Winter’s log, earthdate 201509.04

Oh dear, I’m starting really late tonight! :/ My hairdressing appointment was at 3.00 this afternoon, so by the time I’d had my Warfarin blood test done, finished at the hairdresser’s, and we’d gone up to My Size at The Pines to get me a smaller pair of slacks (and a pair of jeans, which are too long and will have to be shortened, and two tops) plus a small amount of supermarket shopping, arrived home, and done my second Treadmilling for the day – it’s now a quarter to six! Still, I have a cup of coffee, and everything’s good! 🙂 We got a call from the Ikea delivery people at about a quarter to ten last night, to tell us that all our bits and pieces would be delivered sometime between 1.00pm and 7.00pm today! Say, whaaat?! We’d told them – several times, in fact – that if the items were delivered after 2.00pm there wouldn’t be anyone here to receive them, as we had to go out! Well, it was too late to call them back last night, so Julian rang first thing this morning. As a result, the bits and pieces arrived well before lunch today, thank heavens, and all those great big flat-packs are sitting on the floor  in the Office!

At My Size, I bought a pair of slacks, the next size down from the ones I’m currently wearing, and they look a lot better, too! The jeans… well, I ummed and errr’d about them for a bit – I haven’t worn jeans since… 1986? mainly because I got too big (read: “fat”) to find any that fitted me, and that I didn’t look… “not good” in! *blush* You know, it’s funny… I’ve lost over 56kg, but I still feel diffident about… sitting on flimsy looking chairs or benches… wearing things like jeans… even using the treadmill – all silly things, that intellectually I know will be alright, but that I’ve developed such a phobia about that it’s really hard for me to make myself sit on a bench or small seat, to wear things like jeans, or even to hop on a treadmill that I know is rated to 100kg, and that I’m well under that! Anyway, I got the jeans – they’re a size larger than the slacks, and although I could get into the smaller ones (just!), they weren’t comfortable and certainly didn’t look nice! Next week I’ll take them up to The Glen and have them shortened, and we’ll see how we go with them. One of the tops I got is the same as a black one I was thinking of wearing tomorrow, but I’ll wear the new one instead, even though it’s red… The other top I got is a rather pretty “junior navy” hoodie, which will hopefully keep my stupid right ear warm without messing up my hair too much! Oh, and on the buying side of things, I think I’ve finally found a lipstick that I can wear that doesn’t dry my lips out to the point where I’m constantly chewing dried and cracked skin off! If anyone else out there reading this suffers from dry lips, try Estée Lauder’s “Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion”! It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly good for keeping your lips moist! (and what’s more, it doesn’t smear off on whatever you’re eating with or drinking from!) 🙂

While waiting for the Ikea stuff to arrive this morning I caught up with Rift and with the help of an experience enhancing potion got Satai up to level 46. Julian has suggested that I start taking some of them up to level 65 on my own, and calling for help with some of the harder “end of zone Boss fights” (which I’d been planning to do anyway, but somehow life and moving from Doncaster to here got a bit in the way…) I’ve pretty much been able to solo up to level 60, and I’ve even managed to solo some of the more awkward Rift closing end sequences – but I’d like to see if I can actually manage to get to level 65 on my own (I usually try until I’ve died about two or three times before I yell for Julian to come and save me 🙂 ) Anyway, I’ll see how I go next week…

Oh, I’ve remembered what’s happening next Monday! 🙂 Our proper dining room table and chairs are arriving! They hadn’t been ready when we moved (they should have been ready, and in fact were promised for August 21st – which is why they gave us the “loan” table and chairs we’re currently using!) but they’ll be arriving next Monday! It’s been so long that I can only vaguely remember what the table looks like, and I have no idea about the style or colour of the chairs, except that I think they’re leather! These loan ones are leather, and just as well! 🙂 Last night I sat down at the table and started eating (?) my soup, while Julian got his dinner (a big bowlful of re-heated tomato lasagna) and a big glass of mineral water, before joining me at the table. All of a sudden there was a loud crash, the chinkle of breaking crockery, and mineral water all over the table! While attempting to put everything on the table, he’d accidentally knocked the bowl against the back of one of the chairs – he lost his grip on it, and it fell to the floor, causing the very loud crash, accompanied by the unmistakable chinkle of breaking crockery! And of course, whilst fumbling with the bowl, he also spilt the full glass of mineral water all over the table – narrowly missing my soup bowl! So we ended up having a somewhat later than planned dinner, while he gathered up the pieces of broken bowl and its contents, mopped the floor, and re-heated himself some more of the leftover tomato lasagna… :/ Such fun…. not! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. I hate these new pills! I shall tell Dr. Y. that I’d rather go back to the old ones – even though I hated them with a passion, too – next time I see him (which won’t be until November 😦 ) Oh well. My stupid weight didn’t do anything this morning – it’s still scowling at me from 76.3kg, the same as it was yesterday. Hopefully there’ll be some movement (in a downward direction!) at the station tomorrow morning! We’ll see…

And now, of course, it’s that time again… 🙂

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Well, here I am, back again! I’ve just been finding out about our schedule for tomorrow… We’re picking up my favourite eldest daughter and her husband at 7.45am and heading off to the airport. My favourite youngest daughter and her husband will meet us there… It’s wheels up at 10.05am, and the funeral is at 2.00pm. There’ll be tea, coffee, drinkies, and a few munchies in the courtyard outside the church afterwards… and then it’s wheels up again at 5.05pm (Adelaide time) and we arrive back in Melbourne at 6.55pm (Melbourne time) My favourite youngest daughter and her husband will make their own way home, we’ll drop off Lee and Neale, and get home somewhere around 8 o’clock, feed Flipper, and then ourselves. So you can expect the blog to be extra, extra late tomorrow night! Oh, and I’ve been told that I don’t have to do my Treadmilling tomorrow as I’ll be doing a lot of standing up and walking around during the course of the day anyway. Speaking of Treadmilling, I didn’t have time to do a third one today, but I did up my speed from 1km per hour to 1.2km per hour, and I did 8 minutes worth instead of just 7… Tomorrow, of course, I won’t be able to Treadmill, but on Sunday I plan on doing 3 lots of 8 minutes at 1.2km per hour, and hopefully be able to build up from there. My hair looks good – hopefully I won’t sleep on it awkwardly and mess it up too much, so that it’ll still look as good tomorrow! And that’s about all I have for you again tonight – there’ll be lots to tell you tomorrow night, so do drop in again to read all about it – though I’m quite sure that none of you want a blow-by-blow description of the funeral (well, I hope you don’t, anyway, coz you won’t get one!) you will, however, probably be regaled with tales of the flight, what we wore, what other people were wearing, what there was to eat, and what Flipper had to say to us when we did get home (I’ll “XXX” out all the rude bits for you because when Flipper gets upset she often uses some rather… shall we say colourful? language!) and other such amusing and anecdotal trivialities (like my weight!) So until very late tomorrow night, please try to bee good, remember that if you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree! But don’t forget to drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm – but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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