Winter’s log, earthdate 201602.17

Well, I suppose I’m starting relatively early – it’s been a mucky old day today – very piecemeal! Julian went off to pick up the van that he’d hired for a few days (it goes back on Friday night) to cart boxes and “stuff” between Doncaster, the Storage place in Mitcham, and here – it’s taken him all morning, and he’s brought back a couple of boxes of clothing from when we moved in 2007 (Winter rolls her eyes – no wonder I have nothing to wear! It’s all been in storage!) a very large box of assorted photographs, which will take us at least a week to sift through… and at the moment, I’m in pain! I somehow managed to scratch my lower left gum with a toothbrush bristle this morning – it’s a new toothbrush head, and still fairly soft (it’s for “sensitive” teeth) so I thought nothing of it at the time – not that there was anything I could have done about it, anyway… *shrug* Well, it’s decided to develop into a lovely, big, painful ulcer, on the inside of my gum, about where the wisdom tooth would be, if I still had a wisdom tooth! I do get very fed up with my body, but there are two parts which regularly give me a lot of grief – my feet, and my gums! My feet get blisters if I even look at them, and my gums will develop ulcers if I eat something sharp which nicks them, snag them with a toothbrush, and before I got my implants, I’ve even been known to break a tooth off eating Corn Flakes! Now, where was I, when I so rudely interrupted myself! Ah yes, Julian shifting boxes around. He’s just gone back to the Storage place to pick up his trolley, which he forgot to put back in the van when he left… So he’s been busy running backwards and forwards with boxes, and what have I been doing?! Playing World of Warcraft, that’s what I’ve been doing! Wynterthyme has upgraded all her Garrison buildings to Level 2, and she’s finally finished off the somewhat badly explained Fishing Quest, so she now also has a “Fishing Shack” just outside the Garrison – only Level 1 at this stage though. The mine is going well – it’s doubled in length, and more than doubled the amount of ore I can get out of it! 🙂 Mouselet will be pleased, too – Wynterthyme doesn’t mine – she’s a Skinner and Herbalist – but she can mine in her own mine – Mouselet is a miner though, so apart from the stone that she gets to create “Work Orders” for her mine, she gives the rest to Mouselet 🙂 I’ve also been riding around marking certain trees, which a nice little wood-cutter then comes along and chops down for me, so I can take it to the Lumber Mill for processing and “Work Orders”! 🙂 (So what are “Work Orders”? I don’t really know, but they provide me with goods to stack up and sell, or for which I’m given “Garrison resources”!) Oh, remember last night I said I’d created a Pandarian? Well, I didn’t have her for very long :/ I’d just got her all set up and ready to go, so off I went to invite her into the Guild, and send her some bags, and money, etc… only to be told that I couldn’t – because she was the “wrong” faction! Pandarians, as I think I mentioned last night, are neither Alliance, not Horde – they get the best of both worlds, or so I thought – and I was proved to have been wrong mistaken! They get the worst of both worlds, because their “friends” and alts (alternate characters) can’t send them anything! *pout!* Anyway, disgruntled yet again, I deleted poor Braåchaë… counted up through all my characters on Quel’Dorei, and discovered that I didn’t have a single Human amongst them! I rectified that little oversight, and created Boudìcca, a pretty young Hunter with auburn hair (and she has a dog wolf as a Pet! He’d better not put his paw… on my shoulder…! 😉 ) *sigh* I don’t much like the Human “form factor”, but I suppose I can live with it (until they allow Gnomes to be Hunters, anyway!)

