Winter’s log, earthdate 201509.06

Firstly, to all you men out there who have children – of the human and/or animal kind – Happy Father’s Day! 🙂 I hope you all got spoilt rotten today! 🙂

Well, it’s been an extremely satisfying and productive day all round, today! 🙂 We slept in a bit (until 8 o’clock, anyway!) and caught up with our sleep – you have no idea how totally exhausted we both were last night! I think what I wrote last night made sense? I hope it did, anyway – because I wasn’t able to hold onto a coherent thought for more than a minute and a half, and I kept falling asleep at the keyboard! I don’t think I can remember when I’ve been so tired before! So as I said – we slept in a bit this morning, and I’ve been working out how to fit three Treadmillings of ten minutes each, at 1.2kmph, from now on. I’ll have to do my first one before breakfast, instead of after it, the second one just after lunch, and the third one around about now-ish in the afternoon. I finished my third Treadmilling (which I extended to ten minutes) for the day about half an hour ago. We also managed to get Mandreth up to level 65, at long last – she is Julian’s main character, and is usually the one who’s sent in to help me if any of my characters get stuck somewhere in the game. And we decided what to do next! We’ve both started new characters on a reasonably neglected shard which happened to have a Guild and a Guild Bank – of sorts! There are seven shards all told, but only six playable ones as far as we’re concerned, because the seventh one, Seastone, is a PvP (Player versus Player) shard, and neither of us is even remotely interested in playing PvP! Only three of the six playable shards have Guilds and Guild Banks – two of them you’ve probably heard me mention a lot, because they’ve always been our main shards – Laethys and Hailol – the last shard with a Guild and a Guild Bank is Greybriar, and has mainly been used, by me anyway, as a place to put unwanted and unused characters whom I don’t want to delete… because I don’t want to lose their names! :/ So we’ve created two new Guardian characters on Greybriar. Julian has a male Rogue called “Haereticus” (which means “Heretic”, apparently!) and I have a female Mage (what else!) called Azuresky – which means “blue sky” (duh!) both of whom have reached their capital city of Sanctum, and been inducted into the Guild.

And the last bit of satisfying productivity? 🙂 Julian is attacking the first of the flat-packs, and has started assembling the glossy white “end table thingy” that we got to go between the lounge-suite’s chaise and the wall, so that whoever’s sitting there can have somewhere to put a cup of coffee, or a plate, or a book, or whatever – when it’s finished I shall have to go and help him move the lounge-suite so that it can be utilised… and the ridiculous end table at the foot of the chaise can be moved to the end of the sofa-bed in here. I’m hoping that with yesterday behind us now, we’ll be able to get back to finishing off our move, unpacking and getting rid of all the boxes, both here, and those still in storage from 2007! We still have to compile a full list of furniture to be sold, or re-housed somewhere – we already have a taker for our extremely comfortable blue lounge-suite which is still over at Doncaster. I really wish we could keep it, but unfortunately there’s nowhere over here where it could go 😦 Actually, there’s an awful lot of things that have to go – Julian will have to take photos of everything for the list… I’d like to get onto that as soon as possible… but the boxes over here have to be dealt with first, as we’re going to have to bring all our books back from Doncaster in the very near future. And that means we’ll need lots of bookcases, which in turn means unpacking and dealing with all the boxes that are currently all stacked up in the Library! Talk about a vicious circle! :/

I’ve just come back from helping Julian move the lounge-suite and the marble-topped sideboard! The glossy white “end table thingy” is now in place, and really looks as though it was always meant to be there! The end table that used to be at the end of the chaise part of the lounge-suite is now in here, at the end of Flipper’s sofa-bed… you should have seen her eyes when we carried it in! She was just preparing to jump up onto the sofa-bed to get into her “cat-cave” when she saw us carrying the table in – her eyes nearly fell out of her head! 😀 But she’s in her “cat-cave” now, so I guess she’s not too put out about her new furniture… Unfortunately it’s going to make it terribly easy for her to get up on the spare table-desk at the other end of the sofa-bed, and I don’t think Julian wanted her to be able to do that quite so easily… Oh well, the table-desk will only be there until the matching credenza arrives – the spare table-desk will then be moved into Julian’s Commodore (the C64) room…

Weigh-in this morning. More of the same stupid weight chaos – this morning I went down two of the three points that I went up yesterday! From 76.6kg to 76.4kg – but I’m not going to take any notice of that because I’m only half way through taking these stupid pills, and anything is likely to happen weight-wise between now and September 10th! From now on, although I’ll continue to weigh myself every morning, I’m going to totally ignore anything the scales tell me between the 1st and the 10th of the month! 😛

Tomorrow morning the painters are coming in to totally disrupt our lives, and sometime in the afternoon our proper dining room table and chairs will finally be delivered – that won’t take long, but unfortunately the painters will probably be here for the rest of the week :/ but it has to be done – we can’t leave all the hooks, power points, shelving brackets, etc., sticking out of the walls here and there – they look awful! And besides – I think we’d better use the painter’s disruptions as a rehearsal for when Clarke starts working on my bathroom! Flipper won’t be happy, but it can’t be helped… and we’ll be here to coddle and cosset her along 🙂

I noticed something yesterday while I was looking out the plane window – it was much more noticeable flying in to Adelaide than flying home in the evening – but as we were flying over the sea, I realised that when you’re at ground level, you see the waves meeting the shore as a continually repeating series of white foam, or wave crests, don’t you? But from a plane, it’s not a continually repeating series of waves; from a plane window it appears as a solid, unmoving, unchanging white line! And further out from the shore, from a plane window you can see the swells and the troughs between the waves… but… they don’t move! It’s like looking at an unchanging map, it’s only the different colour gradients that show you the difference between a swell and a trough! It’s quite fascinating! I kept trying to squint to see if I could detect any movement at all, and the only time you could detect even the slightest movement was a little closer to shore where the sun sparkled on the water – the sparkles changed, so you knew that there had to be movement, but without that, it all looked as still as a millpond, or a painting! Next time you’re in a plane and flying over the sea, have a look, and see what you think! 🙂

And now, it’s that time again… sorry… :/

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

And, Hey! Presto! Here I am, back again! 🙂 Oh, I forgot to tell you – I got the results of my Warfarin blood test back on Friday night – my INR has gone up to 2.4, which is very good, and they’ve left my rat poison dose the same as last time, which is a big relief! 🙂 My favourite eldest daughter will be over on Tuesday, though she has two uni assignments due this week (she managed to get an extension on one, but she hopes to have it done on time, anyway) and I think Julian will be pretty busy assembling flat-packs – he said he had no problems bolting together the one he did today, but it was less than a quarter the size of the other ones! :/ Oh well, I think I had better get the packets of band-aids ready! 😉 While all the painting and furniture delivering is going on tomorrow, I think it might be best if I just cower in here playing Rift, or working on some new graphics… and with that, I hate to have to tell you all that that’s about it from me for tonight – but do drop in again tomorrow, to find out all the latest, like what the new dining room table and chairs actually look like, or whether or not the painters have made a big mess, and what surprises my weight had in store for me in the morning! There’ll be lots of other things as well – I’ve got lots of time to think about all sorts of things while my legs are mindlessly churning away on the treadmill, and I was considering funerals and their timing this morning – I thought I’d share some of my observations with you, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow now as it’s getting late, and this is already way too long! 🙂 So until tomorrow night, please bee good, remember that every exit is an entry to somewhere else, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully – but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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