Winter’s log, earthdate 201509.23

Well, I don’t seem to have been able to get much of anything done today – of course, the day was split in half with me having that hairdresser’s appointment at one o’clock, but nearly all of my day has been spent coming to grips with my new email thingy… It took until almost half past one last night (read: this morning!) to make up rudimentary “rules”, or filters for it! We were so late to bed last night that Julian allowed us to sleep in a little bit this morning, so I actually started the day running late! I really hate that – but what can you do?! I did my morning “Walkies!” and barely had time to gobble down my breakfast and process my Minions before it was time to get my lunchtime “Walkies!” done before we had to leave for Doncaster and the hairdresser! I took my Optifast bar with me, to save time, and off we went. As you know, my favourite eldest daughter was over yesterday, and by a stroke of very bad luck, she and her husband had run out of coffee pods – so we, generous souls that we are, donated one of ours to the cause (how could I possibly let my very own favourite eldest daughter go coffee-less! 😉 ) and agreed to pick her up some more while we were over at Doncaster today, because there’s no Nespresso shop at The Glen! (though it’s suddenly occurred to me that maybe Thomas Dux might sell them! I shall have to look into that further!) By the time I’d finished at the hairdresser, had eaten my bar, dropped the coffee pods off at Lee’s place, and got back home again – it was too darned late to do anything other than fritter away what little time there was left before it was time to start this! 😦 I decided to try making some email templates up for my new enterprise. They didn’t work terribly well I’m afraid – the set-up and format of the templates is completely different from anything I’ve ever been used to – I strongly suspect that there are going to be many more “errors” than “trials” before I arrive at something that I’ll be happy to adopt. And for some strange reason, I can’t seem to get the Spell Checker (Australian English, too!) to work in “Replies”, and I only think it works in the “Compose Message” format, because I haven’t actually started to write a new message in it yet. I have turned it on in “Settings”… I just went to test the “Compose” function, and nope – even there, there’s no tool-tip for Spell checking (it probably is there, and I just can’t see it because they’re using a different icon or something… I mean, it must be there, right?!) – does one have to rely on the spell checker to pick up mistakes as you type? What if you want to add a word or a term to the Dictionary? If it’s not there, does that mean that I have to write everything in Word first, and then scrape and copy the spell-checked text into the new messages and the replies?! That would be more trouble than the email thingy was worth! :/ Damn! Why can’t someone – anyone – write a damn program that not only works, but has all the usual bits and pieces that you’d expect it to have – like a visible and locatable spell checker! Arrrggghhh!

Sometime tomorrow, I believe we’re going tile hunting… I have five places (showrooms) listed, the closest of which is in Mitcham, so I hope I find what I want there, because the others are at Dandenong South, Springvale, Bayswater, and Clayton! What I’m looking for are very light grey marble tiles which will go on the floor and walls, up to the top of the shower, and some sort of small purple, mauve, metallic-ie, mosaic tiles – similar to these, only in purple tones… Once I find the right shade of grey floor/wall tiles, I’ll know what colour caesarstone to get, so it all depends on those grey marble tiles… so cross your fingers that I find what I want in Mitcham – I’m beginning to get withdrawal symptoms from being unable to play Rift for more than three minutes at a time! On Friday, Julian has organised for a Lawn Mower person (from the ubiquitous “Jim’s Mowing” stable!) to come around and negotiate some sort of garden maintenance rate – but they’re not to touch the veggie garden! That’s going to be solely Julian’s domain – though I might be persuaded to pluck the occasional weed from amongst the veggies… and in the afternoon, I have the Podiatrist coming to either exclaim in horror over the state of my feet, or to run screaming from the place at the sight of them (believe me – I’d run away from them as fast as possible myself, if I could, but unfortunately they’d only follow me…) so I don’t know how much free time I’m going to get in the next two days – I’d really like to do a new header for the blog too, but… there just ain’t enough hours in the day! Oh, we finally managed to coax the bronze porcellino (bronze piggy) out of his box and onto the hall table, where he looks very pleased and smug to be sitting between two such illustrious bronze busts as that of my five year old self, and my then nine year old papa. Now all we need to do is find the silver mirror to hang on the wall behind them! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Again, it took three attempts to get the same weight twice – I liked the first one better though, but it didn’t come up twice – I felt like asking Julian if I could hop on the scales a fourth time, but… a rule is a rule, and it’s strictly a “two out of three” one. So I went down the one point that I went up yesterday, taking me from 73.7kg back down to 73.6kg again. It seems that the see-sawing and to-and-fro-ing is kicking in early this time! I think I’ll get Julian to buy some lettuce, celery, button mushrooms, and capsicum, next time he’s doing some shopping… Who knows? It might work, mightn’t it? 🙂 The walking continues at 3.2kmph for twelve minutes, three times a day (though I’m finding myself starting to resent the time I have to sacrifice for it :/ )

At the moment I’m absolutely freezing cold, but I’m not going to turn the heater up until after I’ve done my evening Treadmilling – the heater is a lot more “efficient” in the smaller rooms than it is in the larger ones, and the Treadmill room is fairly small, if you see what I mean. The lounge room is quite large though, and I wouldn’t want to catch a chill after exercising so strenuously… so I’ll turn the heater up – just a little bit – when I’ve finished walking! 😉 And that’s really about all our news for tonight – I do hope I can get this new email client sorted out – there are so few decent pieces of software that have all the features I need – it would be a real shame if there wasn’t a way around this ruddy spell checker problem, just when I was starting to like it! Anyway, call back again tomorrow night to see if I’ve managed to resolve the problem, or if I’ve had to ditch the program altogether (I really hope not!) and whether my weight has settled down again or is going to be a right sh*t and bounce around the same weight for days on end again. I’ll also be able to fill you all in on our Tile Hunting Expedition, and whether we were able to snare the specimens we were after – let’s all cross our collective fingers that we did! 🙂 Until then, however, do try to bee good, remember that we should all try to be too big to take offense, and too noble to give it, and don’t forget to drive carefully, to keep warm, and to look after yourselves, but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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