Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.19

Well, quite an interesting day today – and a good one, too! 🙂 This morning after breakfast, when Julian had finished his shower, and we’d had our obligatory first cup of coffee (we have a cup of tea before breakfast, you see, while we’re waiting for the bananas to get themselves peeled and sliced onto our cereal) I put on my shoes ( 😦 ) and we took off for the x-ray place. It’s very close by, actually – right next to the Burvale Pub on the corner of Springvale Road and Burwood Highway! As we were pulling into the car park a phone call came in on Julian’s phone (which is hands-free, of course!) and we were most surprised, as well as very pleased, to see that it was from a close friend that we hadn’t heard from for a while. What a shame we were in the car and it was a mobile call – but that was why he was ringing – he’d rung our old home number in Doncaster, and of course, that’s been disconnected now! :/ Anyway, Julian parked the car and we sat and chatted for a while, exchanging news – he and his partner live w-a-y out on the other side of the Black Stump (well, it’s not really that far out – it’s actually classified as “metropolitan” or something now, but honestly, as far as I’m concerned, it might as well be the other side of the Black Stump!) They’re moving soon, to more-or-less just around the corner from where they are now, and he was trying to ring us to tell us about it – but of course the old number didn’t work! I grizzled at him a bit about not coming down to Melbourne more often, and he was kind enough not to say “Well, why don’t you come up to see us more often then!” – but it was great speaking to him again, and I hope we will be able to get together again soon! It’s been far too long! So after we’d spoken for a bit, we went in to the x-ray place, which we were a bit dismayed to find was jam-packed! We resigned ourselves to a longish wait, and I felt smug because I’d brought my kindle with me (as I always do – one never knows when one is going to have to put up with a longish wait! Kindles… 🙂 “Never leave home without one!” 😉 ) There was a big sign up on one of the doors telling those waiting that because they provided lots of different services there, people shouldn’t expect to be called through in the order in which they’d arrived (in other words, it wasn’t a matter of “first come, first served”) and we actually didn’t have to wait long at all before I was called in! I’d had one of these full-face dental x-rays last year – before I started my diet – and in the past it’s always been awkward because (a) I can’t stand up straight because of my back, so I have to sit down for the x-ray, and (b) because the machine travels 360° around your head, it always had trouble getting around my right shoulder, which is ever-so-slightly higher than my left one. Apparently I’m now thin enough that the machine trundled quite happily around my head without snagging on my right shoulder, for which I was very grateful! Then there were my feet – different room (next door) and appropriately, a different machine. Now, I’ve had my feet x-rayed in the past too, way back in the time of the cave-men, apparently, and it’s always been a most painful procedure because the technicians have insisted on twisting my feet around until they’re “straight” on the plate, or whatever that thing’s called that they put under the part that they’re x-raying. Not so this time – the nice technician twisted the plate-thing around under my foot, so that it would look as though it was straight! (or something) Then I came out and sat around for a few minutes while they printed my “photos”, which I then took home with me. I have an appointment to see Dr. B. on Wednesday at 11.40am, and hopefully I’ll be able to do my before-lunch treadmilling again as soon as I get home! Dr. Nathaniel said he’d only contact me if there were any problems with my full-face x-rays, so hopefully I’ll not hear from him before my next “maintenance examination” next year (cross fingers, touch wood!) We were going to call in at the Vet on the way home to get Flipper some more of her favourite pussy biscuits (kibble) and our Vet, the one we normally go to, is in Blackburn, but Julian decided to check the Vermont South P.O. Box first (not the Doncaster one, where hopefully I’ll receive my new Birth Certicate* – maybe even tomorrow! 🙂 ) and on the way through the Vermont South shopping strip part, we saw a Vet Surgery with what looked like packets of kibble in the window – so Julian went in and came out with Flipper’s “treats”, we checked the P.O. Box, and arrived home around noon! 🙂

