Winter’s log, earthdate 201509.11

Another very busy day! We’ve just got back from Ikea – well, when I say “just got back”, I mean we got back, I raced off to do my lunchtime Treadmilling a little later than usual, and we had a well-deserved cup of coffee – and now I’ve started writing. Never a dull moment in this household, I tell you! This morning we left a little earlier than usual to go over to Doncaster – my hairdressing appointment wasn’t until 11.30, but I wanted to dart into David Jones to get a price on an Estée Lauder product that I was thinking of getting, after comparing the prices of similar products from Jurlique and L’Occitane en Provence – I ended up getting the one from L’Occitane – they do make an excellent product (but then they all do!) they use only natural ingredients (as does Jurlique) and it was about eight dollars cheaper! 🙂 I’ll let you know if it’s as good as the Estée Lauder that I was using, until it ran out! :/ We still had enough time to head off to Woolworths to get some more Flipper Food (Coles don’t sell it!) and a big bottle of el-cheapo moisturiser for my feet – they got so dry that I’ve managed to split the skin on one of my feet again! If I don’t oil them religiously I end up with feet so dry that they split – and who has time to oil their feet when they’re moving, and everything is packed away, and you can’t find anything! 😦 I was lamenting the fact today that when I was younger, I had a very oily skin and I used to absolutely hate it! Then, when I was in my “middle years”, I blessed it… and now? Now my skin seems to have used up all its natural oils and has become really dry, and I really wish that I had oily skin again… :/ Talk about a vicious cycle! 🙂 When I finished with the hairdresser, we took off for Springvale, and Ikea… We got half way down Blackburn Road when we remembered that we hadn’t picked up the dry cleaning… so we turned around and went back to Doncaster! The only reason we remembered the dry cleaning when we did was because we were racking our brains trying to remember what was supposed to be happening on Monday morning, and we were going through things, item by item, which made us remember the dry cleaning… but Julian had taken a call on his mobile – yesterday, in here, in front of me, and now neither of us can remember who was on the phone, or what it was about – but Julian said to this caller “Probably Monday would be alright – just a minute, I’ll ask the wife!”, turned to me and said “How about Monday? morning?” and I, thinking quickly, remembered that Monday was free, said “Yeah, OK, Monday – Monday morning!” (all the while thinking to myself ‘well, there go my plans for Monday!’) So Julian told this (at time of writing, still unknown!) person “Yes, Monday morning will be fine!” We both remember that conversation, but neither of us can remember who it was, or what it was about! If it happens to be any of you reading this, please enlighten us, or we’re just going to have to wait and see who turns up on Monday morning! (…or we get a very annoyed phone call saying “Where were you?!”) *shrug* I dunno…

So we picked up the dry cleaning and again headed off to Ikea. We got there around lunch time, so we went into their very nice looking restaurant where Julian had some sort of salmon salad thingy and a wedge of chocolate and butterscotch meringue pie and a cappuccino, and I had a cappuccino Optifast bar which I’d brought with me, and a cup of black coffee (because they didn’t have any skinny milk!) Then we went “replacement credenza” shopping. We ended up buying a white (glossy, but not as glossy as the table-desks) eight “compartment” (hole? cavity?) bookcase-type “contraption”, that you could put cupboard doors on, or drawers in or square basket thingies in – I don’t really know what to call it, really – it’s not a sideboard or credenza by any long stretch of the imagination, nor is it a bookcase per se., but it’ll do the job! 🙂 Ikea had some “demo” examples set up with drawers, cupboard doors, plastic (perspex?) bins, and woven rattan bins. All the square “holes” are the same size, as are the cupboard doors, both types of bins, and the drawers, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. We’ve opted for four bins in a row on the top – white, red, red, white (or whatever!) another two bins on the bottom row, and two drawers in the two middle “holes”. The printer and various other pieces of hardware will sit on top of this “whatever-it’s-called”, while various pieces of “junk” will be hidden in the bins. The third table-desk that’s currently in here will become the desk in Julian’s Commodore (read: C64) room. Julian started bolting the “credenza replacement” (for want of a proper term!) together just after he’d finished his coffee, and guess what! It’s already bolted together and sitting in here, waiting for him to finish the four small drawers, and for the table-desk to have its legs removed so that it will fit through the doors on its way to the C64 room! So that was our rather busy day! (well, he’s been busy, I haven’t, really… :/ )

It’s almost time for me to go and do my evening Treadmilling – I’m still doing only ten minutes, but I’ve now upped the speed to 1.6kmph, which I think is a slightly more “respectably energetic” pace – but it’s still as boring as all get out! 😦 Honestly, what do people think about/do with their minds, whilst exercising on a Treadmill! I’ve tried counting my steps, and that works for about one hundred and fifty steps, but either I get interrupted and lose my place, or I get so bored that I forget where I’m up to! And my arms get all cramped – I have to keep moving them around… Oh well, I guess the treadmill is better than leaving me to my own devices – without something like the stairs at Doncaster, or the treadmill here, to exercise their “siren” call on me, I’d just sit on my rapidly expanding backside all day… which brings me to…

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I was expecting it, but it was a disappointment, none the less. I went up one point, from 75.8kg to 75.9kg – hopefully I won’t go up again tomorrow! I’ll cry, if I do 😦 That’s why I rushed off to do my Treadmilling as soon as I got home this afternoon, instead of flopping down and demanding a cup of coffee first, and why I’ll be buzzing off as soon as I finish this to do my third Treadmilling for the day! Cross your fingers for me, please! 🙂

Last night, when I was making the green header for the blog, I had great difficulty finding blossom, or even flower brushes or shapes to use – it’s very frustrating sometimes –  whether it’s a piece of equipment, a tool, a piece of clothing – or whatever – I know what I want, but either have great difficulty in describing it, or else people just look at me blankly, as if to say “why on earth would you want that!” So I thought “if I can’t download the sort of blossom or flower brush that I want… I can make my own! I’ll draw what I want on a plain piece of paper, get Julian to scan it for me, and I should (key word that, “should“!) be able to use it “as is”, or to turn it into a brush that I can re-size easily” – so that’s what I’m going to do from now on, if I can’t download what I want! Usually if I want a specific shape, I’ll just work on it in the graphic, “on the fly”, as they say – but it’s not quite so easy to make smooth round shapes – they usually end up all rough and “jaggie”, which is why drawing something on paper first should result in rounder and smoother lines… I’ll let you all know how it turns out… 🙂 (Julian has just finished the drawers! 🙂 )

Tomorrow morning our mirror is arriving, and something else with it, too! Remember I was telling you about that absolutely beautiful Art Deco silver mermaid standard lamp? Julian bought it as well! So she’s coming “home” tomorrow, too! We’ll take some photos of her and put them up for you all – either tomorrow night, or Sunday night! I’m not sure when Clarke will be coming over (hopefully, not Sunday!) and I have absolutely no idea what’s happening, or who’s coming over, on Monday morning! So that’s about all from me for tonight! But don’t worry – there’ll be more for you all tomorrow night, what with the arrival of the mirror and the mermaid (Hey! That sounds like a cool title for a book, or a song! “The Mirror and the Mermaid”!) and whether my weight will continue to go up (expect tears and lamentations!) or decide to go back down again – whether Clarke turned up and helped Julian hang the mirror, or if he’s going to disrupt our Rifting on Sunday! But no matter what, there’s always something interesting happening around here! 🙂 Until then, though, do continue to bee good, remember to be gentle to all and stern with yourself; don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully, but most of all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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