Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.10

Here I am, starting at about the right time – more or less, give or take a few hours 😉 I must say it’s been a very  pleasant day so far – Julian went out and did the shopping this morning while I stayed home and…. Rifted! I finally got a chance to do something with my new Primalist, though a lot more digging and experimentation is going to be needed! I still haven’t heard anything from the GMs (Game Masters) about my missing character slot – or my missing credits – whichever – I’ll gladly donate two of those three missing Credit payments that I paid for the second extra character slot that I only bought because they told us we could, to a Charity of their choosing! If you recall, I purchased the two extra character slots that we were told we could get, but I only got one of them. The next day, thinking that I might have been mistaken about actually buying the second one, I purchased another… no extra character slot was forthcoming. Then deciding that maybe it needed to be bought by a different character, on a different shard, I switched shards, and you guessed it, bought yet another character slot! Still no second character slot. In all I spent approximately 2,504 Credits for two extra character slots, but was only given one of them (the character slots are about 626 Credits each, or thereabouts) Now, another thing that puzzles me is that fact that when you’ve bought your limit of whatever it is you’re buying, the icon for that item suddenly gets a little padlock added to it, and when you mouseover it a tooltip is displayed saying something along the lines of “you have already purchased the maximum of this item”, and the Rift shop won’t let you buy any more of whatever it was. So, the long and short of it is that there’s a problem, and it’s not coming from my end! I’ve “raised a ticket” – the equivalent of sticking your hand up in the classroom and waving it about so that the teacher notices you and asks you what’s the matter. I haven’t heard back from the “Teacher” (read: Game Masters) nor do I expect to for some time – they’re usually rushed ragged off their tiny feet right after a major patch, especially one as big and as complex as this latest one, “Into the Wilds”. However! I noticed something else whilst playing my brand new Primalist this morning… Normally, as you progress through the game, you level up all the time – that is, go up a level. Whenever you go up a level, you receive one “soul point”, and every three levels you go up, you’re given two “soul points”. You can either spend them as you see fit within your soul tree, or put them where the game thinks they ought to go (I use both methods, but mainly the former) These points give you added abilities, capabilities, spells, special armor, and the like.. and if you don’t spend them, they just build up. So, one point per level, and an extra point every third level. I’ve got my Primalist to level 9, so I should have 9 points spent in my soul tree, plus 3 extra, for levels 3, 6, and 9, making a total of 12 points in my soul tree. But I haven’t! I have only 6 points! Half of what I think I should have. So I’m going to create another character, elsewhere, another Mage, and run her through to level 9, to see how many points she gets. It could be that Primalists simply don’t rise through their soul tree as quickly as other Classes – though that doesn’t seem likely. So as I said, more experimentation is needed! If it seems that there’s a problem with the Primalist soul points, I guess I’ll just have to raise another ticket! :/ Oh, I also found that I do have ranged attacks – I just don’t cast them/shoot them from a staff, a gun, or a bow! I think I just wave my two-handed sword around a lot! 🙂

Julian got back from his shopping and we had lunch – then he was going to go out again to get some electrical gear (?) for his new wireless and blue-tooth weather station that had just been delivered. He was just getting ready to go out again when someone knocked on the door (our doorbell doesn’t work all that well! so if you’re coming to visit, knock! Just in case the doorbell isn’t working!) “Who can that be!” said Julian “we’re not expecting anyone today!” – we’d both completely forgotten that Clarke was coming over today, instead of yesterday! So Julian had to put off his trip to get the electricals he needed, and we chatted and discussed my bathroom at great length. He gave us each a copy of this costings, which turned out to be pretty much what Julian had expected them to be, so we’ve given him the go-ahead to start in about two weeks, which will be about the amount of time it’ll take to get the vanity unit made and all the materials gathered and delivered, so it’s all good! 🙂 He also helped Julian hang the bedroom mirror, so at long last I have a nice big, full-length mirror in the bedroom! He’ll be over again on Monday morning, around 9.30-ish, to clear out some of the rubbish that was left behind when he was putting in the two doors for us, and he’ll bring the tile and laminate samples over on Tuesday, though I must remember to let him know that we’ll be out most of Tuesday morning – I have a Prosthodontist appointment on Tuesday morning at 11 o’clock. Dr. Praveen Nathaniel is the Prosthodontist who made my implants, and once a year I go and have them all unscrewed and cleaned, and then screwed back in again 🙂 I used to hate having my teeth cleaned with that hurty ultrasonic de-scaler – it really hurt, and made my gums bleed a lot – now I don’t care – cos they do it over on the bench, and not in my mouth! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was a very pleasant surprise, for a change! I went down 3 points, from 72.5kg to 72.2kg! which is excellent – though I’ll probably be up again tomorrow… But at least today was the last day of those excruciatingly horrible little pills! All I have to do is wait a couple of days until they’re out of my system, and everything should go back to what is laughingly called “normal” (what exactly is “normal”, anyway?!)

At the moment I’m slowly sipping on the second half of a bottle of Iced Tea from T2 – it’s called “Marrakech“, and it’s lovely! No artificial sweeteners or flavours – and no calories, either! 🙂 A bottle seems to hold two glasses of iced tea… I think we’ll get a few more bottles, next time we’re at Doncaster (because there’s no T2 at The Glen 😦 ) Tomorrow Julian and I will be off into The Wilds with two of out level 65 girls – I haven’t had a look into The Wilds since the patch went live – Julian has though, just to have a look (he likes exploring! he’s outside at the moment, “exploring” the back yard, for where to put the little wind gauge thingy, and the other outdoor-y parts of the weather station 🙂 ) so I’m expecting that we should have good weather for tomorrow’s expedition Into the Wilds! 😉 I’ll be sure to tell you all what it’s like, tomorrow night! In the meantime, I’ll continue to experiment with a non-Primalist character, and the other Primalist that I created yesterday – she’s only level 4, and it’ll be interesting to see if their soul points go up at the same rate or not. I’m betting “not” – I think Trion still have quite a few more creases to iron out of their Primalist’s shirts! 😉 Of course, having said that, there won’t be anything wrong or untoward, just to prove me wrong! (*grrr!*) And now, that’s about it from me again for tonight! Do call in again tomorrow night though, to hear all about our adventures in The Wilds with Mandreth and Sylversong, and to find out if I’ve started on my experiments on my enigmatic soul points hypotheses, as well as to read the next enthralling episode of that factually fabulous story, “What Winter’s Weight Did Next” 🙂 But until then, gentle readers, do try to bee extra good, remember that there is no man living that cannot do more than he thinks he can, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully – but most importantly – don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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