Winter’s log, earthdate 201511.09

Well, at least I’m starting early today – I might even get this posted before dinner, if I really try hard! 😉 It’s been a real non-event day today – oh sure, the cleaning lady came – on time, too – but I’m a little dismayed by her apparent lack of attention to detail. F’rinstance… there’s a paper clip on the floor in here, it’s slightly behind one of my table-desk legs, but it’s quite easily visible, being a steel-silver colour lying on a very short pile, dark chocolate-brown carpet. So the paper clip is very easily visible, and obviously not there to perform any sort of function. The reason it’s there at all is simply sheer laziness on my part! It fell off the desk a few days ago, but instead of bending over and picking it up as I should have done, I casually dismissed it with a lazy “Arrgh! Never mind! The cleaning lady will be here the day after tomorrow – she can vacuum it up when she cleans in here…”. Well, the cleaning lady either didn’t see it (I don’t know how!) or might have thought it was there to try to hold two pieces of the carpet together (?!?) because it’s still there! Well, actually it’s not. I just picked it up and put it in a drawer, but my point is, Kelly, the cleaning lady should have seen it, should have picked it up and put it on the desk, or asked me if I wanted it! Attention to detail… I shall keep a close eye on that in future… I played Rift for most of the morning, and once again was blown over by the sheer power of the Primalists. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been neatening up the shards in preparation for starting Guilds on all of them and at the moment, only three of the six shards have a Guild and a Guild Bank. The Guild on Laethys has more platinum than we know what to do with, so the plan is to weigh a high level character down with a lot of platinum, and temporarily transfer them to one of the Guild-less shards to finance a new Guild (and Guild Bank) Anyhoo, I was running one of my new Primalists around this morning – apparently I’d created her, and raced her off to Meridian (she’s a Defiant) straight away, only stopping to pick up her training in the three basic Skills for “later on” – so she was only level 10, and hadn’t done any of the exploring, or “baby Carnage” quests along the road that one usually does on the run to the capital city of your faction – an omission I corrected this morning. Julian and I have found, over the years that we’ve played first World of Warcraft, and later Rift, that properly handled, a character can usually defeat a mob two, and very occasionally three, levels higher than they are. This Primalist was handling mobs four levels higher than herself! She shouldn’t have been able to handle a mob four levels higher than herself – but she did! None of the other Classes (Mage, Warrior, Cleric, or Rogue) are able to do that! Mind you, some of the outcomes were a bit “touch-and-go” – she nearly died once or twice – but for the most part, it was… just too easy! But I had a fun morning, and I managed to get her up to level fifteen. As it was getting close to lunchtime, and Clarke’s arrival, I logged out and went off to do my treadmilling….

Remember that big blister I was telling you about last night? Well, I discovered a second one, same place, opposite foot. Damn! So this morning when I was getting ready for the first of my daily treadmillings, first I stuck a giant band-aid over each of the blisters, then I stuck the white sports tape (it’s not quite as expensive as the stretchy blue tape) over the band-aids in strips, crossed my fingers, offered up a quick and somewhat garbled prayer to the Ghods of Sporting Injuries for a relatively pain-free amble on the treadmill, and set off for my first walk of the day. Well, the prayer didn’t work (but then again – who knows how much more painful it would have been if I hadn’t made the offering! 😉 ) my feet (toes, really – the area between the “bunion” joint and the base of the big toe nail) hurt quite a bit, and I was already in a brown study after weighing myself, so when I finally finished my walk and sat down dejectedly to take those horrible hot socks off, I stuck another giant band-aid on top of the tape strips and over the offending areas, in the hopes of a better lunchtime treadmilling experience. After the cleaning lady left, and seeing that it was getting close to “Clarke Time”, I decided to do my lunchtime walk early, before lunch. I’m pleased to report that the application of a second giant band-aid over the top of the white sports tape seemed to work a bit better – my toes still hurt, but more as a dull bruise than a sharp “I’m a blister! Stop walking on me!” pain… and then I came back in here and decided to try mucking around creating a new desktop wallpapery-type thing. Oh, and the Prismacolor coloured pencils that I’d bought from Amazon arrived this afternoon, too! Now all I have to do is get myself a colouring book! 🙂 They do look like splendid pencils! I got the 48 pencil set, and there’s a gold, and a silver, and all sorts of other colours that I can hardly wait to try out! I’m going to see if I can download some “colouring in pages” tonight, though depending on how depressed or elated I am after my appointment with Dr. Y. tomorrow, we may stop off at a shopping centre so that I can get a more appropriate colouring book. Clarke and his aide-de-camp, Paul, arrived – around about lunchtime, as Clarke had said they would – and promptly went outside to eat their lunch! McDonald’s! I’m glad they ate it outside… They seemed to have quite a long lunch break… Then they inched their way gingerly down the drive (Clarke’s truck is very big, plus it had a trailer on it) and deposited their tools, loaded up the rubbish that they’d left here when they were putting in the en-suite and Walk In Wardrobe doors, and off they went to the Refuse Recycling Depot, telling us that they’ll be back at 7.30am tomorrow! Seven Thirty! Five weeks of getting up to be dressed and presentable by seven thirty! I may just die… 😦

So I have my impossible to live with bathroom for yet another night… :/

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I’ll tell you, but I refuse to watch myself writing it! It’s just too depressing. I went up another point – from 68.2kg to 68.3kg. On the eve of my all-important visit to Dr. Y.! How could my horrible, disgusting body do that to me! (very easily, obviously!) I don’t want to talk about it – if I do, I’ll burst into tears!

So… up with the early larks tomorrow morning 😦  Actually, in a way it’s good, because it means that I can have my walk earlier, giving me a lot more time to get ready to go off for my appointment with Dr. Y. – but that’s only tomorrow that it’s going to be good – after that, sheesh! Does this mean we’ll have to go to bed earlier? (probably, but it doesn’t mean that we will. though! 😉 ) I think it’s just something we’re going to have to grit our teeth and get used to – besides, think how absolutely wonderful it’ll be when my bathroom is finally finished, and we can sleep in! 🙂 I keep trying to envision what it’ll look like, but I just can’t imagine the room without the enormous bath there, taking up almost half of the room! (it does, you know! That bath takes up a bit more than one-third of the room!) I’ll also have a nice new toilet, without a split seat, and without a wonky flush button that wants to come apart if you’re not very careful! The window should look fantastic – clear wavy glass bricks, with about five lilac wavy glass bricks scattered casually amongst them! I wish it was mid December! (Winter jumps up and down in impatience!) Anyway, once more, that’s about all I have for you this evening – do call back again tomorrow night though – if only to find out how we fared with our extra-early morning, what my weight did to me (it’ll probably go up another four points, to 68.7kg! 😦 )  and what Dr. Y. said. There’ll also be news about my bathroom, and how it looks without that gigantic bath in it, and what the next thing to be happening in there is going to be – so it’ll be worth dropping in for! But until tomorrow, please do try to bee good (just in case Father Christmas is watching! 😉 ) remember, we all make choices; but in the end our choices make us; but don’t forget to drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on the weather, but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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