Winter’s log, earthdate 201602.02

Well, Julian is driving my favourite eldest daughter home, and as I’ve done all my footslogging walking for today, I guess it’s time to let my fingers do the walking instead! 🙂 Before Lee arrived, though, I went through all the World of Warcraft “Realms” (servers) where I have characters, looking for a Realm – any Realm – that didn’t already have its full complement of Guilds, or Guild Banks (with or without two nice big Bank Vaults!) however, I only found two! “Borean Tundra”, which is lacking a Horde Guild, and “Bladefist”, which is lacking an Alliance Guild. On “Bladefist” though, I only have one character, total, so even though transferring my “extra” Guild there, and being able to change my current faction (Horde) to Alliance, for free (it usually costs real $$$ to change factions) there’d be nobody there to use it, which would be a waste of a perfectly good Guild and Guild Bank (not to mention the two Bank Vaults! 😉 ) Actually it’d probably be a good idea to delete that character and close up “Bladefist” – I doubt that there’s any point in me keeping her there – I’m not really into playing on a realm with no backup or support team behind me, and it would also free up another character slot for me to use elsewhere… hmm! Food for thought! 🙂 “Borean Tundra” – or “Boring Tundra”, as it’s affectionately called by the local yokels, might, I suppose, be suitable – but once again, I don’t have many characters there to make use of it. So, what to do with my “extra” Guild (and GBwTGBV!*)?! Well, I did have one idea… (Julian hates it when I get these sorts of “ideas” – as they usually involve $$$! 😉 ) Because we’ve been away from WoW for so long, a lot of changes have taken place during the interim. Before we left, Hunters – even the Beastmaster Hunters – used both melee and ranged weapons – if you were too close, you couldn’t shoot your foe, you had to use your melee weapon, and if you were far enough away you couldn’t use your melee weapon, you had to use a ranged one – which made sense in a way – but Blizzard, bless their little hearts and souls, changed all of that in our absence, and now Hunters are restricted to ranged weapons only (and as you can now shoot point-blank, it nicely solved the problem of what to do when you were fighting up close and personal!) so when we returned to WoW a week or so ago, I found that almost all of my girls were armed with melee weapons, and without a bow or a gun to their names, unless they had something waiting in their Personal Banks. What’s more, most of them were wearing cloth armor, instead of leather! How that came to be I have no idea, but they look ruddy stupid! So, the silly idea that I had was that a lot of the girls on Quel’Dorei could be moved off-realm somewhere, and could take the nice extra Guild (and GBwTGBV) with them, where they can be held as “extras”, if I ever had the need of them again. The part that involves the real $$$ is the transferring of the characters – it costs $27AUD to transfer a character to another Realm (shard transfers were free on Rift! 😦 ) and I have at least five or six characters to be moved! :/ A very expensive enterprise! The only other thing I can do is strip off the extraneous characters – all of whom are about level 24 or so – strip them, sell off their worldly goods, send the proceeds to the new Guild Mistress, and then delete them! Transfer the Guild to another Realm, and re-create the deleted characters from scratch on the new Realm, and invite them into their new Guild. Messy, but cheap… Anyway, I’m still thinking about it… And in the meantime, this afternoon, what did my favourite eldest daughter and I watch on television? Another episode of the “Shannara Chronicles”, where the old Elf King gets killed, and a couple of episodes of “The 100” – an excellent show – I really hope we can get hold of some more episodes for next week! 🙂 and we both spent a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon!

We’ve decided that Flipper can’t keep her rotten tooth – and as she’s in as good health as she’s ever likely to get now, it’s probably better to have it done while she’s at peak health, rather than later, when her health might have deteriorated – so next Tuesday is the day! Please send warm and positive thoughts her way – she’s not going to be a very happy little Vegemite! :/

Food stuffs: well, we had the sausages from the Natural Sausage Company – beef ones again – we haven’t bought any of the chicken ones yet, but I’d love to try them! (I like chicken sausages!) and again, they were very nice! Well worth trying, if you can’t think of anything to get for dinner! We had chips, green beans, and the obligatory half a tomato with them, and again I had one of Julian’s low-fat yoghurts, as my jellies hadn’t (still haven’t?) been made. Julian and I had another really yummy wrap for lunch today with the basil-pesto hummus, some of the quinoa tabouli salad, some sliced pieces of sandwich ham, tiny cubes of Halloumi cheese, red capsicum “batons”, and some diced cucumber – my favourite eldest daughter had her Optifast bar, because she’s a very good girl and is dropping weight rapidly! Tonight we’re having pork fillet again – cut up into medallions, or “collops”, and pan-fried – most delicious! With those we’ll be having sugar snap peas, chips, and tomatoes – and I’ll be having yet another of Julian’s low-fat yoghurt, because (my jellies, etc., etc., etc!) 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Well, you know I went back on those nasty little fluid loving and retaining pills yesterday, so I was really expecting the worst when I hopped on the scales this morning – so imagine my surprise when I… went down again! Four points! I went from 63.0kg… to 62.6kg! Prolly just as well too, because when those rotten little pills kick in, my weight will positively soar! (actually I’m a bit mystified! I’m eating really well-stuffed wraps for lunch, chips with my dinner (well alright, only five of them!) blitzing through sugar-free chewing gum and lollies… so why am I still losing weight?!) I’ve been getting my two 1.5 kilometer walkies in every day, so maybe that’s helping… and I’m beginning to wonder if I should start having six chips with my dinner, instead of just five? (besides, the more chips I eat, the more salt I get to eat! 😉 )

Tomorrow is going to be an extra early start for us, as Julian has to be over at Doncaster to let the cleaners in – leaving me to sit here and play WoW for the best part of the day – Oh dear! However will I manage to put up with it! 😉 I do have lots of other things to do too though, like folding the washing (which will take all of seven minutes out of my busy schedule!) start transcribing my Grandfather’s manuscripts (but which I shall no doubt procrastinate about and decide to do them “later”!) and make a small list of things that I want to get done – none of them are urgent, or even terribly important, in the Grand Scheme of things – they’re just little itty-bitty things that irk me a bit – things like me not being able to wear my rings, because they just fall off me… getting the clasp on my gold watch fixed before I lose it… putting up the crystal dingly-dangly thingies in the bathroom, and the black and white picture of “Bert’s Bath” – as I said – hardly important, considering all the other things that Julian’s been manfully trying to work his way through, while being constantly interrupted by trivial things like me begging for another cup of coffee (when I could easily – and should easily – get up and get it for myself, or for both of us!) So anyway, once again, that’s about it from me for tonight – do drop by again tomorrow night to find out if those rotten little pills have started working or not, what adventures befell Julian whilst packing up the books over at Doncaster, with the cleaners all milling around him, and whether or not I’ve come to any decisions as to what to do with my “extra” Guild (and, of course, its wonderful GBwTGBV!) …But until then, please bee good, remember that it is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do, and don’t forget to drive carefully, to keep warm – or cool – depending on what it’s like outside, and to always look after yourselves… but above all, please, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

* GBwTGBV – Guild Bank with Two Guild Bank Vaults

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