Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.24

It’s been a very pleasant Saturday so far today 🙂 I Rifted this morning, while Julian went off to get some more Flipper food (they don’t sell her favourite Dine stuff here at Vermont South! The slack sods! 😉 ) and various other bits and pieces. He had to be back early(ish) because the cable bloke was supposed to be coming over around one o’clock… They actually arrived together! I heard the back door opening, but I could hear voices, too, which was a bit strange… if Julian’d been on his mobile, I would only have heard one voice – his, but I could hear two voices… The cable bloke had arrived as Julian was driving into the garage, and they were chattering away as they came in. It turned out that Julian had been right – there was too much work to do in just one Saturday afternoon, so Mr. Cable Man is coming back next Friday to do the work – I guess we’ll have to put up with the wireless network for another week 🙂 After lunch and my lunchtime mole-hill scramble, I got back to Rifting, and Julian went surfing, looking for information on how to build a veggie garden with leggo bricks…. no! I meant sleepers! A veggie garden made with sleepers! Then he hopped back into the car and went down to Bunnies, just down the road, to have a look at some weird-looking “Birdies” (why on earth do they call raised garden beds “Birdies”?! for crying out loud! Why not just call them… ummm… oh, I dunno – how about “Raised Garden Beds” – or perhaps they think that people wouldn’t know what they meant!) This veggie garden business is starting to get overly complicated! (1) We can’t seem to make up our minds what size we want them (I can, I’ve told Julian and Terry, “I want them about the same size as the kitchen table!” – we know what size the kitchen table is, so where’s the problem?!) (2) We don’t know what length the sleepers come in – say, what?! So we go down and look at them (and measure them, OK?)! I said “about the same size as the kitchen table”, notexactly the same size as the kitchen table”! If they’re a few inches shorter, or longer, or wider – I don’t give a damn! “About the same size” is what I want! (3) We don’t know what sort of sleepers to get – treated, untreated, pine, cedar, whatever! But hey! Wouldn’t it be a great idea to go down to the nursery (which is not much further down the road than Bunnies) and ask someone which sort of sleepers would be the best to get for our purposes? Then ask the nursery man what else we’re likely to need for this veggie garden project, buy the ruddy things, and have them delivered! I don’t understand the need to get Kate and Terry over here to “discuss” these things – we need Terry to build it for us, with help from Julian (he’s offered to build it, we’ve accepted his offer – but he’s a Carpenter, for goodness sake, not a gardening expert!) As for whether we should have two or three garden beds, or whether they should be parallel to, or perpendicular to the fence, I think that’s something we’ll have to decide when we see the size of sleepers available! I think that next week (if we have any spare time next week, that is!) Julian and I should just go down to either Bunnies or the nursery, armed with the dimensions of the kitchen table, and ask someone to show us the sleepers and recommend the best sort to get. If they’re roughly the right size, we buy them, along with whatever else the nice Bunnies or Nursery person suggests we might need, and have the whole lot delivered. I was talking to Kate today, and she keeps asking us about what’s happening with the veggie garden, and to let them know as soon as we’re ready to start – well, if someone doesn’t make a start soon, we’ll be too late for spring sowing, and the whole thing will slide off our radar – again! I won’t let that happen – it’s all so simple, really… we just have to… follow our noses, don’tcha all reckon?

Weigh-in this morning. Was typical, for this end of the kilogram zone. I went up a point. Up! :/ From 69.3kg to 69.4kg… Anyone would think that time wasn’t of the essence! I now have only seventeen more days to lose as much as possible! Yes, I know that four points was a lot to go down in one fell swoop, and I suppose (says she very grudgingly!) that under the circumstances, a small “bounce back” is not only acceptable, but to be expected… But I’d better go down again tomorrow, body! I go back onto those wretched fluid-retaining pills in a week, too… *sigh* 😦

Tomorrow, of course, we’ll be bopping around in The Wilds – which is, sort-of, in Telara. I looked at the map… It’s actually in a previously blank, greyed-out area to the north-east of the Droughtlands, which kind of begs the question “What are Trion going to do with all the other blank, greyed-out areas on the map”?! There are quite a few of them, too! Room for more expansions? Maybe… I hope so… 🙂 But tomorrow we’ll be busy exploring and questing in there – and when we’ve finished that, I wouldn’t mind pressing a couple of Primalists into service, getting them up to level 65, and taking them out into The Wilds – after all, it is their home territory! 🙂 As a two Mage team, Julian and I make quite a formidable pair – as we do with a Mage and Cleric team… but at the moment, Primalists are almost as powerful on their own as the two combinations of Mage/Mage, Mage/Cleric are together! Imagine what two Primalists could do as a team! The mind fairly boggles! 🙂 It would be an interesting experiment to try – before Trion decides to severely nerf the Primalists (as I think they’re going to have to do!) On Monday, we have a cleaner coming at 9.30am – Julian’s been doing the brunt of the cleaning, but everything needs dusting, desks need wiping – cleaning a house involves a lot more than just vacuuming the floor, and Julian has enough to do without having to do that as well. If she finishes early enough, we might go up to Knox City – because once again, I need to get smaller undergarments, and I wouldn’t mind an extra pair of jeans, either… The trouble with losing so much weight is that you go through so many clothes! It’s like the reverse of having a small child who grows out of his or her clothes every month! But there’s not much further to go – only another 4 kilos, and I don’t really think that 4 kilos will make much difference to my clothing size… well, I hope not, anyway! Anyway, as I don’t intend to ever let myself get heavier than 70kg again, I shouldn’t have to go through so many new clothes – so what I’m buying now should be with me until they either wear out, or become so unfashionable that I can’t wear them in public any more. Well, that’s the theory, anyway! 🙂 And that, gentle readers, is about all I have for you again this evening! 🙂 Do drop by again tomorrow night though – find out the latest miseries my weight has dropped upon me – or, conversely, what joys my weight may have graciously decided to bestow upon me, as well as how Julian and I fared in The Wilds, and whether we died or not (and if we did die, how many times did we die? each? And what was it that killed us?) I’m sure that there’ll be lots more to tell you all, so don’t miss out! So until tomorrow night, please do try to bee good, remember that the most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said, don’t forget to drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm – or cool, depending on the weather, but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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