Winter’s log, earthdate 201509.28

I know I was going on yesterday about how we were going to be unpacking a lot of ornament boxes and re-stocking the big display cabinet with all the “pretties”, well, we did, but we got a bit of a late start – the locksmith rang to say he’d finally received the replacement deadlock for the front door, and that he was about half an hour away! So by the time he arrived and changed over the lock, it was lunch time! After that, of course, I had my lunchtime stroll to do, and what with one thing and another, we didn’t really get started on the unpacking until nearly two o’clock :/ Julian had completely cleaned all the glass and mirrors by then, and he was wondering why there were so many little brass shelf-holder thingies, when we only needed fifteen! Well, we found that more than half of them were the wrong size and might have come loose and fallen out, followed shortly thereafter by a very loud crash, and lots of horrible “tinkling” sounds, as shards of broken crystal and pottery bounced across the cabinet floor! (quickly followed by the sound of weeping, loud lamentations, and the rending of ash strewn clothing!) So the unpacking has momentarily drawn to a standstill as Julian races off to Bunnings to get some more of the correct sized shelf-holder thingies! To think – Julian’s been concerned that we’ve moved to a place where there’s a very large Officeworks just down the road (I’m quite partial to prolonged visits to Officeworks, you see, and I quite often see things that I suddenly realise that I can no longer live without!) but I’m more concerned about the extremely large and well stocked Bunnings that Julian is only too happy to find an excuse to visit! 😉 So for most of the day I’ve been dithering and flitting from one thing to another, doing what I do best – wasting time! One thing I did come across in my latest time-wasting effort was that Rift has introduced two new, very large Dimensions, and a third one is coming with the next extension, Patch 3.4! The key to the one called “Mathosian Cascades” is purchasable from the Dimensional Engineers in Tempest Bay for 900 platinum, or I fergit how many Credits, but it’s not exorbitant. It’s very big (holds 2,530 odd items!) it’s flat – ideal for building on – with hills and mountains all around the central plain. There’s a picturesque lake with reeds and little islands… just outside the perimeter of the Dimension, so I don’t think I’ll be able to put boats on it (though you never know – sometimes you can “push” items through the Dimension “barrier”, leaving a little bit still inside, and you’re still able to see the entire item!) Still, you could build a very nice house/palace/mansion with wonderful lake views! 😉 The key to the other one, called “Tempest Island” has to be made by a Dreamweaver – and I just happen to have a Savant Dreamweaver capable of making such a key! 🙂 It’s a very large, flat Dimension too, and looks like a good place to build! I think that Elizandra, my Dreamweaver, is going to be kept rather busy making a few keys to seed throughout the other shards, unless I hastily train up another Dreamweaver on another shard! This Dimension is only capable of holding 2,000 items, but it still adds up to a multitude of possibilities, and from the few screenshots I’ve found, the area looks like nice, flat green meadow land, surrounded, as the name “island” suggests, by sea, sandbanks and tiny islets. I can’t wait to make a key and try it out! 🙂

Julian has arrived back from Bunnings… unfortunately they didn’t have the sort of shelf-holder thingies that he wanted – these are w-a-y too big and “chunky”, to the point where the glass shelf sits perched on top of the back of the shelf-holder, and not on the flat poking-out bit where it’s supposed to sit – so we’ve had to use the smaller ones, after all – hopefully we won’t be woken up in the middle of the night by a very loud “crash! tinkle tinkle”! :/ I’ve just been helping him put the shelves in, which was extremely difficult because of the positioning of the cabinet (it’s right next to the folding doors onto the outside deck, so the glass shelf could only go in from one direction) The first one wasn’t too bad, and went in easily enough – the second one was a little more difficult, but it too went in relatively easily. The third one was a little bit too high for me to reach easily, it’s a very narrow cabinet and the shelf was just out of my range of focus, with or without glasses, so I couldn’t really see what I was doing properly – Julian’s saying “bring it forwards a bit!”, so there’s me trying to pull it towards me a bit more, but all that was doing was moving the shelf further out of the cabinet! What he wanted me to do was to push it back towards him a bit more… Anyway, we eventually got it in – with the spotlessly clean glass shelves covered in greasy finger marks. Just as well we bought some Windex yesterday! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Not quite as predicted this time – my weight’s playing funny-bunnies with me! This time I went down one point, back from 73.4kg to 73.3kg again! Who knows what it’s going to do tomorrow! Certainly not me, that’s for sure! *sigh* and only two more days before the dreaded fluid-retaining pills start again… 😦

Well, my favourite eldest daughter was supposed to be coming over tomorrow, but she’s SMS’d us to say that she won’t be over – she’s having assignment problems! I guess that means that we can continue with the unpacking, unwrapping, and putting away business – until we run out of room to put things, anyway! I’m hoping that if Julian’s going to be putting up the temporary steel shelving in the front spare bedroom (the shelving will eventually end up in the garage) that I might get a chance to play with one of the new Dimensions – it’s been a long time since I made anything for a Dimension, or made something spectacular, building-wise. Anyway, we’ll see. There’s also a hell of a lot of (packing) paper to deal with – six boxes, for about twenty-five ornaments and vases! That’s a lot of waste paper, which has to be (roughly) folded, neatened up, and squished down into one of the empty boxes for later disposal… so… still busy! Next Sunday, Kate and Terry will be over again for more “Gardening Duties” – I think they’re carting Julian off to buy supplies – sleepers, soil, a rake, a hoe, a wheelbarrow, and goodness knows what else, to set the two veggie garden beds up. Impatient me just wants to get to the planting and growing bit! 🙂 So, what do you all bet me that it pours with rain next Sunday?! 😉 …I’ve just come back from doing a bit of paper folding – I think we’ve broken the back of it, and I don’t think there’s that much more to do (oww! I just bashed my left foot into one of the table legs! 😦 ) Anyway, you have a nice short-ish blog tonight, because that’s about all I have for you tonight! 🙂 Do call in again tomorrow night though, and see if we’ve managed to do anymore unpacking, or if we migrated to another area of all the things to be done after moving! Get all the latest on my recalcitrant weight, and find out if I’ve managed to get any Dimensioning done in “Mathosian Cascades”, or if Elizandra has made a key for the other new Dimension, “Tempest Island”, yet! But until then, do try to bee good, don’t forget that if you believe you can, then you’re halfway there! Remember to keep warm, to drive carefully, and to look after yourselves, but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