Hmm… I’ve just had a short break away from the keyboard – there were three boxes of clothing altogether – they’re special “wardrobe” boxes that are long enough for a fairly large shirt to hang comfortably, and a bar across the top to hold coat-hangers – and we’ve just been going through them (I still haven’t seen any sign of my cotton “60’s” indian kaftan, but I don’t remember throwing it out…) All the clothes seemed to have been packed immediately after coming back from the Dry Cleaners (well, they were all clean and pressed with little Dry Cleaning tickets pinned to them anyway!) And apart from half a dozen T-shirts and jumpers that we kept largely for nostalgia’s sake, we hung everything back in the boxes, and Julian will drop them off at Saint Vinnies on his way over to Doncaster tomorrow – they were all w-a-y too big for us! 🙂 Julian also brought in an old wooden box with broken hinges – I really hope it can be repaired though, because I’ve always loved that box… and I intend to keep it, broken or not! There’s quite a bit of jewellery in it – a lot of it is utter junk, but there are some real gems in there too (pardon the pun! 😉 ) There are two pairs of broken earrings which absolutely must be fixed, and if a jeweler says they can’t be fixed, then I’ll keep taking them to jewelers until I find someone who can repair them!  There’s a pair of coral and gold earrings that my Nonna gave to me when I was about four, and a similar pair with tiger’s eye instead of coral in them – they were the pair of earrings that I always wore at school – the ones I had to get special permission to wear because we girls weren’t allowed to wear any jewellery or adornment except a wrist watch! There’s another pair of coral and marcasite earrings that belonged to my Nonna, and a matching bracelet in silver and coral. There’s a few other pieces in there that I treasure, and of course, the whole lot needs to be thoroughly cleaned (some of the silver things are absolutely black!) – so although the day was very piecemeal, it has been exciting, enjoyable, and interesting! 🙂

Food stuffz: for lunch today I had another absolutely delicious wrap, with sliced sandwich chicken, basil and pesto hummus, some of the quinoa tabouli salad, and some chunks of Halloumi cheese – they’re so nice that I sometimes think “why do I have to eat anything else? I could quite happily live on these for the rest of my life!” – but I think my weight might suffer, just a little bit… 😉 I have no idea what we’re having for dinner tonight though – I know we have lamb backstraps, frenched lamb cutlets, and chicken, all of which we’d be having with green beans, chips, and the ubiquitous half a tomato (store-bought – ours still aren’t ripe enough) so if I’m given a preference, I’ll opt for the lamb backstraps, or the frenched lamb cutlets 🙂 As for the sandwich for lunch, the veal schnitzel and mashed potatoes for dinner last night, and that really, really nice Chia Pod Dark Cacao gloopy stuff – remember how I said I was a bit nervous about getting on the scales this morning? Well…

Weigh-in this morning. It was with fear, trembling, and great trepidation that I approached the scales this morning… timidly I stepped up onto them, fully expecting to hear sirens, alarm bells, and the diet police wielding Optifast bars like truncheons, descending on me… I got off, and got back on again. I turned to Julian and said: “Julian, get me a chocolate cake! Any sort of chocolate cake, I don’t care, as long as it’s smothered in cream!” – I’d gone down nine points! or, more succinctly, one point off a kilo! From 63.1kg to 62.2kg! I was quite nonplussed! I know it always takes a few days for my fluid retention to settle back down again after I finish with those wretched pills, but… almost a kilo? Overnight? (and why can’t I do that every day, when I need to?!) But never fear – it’ll go back up again tomorrow! It always does – and I do think that 62kg is just a bit too low for me… besides, if the worst comes to the worst, I’ll just eat a second chocolate cake, smothered in cream! 😉

And so that was my day today! Tomorrow will probably be very similar, so I’ll be able to tell you how all my Garrison enterprises are going, and how young Boudìcca is coming along – I tell you what though, I’ll be in a real hurry to get to level 11 or 12, so that I can go off and Tame Mangeclaw for myself – dogs (and any other canine-type Pet, including the cute little Foxes) are forever scratching themselves – I’ve even seen them do it in the middle of a battle! It makes them look as though they have fleas, or the mange, or both! Anyway, that’s about it from me for tonight again – but do drop in again tomorrow night – find out if I need a second chocolate cake, or if my weight just short up again in spite (it does do that, you know! It can be terribly spiteful…) There’ll be all sorts of news, anecdotes, trivia, and gossip, so don’t miss out! 😉 In the meantime, do try very hard to bee good, remember never to let inexperience get in the way of ambition, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on your preferences… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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