Winter’s log, earthdate 201509.15

Unfortunately my favourite eldest daughter didn’t come over today – she’s behind with an assignment that’s due in on Thursday so she thought that she’d better stay home and try to get it done, but could she come on Friday instead? So instead of spending the day amicably watching “Arrow”, I found myself ringing up the hairdresser and re-scheduling my appointment for 3.00pm on Thursday instead of 11.00am on Friday. Anyway, we ended up having quite a busy morning here – after breakfast and a cup of coffee, of course 🙂 Julian has now finished constructing the four cupboards for the Den, and they’re nicely in place – this afternoon he’s been finishing off the last two cupboards (they’re all the same sort of Ikea flat-packs) that are to go in the back hall – he’s just called out to me that they’re finally finished and he’s putting them in place – next to the built-in cupboard that houses the in-house vacuum cleaner (and which doesn’t leave much room for anything else, hence the two extra cupboards!)  I don’t think that the shoe rack wot we bought for the back hall will fit next to the two new cupboards, but it will go very nicely in our Walk In Wardrobe, so what you lose on the roundabouts you win on the swings (or however the saying goes!) Our shoes will simply go into one of the compartments or drawers in the new cupboards instead of onto the shoe rack. Anyway, seeing as Lee wasn’t coming over after all, we spent the morning unpacking the pile of boxes which had been stored in a corner of the Den – most of it was labeled “Den”, so that’s where the boxes were put.  There was some “Den” stuff in them, but you know what most of it was? Cables! A family of giant’s spaghetti bowls full of cables! A whole knitting Guild’s tangled balls of wool cables! The entire Addams Family home’s spiderwebs of cables! This morning was a real “Cables Coming Out Of Our Ears” morning ! I knew we had a lot of cables, but I never knew we had quite so many! What’s worse is that Julian already has an extremely large box of cables that he’s been using to set up the computer network – and this morning we trebled what’s in that box! I think what happens is that cables always get tangled. It doesn’t matter how you store them, they always come undone and get tangled. It’s known as “The First Law of Cables: Attempt To Get Tangled!” – then, when you go to get a particular cable, you can’t find it because it has cunningly disguised itself as “just another tangled cable”, so you end up going out and buying a new one… and before you know it, you have thousands of the wretched things, all nicely tangled up together in a real “Medusa’s Hairdo on a Bad Hair Day”, of twisted, tangled cables… Well, that’s my theory, anyway – and I’m sticking to it! So anyway, all of the flat-packs are now assembled, and all of the furniture for this place is in – there’s a few very minor pieces of “attachments” to be done – like the Gargoyle front door knocker, plus the little brass cats key holder has to be put on the wall near the front door, and a “No Junk Mail” plate to be attached to the letterbox…. So, really, all that’s left now is Tha Great Unpacking Of The Boxes! There are still boxes, and boxes, and boxes left to unpack, both here and in storage, and trillions of pictures to hang (and books to bring over, once we get rid of enough of the boxes to be able to measure up properly for bookcases!) We haven’t organised for the sale of the rest of our furniture, either, but at least we can see a very faint light at the end of the tunnel! (let’s just hope it’s not an oncoming train!)

This afternoon, while Julian was finishing off the last two cupboards, I Rifted. I sat there and looked at all the characters on Greybriar, thinking… I had too many Guardians, and not a balancing number of Defiants… so I moved one of the Guardians off to another shard (again!) and created a new Defiant (a Mage, of course) Her name is Kehsha, and I’ll get Julian to invite her into the Guild tonight when we do our Minions. And, apart from my Treadmilling, that’s all I’ve done today! The stuff in the “Den” boxes this morning that was mine has already been sorted through and put away in my brand new cupboards – I think Julian threw out about thirty of those cables, mostly because they were too old, or too slow, or both, to be used on today’s computers and other associated hardware – the rest will be stored in a box in one of the new cupboards in the back hall. They’ve all been very carefully sorted into audio/visual cables, Ethernet cables, USB cables, “retro” cables (C64 cables, etc.), and power cables. At the moment, they’re all neatly coiled up and sealed individually into zip-lock bags – but you can bet your sweet bippy that in six month’s time, if Julian goes to look for a particular cable, it’ll be all tangled up in a maze of twisty little cables, which all look the same! *rolls eyes*

Weigh-in this morning. I don’t think I want to talk about it! (*pouts and sulks*) It was horrible! And not fair, either! After all the work I’ve put in, all the chips and pasta I’ve gone without, my body rewards me with what?! Staying the ruddy same, that’s what! 😦 *sigh* I’m still sitting at 75.7kg! I really feel like crying – I honestly don’t know what to do next! I’m just not going down any more – it’s been over a fortnight! WHY! I’m walking a lot more and a lot faster on the treadmill, I spend more and more time walking around and doing things generally, my diet is still exactly the same… Nothing has changed – except that I’m not losing weight any more! I’m starting to get frantic! There’s not much more I can do – certainly nothing that springs readily to mind, anyway! 😦

Speaking of Treadmilling – “walking for 12!…

There! The last of the day’s Treadmills! I did the first 9 minutes at 2.2kmph, and the last three at 2.4kmph, so I’m getting faster… not that it seems to be doing me much good! Scratch that, I know that it’s doing me good, it’s just that it doesn’t seem to be doing my weight (loss) any good! 😦

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – Julian has the Lexus booked in to get the headlight fixed – it wasn’t working properly, so he booked it in, then it was working properly, so he cancelled the booking, and now it’s not working properly again, so he’s taking it in tomorrow morning. After he’s dropped the car off, he’s hiring a van for a day and a half so that he can cart all the waste paper and packaging off to the… (thinks!) Waste RefugeRefuse Station, I think it’s called, then he’s going off to load up as many boxes from storage as he can, and bring them back here for me to unpack (wot fun!) so I’ll probably just be rattling around here like a pea in a pod or something. I suppose I could force myself to Rift a little bit… or maybe think of a new design for the blog header… or a new desktop bookmark wallpaper thingy… or I could just walk on the treadmill all day – it’s such fun! (and soooo boring!) 😉 I could also unpack some more boxes, but I’m too short to be able to reach the top shelves of the display cupboard, so perhaps I’d better wait until himself is around before I do that… Oh, the locksmith came today to finish changing all our locks over. We’ve thrown away all the old keys which no longer work, and the same key now opens the front door, the laundry door, the back door onto the decking, and the back hall door into the garage – so that’s now all done, too! (though just between you and me and the gatepost, I much preferred the “swipe card” system we used in Doncaster – just a flat plastic disk waved in front of the reader – no keys to mislay, or to make your pockets sag! Brilliant!) And that, gentle readers, is about it from me for today – again! Do drop in again tomorrow night though, so you can find out just how much weight I didn’t lose again – or how much my weight actually went up – whichever turns out to be applicable! I’m sure you’ll all want to know what I did all day – whether I Rifted or not, or whether I worked on some graphical project 🙂 however, you’ll all just have to wait until tomorrow night, won’t you! 😉 So until then, try to bee good, always bear in mind that Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished, and remember to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm – but most importantly, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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