Winter’s log, earthdate 201604.18

03.37 pm

This is nice and early, isn’t it! 🙂 As there’s a lot to tell you about yesterday (Sunday) and our day in Draenor, I thought I’d better get a good run at it! We started off in the morning catching up on a lot of our Dailies and Reputation farming quests – they’re a bore, and a chore, but we’re getting into quite a good routine with them so that we get through them all pretty quickly – but I’m still only half way to that wretched “Exalted” Reputation I have to get before I can upgrade my Trading Post – and “win” the right to earn 20% extra Reputation points in Draenor… which is about the same as shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted, because Reputations only go up to “Exalted”, and neither Julian nor I really go in for Reputation gathering, any more than we go in for PvP or Group Dungeons! *sheesh!* All I want to do is be able to upgrade my ruddy Trading Post so that I can go after the mechanical parts with which to build myself an Auctioneer for the Garrison! Anyhoo, we spent the morning doing that, had lunch, and then decided to go off and do a Dungeon neither of us had done before called “Ulduar“, a Dungeon for character levels 80 to 83 (which, if you all remember, I mentioned a few episodes ago?) Because there was a chance for the “25 Man Raid Party” to score a “special” Mount out of it, us two cocky, and vastly over-confident level 100’s decided to do a 25 Man Run… on our own! Because… what could possibly go wrong, hmm?! Well, the first part of it was a breeze! We pretty-much one-shotted everything, including the minor Bosses! It was like taking candy from a baby – so to speak… until we got to Yogg-Saron, the Big Bad Boss at the end. He creamed us! He annihilated us! He folded, spindled, and mutilated us! And we both died, multiple times… however, I can boast that Wynterthyme died more times than Mouselet did, because I’m not as fast as he is, my stupid Pet kept running off to fight and bite anything that even looked as though it was going to twitch an eyebrow in our general direction, and… I didn’t have a ruddy clue as to what I was doing, or was supposed to be doing! Well, that’s not quite true – I did know what I was supposed to be doing, but every time I went to do just that, either my mind would be controlled by Yogg-Saron and I couldn’t move, or I’d be gyrating madly in the air, being maniacally flag-waved by nasty, Yogg-Saron controlled tentacles – which I was supposed to shoot at and kill, and which I tried to shoot at and kill, only to get the ridiculous error message “Target must be in front of you”, over and over again. So when Julian and I started getting cross with eachother because I wasn’t fast enough, and when I’d lost count of how many times I’d been killed (and also by which time I’m afraid my mind was busier figuring out how much gold I was going to have to pay out to get my armor repaired when this was all over, than on strategies to handle this debacle!) we decided that maybejust maybe – a 25-Man Raid was a teeny bit too much for us big, brave, cocky, and vastly over-confident level 100’s to handle on our own! We left, and crawled back to our Garrisons to lick our wounds, and cry over all the fantastic loot (for level 80 to 83 characters!) that we’d pillaged from the minor Bosses and Mobs, and now had to Vendor as trash! Oh, how we would have loved to have had these things if we’d gone through the Dungeon when we were level 80, or to be able now to pass these amazing items on to our younger alts – but alas! It was all soulbound to us, and all we could do was Vendor it, and cry bitter tears! 😦 Once we’d cleaned ourselves up, dried our eyes, and repaired our somewhat dented and mangled armor, we finished off the day running two or three short, “normal” type instances and Dungeons, just for “old time’s sake” – which brought us up to dinner time, so I didn’t get a chance to write anything! :/

Today Wynterthyme and Mouselet got their dailies done early – Julian has to fly to Adelaide again tomorrow, for the funeral of an old family friend who passed away last week. It’s a 10.00 am Service, so at least he’ll be home early tomorrow afternoon, but funerals are never fun things to go to… I took Arisnoë through a few quests, including a Fishing quest, where I had to fish for Fat Sleepers (a rather strange name for a fish!) in Nagrand – and I didn’t have a single Flight Point there! “Oh, that’s alright,” though I, “it’ll give me a chance to boost my experience by Exploration!” So I set out to “explore” my way to Nagrand… but I couldn’t get through, or past, Shattrath City – the Capital City of Draenor, now overrun by the Iron Horde – which was why I couldn’t get through that way!

08.44 pm

So I ended up swimming around the harbour there – all the way around the coast line to one of the hairiest places in Nagrand, where a soft whimper, followed swiftly by the despairing, bloodcurdling cry of a Hunter casting “Feign Death” brought a kind-hearted Mouselet with his motorbike and side-car to offer assistance to a sadder but wiser Arisnoë, who hadn’t thought that Nagrand might have been a bit more than she could handle on her own. Mouselet drove her around to pick up as many Flight Points as possible, and she ended up where she wanted to be – in Telaar, where she could safely fish for her Fat Sleepers behind safe Outpost Walls! 🙂

Then I quit, and started writing this until Josh arrived, and then it was dinner time, and we have to have an early night tonight because Julian has to leave for the airport at 04.45 am tomorrow morning. 😦 Oh, the joys of flying interstate for a funeral! :/

So, now on to the important bits!

