Winter’s log, earthdate 201509.27

Well, what a nice, quiet, peaceful Sunday it’s been! 🙂 Even running around Silverwood and Freemarch! Oh, that is apart from getting ourselves caught up in a massive (Raid size!) “Instant Adventure”, where the object was to knock off some VIP Big Bad Elite Boss, whose name we can’t even remember now! We were peacefully minding our own business, not bothering anyone, except the bad guys, when Julian saw a massive battle off to one side, with a VIP Big Bad Elite Boss in the middle of it. Thinking to make a name for himself 😉 Julian joined our little group of two to their Raid group of about 20+, and we attacked the VIP Big Bad Elite Boss with gusto! Well, with so many of us, it wasn’t long before he was toast, but then… when Julian was suddenly snatched up to Scarwood Reach – a level 35 area – we suddenly realised that it hadn’t been an ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill randomly spawning VIP Big Bad Elite Boss, but part of one of those “Instant Adventure” thingies that we assiduously avoid like the plague! Why do we avoid “Instant Adventures”? For much the same reason as we avoid using the “Looking for Group” game function. Joining unknown and disparate Groups never turns out well for anyone. There are always squabbles over who should get which loot, quite often with loud and sometimes violent accusations of rolling for “Need” over “Greed”, and then not using the item. Besides, we really should have a little tagline attached to the name of our Guild: “Does not play well with other children”. We much prefer to keep to ourselves – we have our own unique style of playing (just like everybody else!) and group play just seems like a lot of tedious hard work most of the time. Yes, we have, and do, play in groups – but only within our own little Family Guild, or if we’re being blocked from continuing our quest chain by a big Raid, or one of these VIP Big Bad Elite Bosses, we’ll join in – mainly to clear our path quickly! 🙂 Anyway, Julian suddenly found himself in Scarwood Reach as a “pretend” level 35 character, while I remained behind in Silverwood, still a lowly level 17! In attempting to get back, he got killed, and that was our only “fatality” today 🙂 But we both dropped out of the Raid group, he made his way back to Silverwood, we re-established our own, cozy little ménage a deux – and continued on our way. We didn’t do too badly – we started out at level 17, scuttled over to Freemarch to get our much-prized title “Merchant of Death” (and several rather nice artifacts!) after which we returned to Silverwood, disposed of several green “baby” quests, and finally ended up at the beginning of the last quest in Silverwood, at level 21! We’d gone up four levels – without using experience enhancing potions, too! 🙂 Pretty cool! 🙂 But questing wasn’t easy when we started playing! We managed to arrive at 10.30pm Server time, and it was night time in Telara – but one of the darkest, blackest nights I can ever remember playing in Rift! You couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face, I kid you not! I quite literally could not see where I was going – all I could do was try to run towards the faintly glowing red nameplates (the enemy!) and try to hurl lethal spells in their general direction! By the time we finished up this afternoon, it was finally daylight again, which was much more betterer – what a shame we were just finishing off! 😉

While we were on our lunch break, Clarke emailed us my bathroom plans, which look really good, and asked for all the tile, caesarstone and laminate codes, which were duly sent off. He’s just SMS’d Julian to ask if I wanted underfloor, digitally controlled, heating in there! Good grief! No! I like my floors cold! 🙂 I will have my Dyson hot/cold fan in there though, as I’ll no longer be able to open the window (you can’t open glass brick window-walls except with a sledge-hammer) He’s got the plans showing that the vanity unit and the mirror will be running the full length of one wall – I’d thought that there was going to be a gap of about 100 cm (?) at each end, but full length is OK – it’ll look more streamlined, too. So, it looks like it’s all starting to happen! And not a moment too soon! I was getting extremely frustrated last night, trying to find somewhere to put a measly little bottle of ruddy mousewash! I simply can’t comprehend how the last people in the house managed to live with that bathroom for six whole years without going totally mental! I’ve only been here a month, and it’s giving me the heebie-jeebies! I presume that once Clarke gets us the figures, and we approve them, he’ll order the vanity unit to be made up – so if work starts on that by the middle of this coming week, it may be ready in, what… two weeks? More? Less? I really have no idea how long it takes to make these things… The tiles shouldn’t be a problem – we were told that they were in stock. Ooo! It’s all getting so exciting! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was the pits! 😦 Well, I knew this was going to happen! My prediction was absolutely spot-on! Three days before I’m due to go back onto those dreadful fluid-retaining pills, and two to three points away from the next kilogram zone… I go up a ruddy point! From 73.3kg to 73.4kg! Tomorrow it’ll either be up again, or stay the same for the next two to three days – I betcha! I am not a happy little Vegemite, nor am I looking forward to getting on the scales again tomorrow morning 😦 I wish it was this time the week after next… 😦

Well, at least I’ll have something to take my mind off my stupid weight tomorrow – we’re going to tackle the big glass and mirror display cabinet in the lounge room… It all needs to be cleaned and polished – the big mirror at the back of it, the glass front, the two glass doors, and all the glass shelves… Plus all of the stuff that has to go back in it will need to be cleaned, too! Then come the rest of the “ornament” boxes – they’re going to be an absolute nightmare! Once they’re done and we can see how much we want to keep, we’ll have to decide on what sort of cabinet to get for it all. I suspect that a great deal of it will be going off to Auction, and that in itself will be a real Herculean task! :/ So much will have to be cleaned, photographed properly – not just a happy snappy on a smart phone (sorry Julian, I want good, properly lit photos, against a white (sheet!) background!) and then re-packed with a printed list of the contents taped to the outside, to go off to the Auction Rooms.

Sorry everyone – it’s time for my evening “stroll” before dinner! 🙂 Back soon…

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

I’m back again 🙂 We’ve just finished watching tonight’s Dr. Who – not a bad episode tonight, but next week’s looks really scary – in a Dr. Who-ish sort of way. Tomorrow, as I said, we’re going to be tackling the boxes of ornaments that came out of the big cabinet that used to live in the hall, and we’ve been debating as to the best way to handle all the rest of them. The thing is, we don’t want to unpack, decide and sort, and then re-pack until we get something to put them in – then have to unpack them all over again before we can put them away. However, Julian bought some steel shelving at Bunnings a while back, but hasn’t assembled them all yet (I think there’s one? two? already in the garage?) he’s suggested putting a couple up in the front spare bedroom – when we unpack and sort all the bits and pieces, those going to auction will be cleaned, photographed, and re-packed. Those being thrown out will go in a bin, and those looking for a good home will also be cleaned, photographed, and boxed. The ones we decide to keep will be cleaned, and put on the temporary shelving in the front spare bedroom, so that when we’ve gone through it all we’ll be able to see exactly how much room – and therefore what sort, and how big a cabinet – we’re going to need. All that starts tomorrow! :/ And with those words, once again that’s about it from me for tonight! Do call in again tomorrow night to see how all the unpacking went, and whether or not we broke any of the very long and somewhat fragile glass shelves, whether my weight went up, or stayed the same, and what the latest word from Clarke about my bathroom is 🙂 Until then though, try to bee good, don’t forget that in general, people are always quick to believe that which they wish to be true, and remember to always drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm – but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