After lunch, I Rifted for quite a while – Tallissia is now level 28 and has completed Gloamwood and on her way to Scarlet Gorge! I did die once today – I think it’s the very first time she has died (though she might have died once before – I fergit!) It’s not really surprising that I did die today – I was in the last part of the Gloamwood quest chain, in a ruined castle, surrounded by hostiles… and I spotted a “Special” (i.e. a named Elite – good for big experience points!) There were other people playing close by, and I didn’t want to run the risk of anyone else getting to “my” special first – so instead of doing things the right way and picking off everything else that might attack me first, I went straight for him. Naturally he became enraged and started fighting me, and so did his two henchmen, and that sort-of acted as a signal for three of the other hostiles around me (which I should have picked off first!) to start fighting me too. And I died. It was my own stupid fault, but… you know? I got them all down before I died – only one walked away from that fight, and as soon as I resurrected, I killed her too! 🙂 I tell’s ya, them Primalists are just a teeny bit too powerful!

Weigh-in this morning. Not bad… back down one point, from 70.0kg to 69.9kg – what I was three days ago (and back under my final goal weight!) But… who knows what I’ll be tomorrow! Back to 70.something kg? It’s possible!… Down another couple of points? Also possible! My weight is a bit like Melbourne’s weather – of a box of chocolates! You never know what you’re going to get! :/

Tomorrow I’m off to the hairdresser, and my favourite eldest daughter is off to her Periodontist – I’m not too sure what’s happening after that… I have to talk to Elliott tomorrow about what colour to use on my hair either next week or the week after, as my appointment with Dr. Y. is closing in on me and I do want to look my best. Lee had “frosted” tips put in hers, but her hair is a lot darker than mine – mine is far too light for “frosted”! I could have the rest of my hair darkened first, but it would start to look a bit “agouti” when it started to grow out. Then I thought ‘well, if I can’t have “frosted” hair because my base colour is too light, what about “anti-frosted”, or “reverse frosted” hair!?’ Where the base would remain the way it is, very light, but instead of light tips, I had very dark tips done? As I said – I’ll talk to Elliott about that tomorrow. Also, if I’ve got time tomorrow, I’d like to go into Target and try on some tops. I know that I can buy long-sleeved tee-shirts from Target online in a size 14 or 16, but I’m not sure what size I should get. From Autograph and My Size, I take a size 14 or ES (Extra Small) but I’d be very surprised if their “size 14” is the same as a “normal” or Target size 14! So before I go buying a whole lot of $15 size 14’s from Target online, I’d better find out if they will actually fit me! Julian made a batch of that “Marrakech” Iced Tea yesterday and I tried it this afternoon. Not bad for a first attempt, but I think it’d been brewed/steeped a little too long, as it was a touch “sour”. It’s certainly drinkable though, and has that lovely, soft and cooling “minty” aftertaste. Anyway, that’s about it from me for this evening 🙂 Do drop in again tomorrow night to find out how my weight went, what, if anything, was decided about my hair colour, did I try on any tee-shirts in Target, andwas there anything “special” in the Doncaster P.O. Box waiting for me! But until then, please bee good, remember that the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool, depending on the weather… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Certicate: many, many years ago, when I was heavily involved in the Cat World, as a registered breeder of Siamese I had to be able to produce “Certificates of Pedigree” to go off with any of the kittens I sold. Most of us (breeders) bought our blank Pedigree papers from our Club, The Royal Sacred Siamese Cat Club, and filled them in as needed. The Club had been selling these “Certificates of Pedigree” for years and years and years… then one night at the monthly Club meeting, some bright spark noticed… for the first time mind you, and they hadn’t been changed in years… that the word “Certificate” had been incorrectly spelt (for all those years!) and actually spelt “Certicate”! Great hilarity ensued! We couldn’t stop laughing! We decided to leave it “as is”, because it was now “us”, and we wanted to keep it that way 🙂 Since then, I’ve had great difficulty in using the word “Certificate”, because strangely, I’ve grown to love that word “Certicate” 🙂

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