Winter’s log, earthdate 201604.12

05.45 pm

Yes, I’m afraid it’s yet another late start for me! Well, my very favourite eldest daughter was over today, and we had a lovely day watching episodes of “Arrow”, and “The Flash”, including the “cross-over” episode where we meet up with Flash and Arrow discussing their activities. Some of the “Arrow” episodes were quite harrowing – a favourite character dying – but apparently she comes back after a trip to the Lazarus Pit (which Lee’s mentioned to me – more than once or twice – but apart from that, I know nothing!) so it’s all very new and exciting – even my very favourite eldest daughter hasn’t seen any episodes from this season of “Arrow”, so it’s all “new stuff” for both of us! “Orphan Black” should be starting again – next week! I’m really looking forward to seeing that again – I’m going to recommend getting as many episodes as we can, and saving them up, so that we don’t have to watch it s-l-o-w-l-y, one episode per week! I hate doing that! I like to know what happens next – which is why I don’t mind spoilers – in fact, if I think someone knows what happens next, I’ll keep on pestering them until they tell me, or hit me over the head with a wet fish! 🙂 Anyway, we had a very good day watching “Arrow” and “The Flash” – and I’m really looking forward to next week! Hopefully we might even have some more episodes of “The 100” and “Supergirl”, too! 🙂

Before Lee arrived this morning – I know I should probably have been playing “catch-ups” with last night’s extremely truncated blog – but I decided to sort out Wynterthyme and Arisnoë’s Followers and quests, because I knew I probably wouldn’t have time to do them tonight, such a busy life I lead! I found a new WindowBlind¹ this morning, too, which I bought, as it’s quite decorative, and the colours all go extremely well with the new bookmarks desktop wallpaper wot I made – you should all go and have a look at them – they’re easy to use, and they make your screen look so much more nicerer than the boring, “same-old, same-old” Windows look! The one I’m using at the moment is called “Andromeda” – click on the Thumbnail to see a screenshot! 🙂 But getting back to “Les Girls” 😉 Arisnoë is now level 93 – oh, it seems like such a long way to level 96, and her next Garrison upgrade! I just want to get some new buildings up, and level up the Mine and the Storeroom – but you have to be level 96 before you can do that 😦 S’not fair! If we get a bit of time this evening, Wynterthyme should be finishing her last two Mount Training quests – Julian finished off his last night, and as he was a day ahead of me, I should finish mine tonight! I wonder what they’ll give us in the way of Dailies, once all our Mounts are fully Trained! Wynterthyme’s also been racking up quite a few Achievements for all her efforts to build up a decent Fleet – so far (so far, cross fingers, touch wood!) I haven’t lost any ships in battle – Julian’s lost one that I know of – but I think I’ve just been lucky! When you lose a ship, you can build another one to replace it – it even gets the same name, I think – but you really have to start all over again, and re-build your ship’s “experience” from “beginner” (I’ll bet that not very many of you knew that ships level up by earning experience points, just the same as character do! 😉 ) So as I said – I think I’ve just been lucky so far! At the moment Wynterthyme’s been eyeing off a vacant plot of land down near the Garrison’s Main Gate – it has a dirt “driveway” (for want of a better term!) or path, leading to a round patch of bare ground. It looks like the ideal spot to put a Medium Sized Building on! At the moment it’s covered in stacks of building materials (bricks, planks, rope, “stuff”) so I’m betting that come the new expansion later this year, we’ll be allowed a new Garrison Building. At the other end of the Garrison, I have a Menagerie that I could unlock – but I don’t want it! It’s a complete waste of space because it’s for Battle Pets, and I don’t use Battle Pets! I’ve toyed with the idea of unlocking it, getting it to Level 1 or 2, and then trying to move something else onto its space, but I’m not at all sure that I’ll be able to do that! I tried moving something else into the space occupied by the Herb Garden and the Mine, when they were both outside the Garrison walls (the Herb Garden has since been moved – not by me – to be inside the Garrison walls) I haven’t tried moving anything into the Herb Garden since it’s been moved inside though… I might go and have a look at that when I’ve finished this…

09.57 pm

Well, I’ve just completed “Training” my last two Mounts, but I didn’t finish, and I didn’t get the Achievement! I succeeded with one of the Mounts, but the other, apparently, still needs work! I am not happy! Not happy at all, actually! *frown* The animal that I didn’t expect to finish with, because someone else was killing Maimclaw (a very vicious Giant Dire Wolf) at the same time. Usually when you’re successful, you get a sort-of “Ta-dahhh”, and a very quick sort-of a yellow sunburst effect will flash over the Mount’s head – which I didn’t get. I got it for the other Mount though, the one that apparently needs more Training. No… definitely not happy! *frown* [please insert very rude word here!] Grrr!

