrying about the Template and the Header any more, and start writing… thingz… in it! 😉 The background is a trifle clumsy, and I know I can do better – but at least I have managed to get it to tile, if not perfectly, then “well enough”, for the nonce anyway, and hopefully people will be too busy reading “stuff” to notice the rather glaringly obvious Photoshop anomalies! :/ Phaédra is making great strides at the moment – she’s now level 28 and on her way to Northern Stranglethorn! – Hopefully I’ll be able to get her to an Inn this evening before the Rolling Re-starts begin! (once a week – occasionally more often – one by one, Blizzard closes down, and re-starts all of the Realms (read “servers”) one after the other. The Re-start itself doesn’t take all that long, but together the whole thing lasts about an hour, give or take a few weeks! *rolls eyes*) Not that it really matters whether or not I get her to an Inn – but getting your character to a “rest” place, like an Inn, or a Capital City, gives you a small “resting” bonus, which shows up as a blue line along your experience bar. This doubles your experience points when you start playing again, and the only things that “eat up” your bonus bar is killing mobs. That is, if you complete quests to gain your double experience points, your blue bar won’t shorten, it remains the same. However if you kill mobs to get your double experience points, the blue bar shortens exponentially, and when the blue bar is all eaten up, your resting bonus is finished, until the next time you spend time in an Inn, or a Capital City, and (Winter begins to sing, somewhat off key:) you start all over again!

Yesterday morning I had to go off and have my Warfarin blood test (again!) and this time I was very pleased to see that my INR had actually gone up a little, to 2.4 – not as much as I would have liked, mind you, but it was certainly a lot better than the time before, when it was a bit too low, at 2.1! My rat poison dosage is still the same too, at 4.5 mg per night. We usually go shopping after that, but this time we didn’t, and I came straight back here and played with Phaédra until Josh arrived in the afternoon. My very favourite eldest daughter should have been over here today, but she’s coming tomorrow instead, because I had the Podiatrist over today (so my feet look vaguely human again, despite all the cracked blisters and blood blisters that I keep getting from walking into table legs and things!), and it would have mucked up our day of television watching. So she’ll be here all day tomorrow, and this time I’d like to watch some “Agents of Shield”, as well as some “Arrow” and “The Flash”.

Julian is planning on changing out some of the Fish House water tonight (well, that’s what he said last night, anyway) but this time he’s going to be keeping some of it in the smaller “temporary” tank that we had for Auric and Dapple, before we decided that instead of putting them back outside in the newly cleaned and now habitable puddle that they’d come from, they were going to become “inside fish”, and live in the lounge room, with us! Once we get the water in the small “holding” tank ready, we’re going to get at least one new fish – most likely a “golden comet”, if we can find a nice one (we’re looking for one similar to some we saw in the large Pet Barn near Aldi in Vermont South – they were such a pale, pale yellow as to almost appear to be chartreuse, and they were really pretty and unusual!) We plan on quarantining the new fish in the small holding tank for about a week – mainly to give it a chance to acclimatise to the water, and to make sure that he (or she!) is healthy, then we’ll shift him (or her!) into the main tank with Auric and Dapple. If that all goes well, and we think that there’s still enough room in the main tank, we might get a fourth fish, but that’s still filed under “Pending”….

Anyway, time is ticking along, so if I want to get finished before dinner time, I’d best move on to the good bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Yesterday for lunch I had a ham and cheese toastie, made from the nice tasty whole-meal bread with the sesame-seeded crust. Toasties are really nice, but you have to be careful you don’t burn yourself on the molten cheese! Last night we had pan-fried lamb backstrap, with baby Brussels sprouts, chips, and our usual half a tomato, and for dessert I had a “bald-kiwi-fruit-brown” skinned Nashi pear, and a Vanilla Le Rice. Julian went and did some more shopping today (because we’d run out of our breakfast bananas, as well as lots of other stuff – I dunno – we must be eating it all, or something!) and looked in two Coles… and neither of them had my Rice Pudding! 😥 I think they’ve discontinued it now that Le Rice is back on their shelves! 😥  So because Julian went shopping this morning, and didn’t get back until fairly late-ish, he stopped off at Baker’s Delight, and, yes, you guessed it, came home with two different types of very nice savoury rolls for lunch, of which we had half each, and another two fruit and white chocolate scones (and I’ll also bet that my weight goes up again tomorrow!) Tonight we’re having the left-over Shepherd’s pie with cauliflower mash for dinner – if it’s even half as nice as it was when we had it before, I’m really looking forward to it! I really should stop being so lazy and get a round tuit, and type it up for you all to try! 🙂 For dessert I’ll probably have another Corella pear, and this time, an Apple Le Rice!

Weigh-in yesterday morning. Wasn’t too bad, considering the way my weight’s been see-sawing up and down lately! I went from 64.5 kg to 64.5 kg again – in other words, I stayed the same, which at least is better than going back up again! I still haven’t decided if it has anything to do with my morning walks on the treadmill. I do know that walking pretty much first thing in the morning (after weighing myself, but before breakfast) “wakes up” my extremely slow metabolism, but how, and why, and should I be looking at the amount of time that I walk for, or the distance I walk? At the moment I’m walking by “time” – but should I perhaps be looking at how far I walk, and forget about how long it takes? I dunno…

Weigh-in this morning. Was even betterer! 🙂 I went from 64.5 kg to 64.1 kg – that’s almost a kilo in four days! However, after my lunch today, I’m sure to be back up again tomorrow *sigh* “Say lar Vee”, as the French are wont to say! 😉 And so I guess I’ll just… [reprise: Winter singing, definitely off-key this time:] start all over again!

And that more-or-less brings me back to tomorrow, when my very favourite eldest daughter will be over. With Blizzard re-starting of all the servers tonight, I probably won’t get a chance to play with Phaédra until tomorrow morning, before Lee arrives, and as I’ve been told that we’re going out for lunch on Thursday, to the RACV in the city, I probably won’t get a good run at anything WoW-ish until Friday – but I will get a chance to do some writing for my Blog Project! Depending on how much I can get written before next Monday, I expect to be able to fling the doors wide, and make it a Public Blog, accessible to all! 🙂 “Watch This Space!” 😉 And once again, that’s really about “it” from me this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night to find out what my weight did to me in the morning, and whether I’m crying tears of blood, or dancing around (figuratively speaking!) for joy! Get all the latest news on Auric, Dapple, and Flipper, and also what we’ve been up to, in our infinite spare time! 😉 Until then though, do try hard to bee good, don’t forget to stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will’, and remember to always drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm and dry during this extremely cold and wet spell… but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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