Winter’s log, earthdate 201604.30

Back again – reasonably early, and quite exhausted! I’ve just come from an extremely hectic, hour and a half marathon “battle” with the Blackfangs – brutish wolf-men, lightning fast, and as mean as they come – all Gold Elites, too! And you know what? We went up more than six bubbles in Reputation, and we didn’t die once! Not even when we fought their really nasty “Warboss”, who would split himself into three, and then re-form, making us lose our target on him – my poor Pet then had the onerous job of keeping him busy whilst we re-targeted him! He was a real horror to kill, but kill him we did, and the Reputation for killing him was more than worth the effort! Just killing that “Warboss” was  the equivalent of killing about twenty of the “ordinary” Gold Elites – I reckon we should go out and kill him again tomorrow! 🙂 Actually, I think our fighting technique is improving – it’s not taking as long to get one of these beasties down, especially if we’re only fighting a single one (which is very seldom! They always seem to come in packs of three or more!) I think the solution is to concentrate on one at a time – when you’re being mobbed by three or more, it’s very easy to panic, lose your concentration, or attempt to start fighting the one that’s snuck up behind you and is clobbering you from the rear – but you just have to ignore everything except the one in front of you, get him down, and then perform a sort of a mental “triage”, so to speak, chose the one who poses the most danger, and work on that one until he’s down – then rinse and repeat until you’ve cleared the area!

So what else have I been doing all day? Well, I found this Template – I sort-of like it – and at least it has a reasonably wide text column – hmm – but I’m not entirely happy with the Heading I made this morning – it seems to be “missing” something, somewhere… I’ll probably try and re-do it sometime this evening – I know I can do better…. Unfortunately I’ve been hampered all day with a [censored] sore right elbow – it’s been sore for weeks now, and I’m getting very tired of it – my left arm is sore too, but only when I try to move it sideways. I think it might be the arms on my chair – but anyway, I have to go up to the Doctor’s on Monday to have my blood pressure checked and to pick up a repeat prescription, so I’ll mention my arm and see what she says (it’s probably only “Tennis Elbow” and will be all better by Monday morning!) We did think of going off to have a look at fishes and fish tanks today, to see what sort we’d get, and what sort of a stand a larger tank would need, but we both decided that we’d rather go during the week. We’re also almost out of my coffee pods (I almost exclusively drink the Ciocattino ones) :/ We decided we’d get them online this time, as the only place within reasonable travelling distance where we can get Nespresso Pods is Doncaster, so until they arrive I’ll have to be very brave and drink Julian’s, which is in a whitish-cream coloured Pod called “Vanilio”, I think. I was just looking at the Nespresso site, and according to their “ordering” list, they still have the really delicious, “Limited Edition” Ciocco Ginger Variation available! It’s like the Ciocattino one that I normally have, only with a strong ginger flavour added – it really is my favourite, so maybe we could get one or two “tubes” of that, as well as my “normal” coffee… (Winter looks sadly into her coffee cup, which is depressingly empty… *sigh*) We do have some more Dry Cleaning to pick up over at Doncaster, so maybe it would be better to get the coffee there when we’re out on Monday, rather than ordering it online… Ah well, we’ll see, I guess..

Food stuffz: last night we had chicken sausages, with chips, steamed snow peas, and half a tomato. Neither of us are quite sure what brand of chicken sausages they were, because when he gets them home, Julian usually re-packages them for the freezer, so that they don’t get the dreaded “freezer burn” if there’s too much air in the package – I’d like to know what brand they were though, so as not to make the mistake of getting that particular brand again – they not only put out a lot of fluid into the frying pan, but they also started to hemorrhage chicken “paste” out each end, which is not really a desirable occurrence! Still, they tasted nice enough, and I suppose that’s the important thing when making dinner. For dessert, I had one of my new Corella pears, and a slice of cake. I was a trifle dubious about the pears – they did feel very firm, and if I’d been going on feel alone, I would have said that they were definitely not ripe enough to eat – however, I cut one open, de-cored a piece, and popped it into my mouth. It was ripe! Still very firm, and not terribly juicy, but certainly ripe enough to eat – so I shall have another one tonight! 🙂 For lunch today I had a very yummy wrap in that nice Coles-brand “fresh-baked” flat bread – with basil-pesto hummus instead of butter, Halloumi cheese, ham, and freshly picked but moments before, sweet green capsicum batons! It was an extremely nice wrap! Every time I have a sandwich, or a wrap for lunch, I gobble it all down because it’s so nice, and then it’s all gone, and I feel sad that I didn’t eat it slower, and savour every bite – and I always tell myself that next time, I’ll eat it slower – and when the next time comes? I forget all about eating it slowly and just gobble it all down again! :/ I think I’m just a glutton, in thin clothing! Tonight we’re having pan-fried chicken breast, on a bed of rice with finely chopped spring onions (hopefully home-grown!) and the ubiquitous half a store-bought tomato. For dessert I’ll reprise last night’s dessert, with a slice of cake and a Corella pear – though I am tempted… I’d asked Julian to look into dates and dried figs when he went out to do the shopping a little while ago, and he’s come back with some dates – both from the dried fruit aisle (supposedly pitted, or de-stoned) and some bigger and juicier-looking ones from the deli section (still with their stones, or pits) – but he said that he couldn’t find any dried figs! Anyway, it’s probably been more than 20 years since I’ve eaten a date, so I’m quite tempted to have one of the larger ones from the deli, even though I can only have one (they’re higher in calories than the pear!) I’ll let you know tomorrow night what I decide to do! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Was very disappointing! I went back up again – from 63.5kg, where I’d been sitting for the last two days, to 64.0kg, where I was the day before the day before yesterday – I was a most unhappy little Vegemite this morning – especially seeing as I’m going back on those wretched fluid-retaining pills again tomorrow! When I got on the scales this morning, I turned to Julian and said “See? I just don’t have any control over my weight any more! Why?!” – a largely rhetorical question – and a bit like the “does my bum look big in these jeans?” question – because there really is no “correct” answer – say “yes”, and you’re horrible – say “no”, and they’ll think you’re lying to please them! *sigh* Oh well, ten [censored] days of hoarding the fluid coming up… 😦

Which brings me to tomorrow – Sunday! A day for “Dashing Daringly around Draenor”, “Doing Daring Deeds in Draenor”, and “Dangerous Deeds Done in Draenor”, and so forth! 🙂 It’ll probably be more of what we were doing this afternoon – dashing around killing Gold Elite Blackfangs for Reputation points! However I think we’re going to do the Ahn’Quirj (pronounced “arn-Kirarge”) Dungeon after lunch – to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never set foot it in, and Julian’s only ever been in there once, so it’ll be something new for both of us! I’ll let you all know how we went, and whether we died or not! 🙂 And that’s really about it from me for this evening – what do you think of this new Template? Is it worth keeping, or should I keep looking? Don’t forget to call in again tomorrow night to find out what my weight is up to (though let’s hope it’s “down” to!) and how we fared in Draenor and Ahn’Quirj. Until then though, please try to bee very good, remember that a person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm – or cool – depending on your preference, and to always drive carefully – but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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