Winter’s log, earthdate 201602.04 – Part 1

Well, I had intended to get an early start today, but I found a Template that I’d bought quite a while ago, so because I couldn’t really remember having used it (but I must have, because I bought it!) I decided that I’d try it out again – and it looked quite good, so I set about making a header for it – and the result you see is above the title (hopefully! 😉 ) Except for the two unsightly black lines running through the middle of the top of the header! I have absolutely no idea where they came from, and I can’t seem to get rid of them, because I can’t find where the [censored] they are! Hopefully they’re an “Editing” problem only, and that no-one else can see them – otherwise I won’t be able to use this Template! I do know they weren’t there when I originally bought the Template, because I wouldn’t have spent good money on it, if I’d known that those two lines were going to appear! Anyway, let me know if you can see them, and I shall “take steps!” *scowl*

Anyway, back to the main happening of the day – or “les événements du jour”, as the French would say! Well, the main event today, of course, was Julian’s Birthday, though apart from a card from me, he won’t get any presents until tomorrow, when I drag take him off to buy it! (psst! it’s a new Tablet, but don’t tell him! Flipper’s going to buy him a Nutri-Bullet, too! shhhh! It’s supposed to be a surprise! 😉 ) The rest of the day passed with Julian working head down, tail up, in the Office, and me sitting in the Den here trying to decide what to do with the “extra” Guild, and all the “extra” arrow fodder that make up my pretty Hunters! (Yes, even the two Troll girls, and the two Undead Hunters are as pretty as I could make them!) Julian had a really good idea of what to do with the “extra” Guild that I’ve acquired – he suggested I turn it into an “Overflow”, or “run-on” Guild Bank – which really is a good idea! Unfortunately I will have to spend a bit of money on it – luckily it’s already on Quel’Dorei, so I don’t have to move it between Realms – but it’ll have to change Faction. At the moment it’s a Horde Guild and Guild Bank, and our Quel’Dorei Horde contingent already have a reasonably “comfortable” Guild Bank status, with (I think!) three Guild Bank Vaults, and at this stage they wouldn’t be able to make use of a second repository… But! The Alliance Guild Bank is once again starting to run out of space, and really could do with the extra space that this “extra” Guild Bank would provide. At the moment none of the Alliance characters can get near it, of course, so it’ll have to become “Alliance-friendly” by changing Factions. I won’t be able to get onto it tomorrow, because we have my next Warfarin blood test to have done, and we also have to get Julian’s Birthday Presents, and Katies are having a very nice sale at the moment – in which they’re selling – at ridiculously low prices, compared to My Size and Autograph – both long-sleeved and 3/4 sleeved Tee shirts, which I’m desperately in need of! Having lost so much weight, and not having the nice fresh, young, elastic skin of an 18 year old, my arms (not to mention my thighs and stomach!) look like tatty old, and very badly hung, curtains – which either long, or 3/4 length sleeves hide admirably! 🙂

Food stuffz: the fillet steak we had last night was delectable! Cooked just right, and with chips, green beans and half a tomato… and I had another of Julian’s very nice low-fat yoghurts for dessert… For lunch today we both had one of my favourite wraps, with basil pesto hummus, quinoa tabouli salad, ham, capsicum batons, and (I think!) cucumber… And tonight, we’re going out! We’re off to the East Empress Bistro, so I’m about to whizz off to make myself presentable!

I’ll post some more, including today’s weight, later this evening! 🙂

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