Winter’s log, earthdate 201607.03

05.29 pm

Well, I hate to be so harsh, but…  “Malcolm Turnbull. You are the Weakest Link – it’s time for you to go!” – So many people had such high hopes for Mr. Turnbull – he looked the part, with his well-cut suits and urbane smile, and he sounded, so very much like the Statesman that the Liberals hoped he’d be… but unfortunately he gave us all a glimpse of the “real” Malcolm Turnbull, way back in 2009, with the unfortunate “Utegate” affair – and really, we should all have been warned then. At the time Utegate occurred, I’m pretty sure that most Liberal supporters – like me – thought that Malcolm Turnbull had to have provable hard evidence against Mr. Rudd and Mr. Swan, before going so public with his pretty shocking allegations. But he didn’t. All he had was the “word” of a Treasury official called Godwin Grech that anything untoward had happened. But, as it turned out, nothing untoward had happened! Mr. Rudd and Mr. Swan had not acted dishonourably and lied to the Parliament (they had, and they did though, many times, and about many things, but not, as it turned out, in this particular case!) and all too soon it was found out that Godwin Grech was a fraud. Mr. Turnbull had acted hastily, without due thought or investigation, and, to coin a phrase, he “came a cropper“!

But, time passed, and people tend to forget political events all too quickly – and besides, everyone deserves a second chance, don’t they?! Alarmed at Tony Abbot’s often stupid and foolish decisions, Caucus decided to offer the leadership to Mr. Turnbull again – certain moves were orchestrated, by certain shadowy individuals, and when Mr. Turnbull took the Prime Ministership away from Tony Abbot, just about the whole of Australia heaved a great sigh of relief! I was dubious about this move – after Utegate, I’m afraid that I still didn’t completely trust Mr. Turnbull… and it seems I was right to be wary of his abilities as a Prime Minister! He made the Australian people an awful lot of promises, leading the trusting people, Pied Piper-like down the garden path, and reneged on all of his promises – most likely to please the powers-that-be who’d handed him his lofty position… “sold” to him for a price higher than most people would have been willing to pay – his integrity!

So, here we are. Mr. Turnbull wanted a Mandate, he said, so he pulled the Double Dissolution – or should that be “Disillusionment”?! Now, thanks to his arrogance and ineptitude, he’s worse off than he was before the election, as far as a Mandate is concerned, and so are we! One almost feels like writing Mr. Abbot a note: “Dear Tony – all is forgiven, please come back (as Prime Minister)!” So who knows what’s going to happen now? For once, I think Andrew Bolt is right – Mr. Turnbull should apologise, most abjectly, to all Australians, resign from the Parliament, the Liberal Party, and politics, altogether! One wonders – where do we go from here?!

Well, I can tell you where we went! We went to Draenor! 🙂 We had a good go today – I died once, and Julian died twice – in the middle of a Garrison “invasion”. It’s one of the “set” Garrison quests where the Garrison is due to be invaded, and you have to help fight for your new home. The quest itself isn’t actually all that hard, and I have done this particular quest solo, twice… in Alliance Garrisons, where you don’t get extraneous flying beasts swooping in and chomping on your head! So that we wouldn’t have to do the quest twice – once for my Garrison, and once for Julian’s, we had the bright idea that I could “visit” his Garrison, earn a “Garrison Buddy” Achievement by doing so, and stay there and help him fight off the invasion – which would hopefully count for both of us! (it did, luckily!) So, we’re fighting away, fighting… fighting… and all of a sudden a notice flashes across the screen: “A Rylak has been attracted by the noise of the fight”, or words to that effect, so you have to go along and help kill the Rylak, whilst still being clobbered by the invading army! It was actually the Rylak that killed us both – they’re really vicious big beasties! Still, we both went up a level – we’re both level 92 now, and we’ve pulled our Garrisons up to Stage or Tier 2, have extra buildings in it, and a much nicer “Town Hall”. We’re both looking forward to next Sunday, and getting back into the thick of things! 🙂 All good fun! 🙂

Auric and Dapple seem well – the water is now good, except for the PH level, which we’ve bought a special piece of stone (or you can use coral, if you know where to get it!) to nutralise the acid from the dissolving carbon dioxide from the air bubbles. The “Goldfish Experts” that Julian’s been speaking to are divided about the use of the stone – some say “don’t use it, the bacteria in the filter may fix the problem – give it a month!”, and the others say “The stone is a good idea – you should try it!” so, I think Julian’s intending to put, not the whole stone into the tank, but a piece of it… I’ll let you all know how this somewhat fysh-brained scheme works out! 😉