Oh well, on to much more important matters!

Food stuffz: Last night for dinner we had very delicious lamb backstraps – cooked very simply and pan-fried – with half a tomato, Brussels sprouts, and chips. For dessert I had a Corella pear, and a piece of Julian’s cake with just a smattering of cream. Lunch today was a very nice ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, on the delicious Baker’s Delight whole-meal bread. I really don’t know which bread I like most – the Coles-brand whole-grain bread with the rather heavily seeded crust, which is very tasty and (hopefully!) good for you, or the Baker’s Delight whole-meal bread, with a fairly plain crust, which is equally as tasty, and (hopefully!) just as good for you! I have a great idea! (Oh no!” cries Julian – he really hates it when I get one of my “great ideas”! 😉 ) No dear, it really is a great idea! You’ll love it! If we got a loaf of each, we could use one slice of the Coles-brand bread, and one slice of the Baker’s Delight bread in the sandwiches! That way we could have the best of both those tasty breads! 😀 Tonight for dinner we had pan-fried “pre-marinated in some sort of herb-y stuff” chicken breasts, which were really very nice (and I noticed that there was probably enough left over for a sandwich tomorrow! 😉 ) on a bed of steamed rice that had some finely chopped spring onion through it. For dessert I had the last of my Corella pears, and a slice of cake – this time without cream – so maybe the scales will be a little kinder to me tomorrow morning (though they really weren’t that cruel to me this morning, anyway!)

Weigh-in yesterday morning. Was OK, I guess – and at least I didn’t go up! I went from 63.3kg to 63.3kg – that is, I stayed the same! It’s actually been a while since I’ve done that! I wasn’t too upset about it – it’s still within the margin of error (i.e. between one or two points, either way) And I have to say that I really don’t think that the slice of cake – with or without a smattering of cream – has anything to do with one or two points either way…

Weigh-in this morning. More or less proves my point, I think. I went from 63.3kg to 63.2kg – down one point – not really enough of a “trend” to start worrying about – well, not yet, anyway! As long as I go down again, just as much as I go up occasionally, I think I’m reasonably safe – and I watch my weight every morning like a hawk looking for a field mouse! So I reckon you could say that my weight is fairly stable, overall… Yanno, “everyone”² keeps telling me “Don’t lose any more weight!” – and I look at them pensively. Yes, I’ve lost a lot of weight – over 70 kilograms – and yes, I look a lot thinner (obviously! I’d be a lot worried if I didn’t!) I wear a size 14 now, instead of a size 26… BUT! I still could – and probably should – lose another couple of kilograms… Size 14, in most circles, is considered to be a size for the obese. Size 12 is considered “overweight”, and even size 10 is looked askance at. Fashion (HA!) dictates that to be slim and trim, you shouldn’t be any more than a size 8 – and preferably less than a size 8. I think that size 8 is going just a wee bit too far – but I should probably aim at trying to go down to a size 12. One of my jumpers is a size 12, and it fits me… like a glove? 😉 It’s a trifle tight around the neck – I’m no Ann Bolyn – but once it’s on, it’s very comfortable, and doesn’t look tight on me – so yeah, I could go down another size…

Anyway, those were my two days – yesterday and today. The other two jumpers that I’d ordered arrived today – one’s a size “S” (which, I’ve found out, is mid-way between a size 12 and a size 14) and the other is a “proper” size 14, and they’re both great – I’d like to get another one like the one I’m wearing now – it’s a turtle-neck, and really lovely and warm around the neck! Only in black, or some other, darker colour – this one is a dark magenta, or fuchsia – which is very nice, but… (I don’t think I’m really a dark magenta, or fuchsia sort of person) Julian has some more office work to do tomorrow, so I guess I’ll be labouring to drag Arisnoë up to level 96 – though I doubt I’ll get anywhere near that tomorrow! But anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough, and really, that’s about it from me for tonight! Do call in again tomorrow night to find out what’s been happening around this neck of the woods – but until then, please bee good, don’t forget that if you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on your preferences… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

¹WindowBlinds – a “skin” for Windows, to make your desktop look prettier (because boring old Microsoft are sooo unimaginative!)

²“everyone” = people like Doctor B., Dr. Y., Julian, my favourite youngest daughter Kate, and the nurses who take my blood for my Warfarin tests…

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