Food stuffz: do you all really want to know what we had for dinner on Saturday night, and for lunch yesterday? No? Oh, good! because I can’t remember now – that was a whole day ago! 😉 However, last night being Sunday night, we had omelets – and delicious omelets they were, too! Julian put in ham, store-bought tomatoes, Halloumi cheese, home-grown spring onions, and home-grown green capsicum – really delicious! For dessert I had a slice of my cake, and a Dark Cacao Chia Pod. Today I had a sandwich for lunch, with turkey breast sandwich chunks, and basil-pesto hummus instead of butter (which works extremely well, I promise you!) on the very tasty Baker’s Delight whole-meal bread. Tonight we had lamb backstraps, with mashed potato, half a tomato – the very last of our wonderful home-grown crop *cry* – and steamed fresh, store-bought green beans – all very nice, and once again the lamb backstraps were fantastic and tender! For dessert, I had the last slice of my cake (I’ll be making another one on Wednesday – I’d make another tomorrow, but Julian won’t be here to tell me where everything is, so it’ll have to wait until Wednesday!) and another of the Dark Cacao Chia Pods – they really are worth trying!

Weigh-in Sunday morning. Was not good! I went up quite a bit – from 63.4kg to 63.9kg – I suspect fluid retention, but I spent the rest of the day trying to concentrate on WoW, instead of fretting about going up four points – and I asked Julian to give me a smaller slice of cake from now on!

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t too bad, but still wasn’t good, and my feet were swollen this morning – apparently they couldn’t even wait until this evening! Actually, looking under the desk at my feet now, they don’t seem to be as swollen tonight as they were this morning when I first got up! Weird! But then, that’s me – topsy-turvy! This morning I went from 63.9kg to 63.8kg – down one point. As I think I said the other night – I’m beginning to feel as though I have no control over my weight any more – it just seems to do whatever it feels like doing, whenever it feels like doing it!

I’ve been walking on the treadmill every morning before breakfast – two kilometers @ 3.8 kilometers and hour, which takes me about 32+ minutes. Lately I’ve decided that if I do 32+ minutes Monday to Friday, on Saturdays and Sundays I’ll only do one kilometer. I’ve also sped things up a bit, and I’m now walking at 4 kilometers an hour (and still not breaking into a sweat! I really don’t feel as though I’m working hard enough…) So not only am I walking faster, but I’m still walking the full two kilometers from Monday to Friday – and you know what? It only shaves two minutes (!) off my time! I was hoping that by speeding things up, I’d be able to do the same distance but spend less time getting “there” – but I wouldn’t call two minutes much of a saving! Oh well, I’ll keep on with the 4 kilometers an hour speed because quite frankly, it feels more comfortable! (I feel more comfortable walking faster? Go figure!)

Our little fishies are still doing well – or they seem to be, anyway! Julian went out and bought a small filter and aerator for their little Fish House today, and they seem to be delighted with it, and we also gave them a teeny little bit of fish-food, because although we were told not to feed them for about three days, we thought that they might be getting hungry, seeing that they were nosing about on the bottom of the tank trying to nibble the gunk that arrived in their puddle water with them. The fishy-food went in a matter of minutes, once they realised what it was, so I guess they must have been hungry. I’ve decided to call them “Auric” (which means “gold”) and “Dapple” (because one has more silvery spots on him (or her) than Auric) 🙂 We still haven’t decided where they’re going to end up living permanently…

Which once again brings me to tomorrow – although Julian won’t be here until the late afternoon, my favourite eldest daughter will be over and it’ll be fun, because we’ll be able to turn the television up, and laugh and talk loudly without disturbing himself, and getting glowering looks because the television is too loud! 😉 So, it’ll be a fun day tomorrow for us, but not for Julian – and I fear that as we both get older, there’ll be more of these unhappy impromptu trips hither, thither, and yon – as old family friends leave us – but, that’s the cycle of life, I guess… and on that somewhat doleful note, it is my sad duty to tell you all that… once again, that’s about it from me for this evening – but do drop in again tomorrow night to find out what my weight decided to do to me in the morning, what my favourite eldest daughter and I watched during the day (I’m even going to have to make my own lunch! How ’bout that!) and how Auric and Dapple are doing. But until then, please remember to bee as good as you can; and that opportunity is often missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work, also, don’t forget to keep warm – or cool – depending on what it’s like outside, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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