And now it’s on to the good bits! 🙂

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had the first lot of the Lamb and Harissa Lasagna leftovers from the freezer (re-heated, of course!) and it was just as nice, if not nicer, than it had been the other night, as all the different flavours had been given a chance to blend in together properly. Then I had one of my Fuji apples, which again was extremely nice, and a small bowl of my delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie, Rice Pudding for dessert. We had wraps for lunch today, which were made with the basil-pesto hummus, sliced Roma tomato, some of our home-grown dark green capsicums sliced into batons, ham, sliced spring onions, and Halloumi cheese. Very delicious, but as Julian warned me, very messy to eat because they were stuffed rather full with all those yummy bits and pieces, which kept on trying to escape! Thank goodness for the “5 second rule!”¹ Tonight, being Sunday night, we had omelets for dinner. I’m not sure what Julian did differently, apart from using cheddar cheese instead of the usual Halloumi cheese, but the outside of the omelet tonight was deliciously crispy and even a bit crunchy, without being in the slightest bit burnt, just a lovely golden brown all over! There was Roma tomato, onion, ham, cheddar cheese, and the very last of our home-grown dark green capsicum in this particular omelet, which has to have been the best omelet ever! For dessert tonight I had a pale golden-yellow Nashi pear (they seem to come in either a dull brown, the colour you’d expect a bald kiwi fruit to be, or this pale golden-yellow colour – currently we have a couple of each) which was sooo juicy that I probably should have sat in a bath to eat it, except that we don’t have a bath anymore, so I couldn’t have, even if I’d wanted to! I don’t think we’ll get any more of the pale golden-yellow Nashi pears again – it was a bit bland and insipid, too… and I followed that up with a small bowl of my favourite Coles-brand, very low-calorie yummy Rice Pudding.

Weigh-in this morning. Was actually good, for a change! I went from 64.3 kg to 64.1 kg – down two points, which is good, because I know it’ll be up tomorrow. How do I know it’ll be up tomorrow? Because I didn’t do my walk this morning! At the moment, the stupid blood blister on my right toe is so bad that I can hardly walk up and down the hallway with it, let alone walk on a speeding treadmill for half an hour! I mean, I can walk on it, sort-of, as long as I concentrate on (a) limping, and (b) trying not to let my toes touch the floor! If it’s not a lot better tomorrow, I’ll just have to try adding a few more band-aids… :/

My ear is still bung… I’m being brave, and putting up with my ear-drops, but oh, I really, really hate them! 😦 This time last night I thought my ear was a bit better, but tonight it’s quite sore again , especially when I chew on anything 😦 *sigh* Oh well… this time next week will come, and it’ll be all better and I won’t have to have the drops, ever, ever again!

And all of this brings me to tomorrow 🙂 Our cleaning lady will be here in the morning – I must remember to ask her to open the treadmillery window and to dust, or vacuum the bottom of the fly-wire screen – I think there’s a spider’s egg-nest-thingy on it, and as I always have the window open when I’m walking, I would hate for the little baby spiders to hatch out while I was in the middle of my walk – I might step on one… and I believe that baby spider’s venom is just as bad as the adult’s, and I don’t want to be raced off to hospital with a deadly spider bite, even if it is only a baby one! Josh will be over in the afternoon, and that’s about all that I know is happening! We do have to go back to the Nursery to get a very large planter, but the forecast is for rain, so we might have to wait until Wednesday for that. So, all in all, that’s about “it” from me again for tonight! 🙂 Do call in again tomorrow night to see how much my weight went up because I didn’t do my walk this morning, whether or not the spider-egg-thingy is still on the fly-wire screen, if Julian put “the stone“, or part of “the stone” in the Fish House, and whatever other fun stuff we might have got up to! However until then, please try to bee good, remember that thinking too much about a problem won’t make it any easier to solve, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry on cold, wet winter days, and to look after yourselves… but please, above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

¹ The “5 second rule” states that anything edible which falls to the ground is fine to pick up, dust off, and eat, if it hasn’t been on the ground for more than 5 seconds, because the germs won’t have had a chance to make it go bad in that small amount of time. This rule can, and usually is, lengthened, in proportion to how badly you really wanted to eat that piece of dropped food.

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