Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.30.2

Hmf! Well, here I am this morning with “Part 2” (30.2) of last night’s blog – no thanks to Word Press! As you can see, I’ve had to purchase another theme – one that would allow me to put in a personalised header that actually worked! See?! Miracles do still happen, after all! (especially when it involves the exchange of $$$’s!)

So, where was I last night? Oh yes, that’s right, fruitlessly attempting to get a header to work on a Free Word Press template! I eventually gave up. I had ended up not having time to write my nightly blog, and in Rift, I didn’t have time to do more than check my Minions – I didn’t even have time to put a bag’s worth of items up on the Auction House – items which might have earned me virtual $$$’s (erm – well, platinum, actually, but at the moment, $$$’s, + Word Press are a bit of a sore point with me) But apart from wasting a great deal of my time, what else occupied me yesterday? Let’s see…

I had my hair done in the morning, and at least I’m looking human again now 🙂 Then sat and chatted with a friend until lunchtime, when I set off on my three floors Stair Walk. I think it’s doing me good – I was starting to get a bit complacent just doing the two floors – it was getting just a bit too easy (hehe! “Two too easy”! 😉 a fun pun!) – this third floor is making me work a fair bit harder, especially coming up the very last eight steps to the fifth floor. This is good, and it means that I’m slowly getting fitter! The day before yesterday I did something that I haven’t been able to do for goodness knows how many years! I put my slacks on without having to sit down to do it! I’m quite proud of that achievement! 🙂 Oh! I just had a thought! It’s good to have goals, and to aim for a particular end point, right? And it’s nice to receive acknowledgement and a pat on the back for milestones passed… In Rift, when you accomplish something that’s not exactly quest related (though they can be, sometimes!) you earn an “Achievement“. They don’t really do anything, other than make you feel good about it, and you don’t get a plaque or a Blue Ribbon to hang on your wall – but they’re things you can look back on and say things like: “Oh, I remember having soooo much trouble finding the exact right place to jump off that bridge, to get that one!“, and “That one was so hard to get – I reckon I must have fluked it! Tell you what, I’m never going to take any of my other characters to try getting it!” (and then, of course, you do! In fact, you take all of them, and even with 57+ characters, you’ll probably never manage to “fluke” it again!) So I think it would be a good idea to create some sort of “Achievements” (or similar) for the Dieter – like a little card saying something along the lines of “I’m Standing For It!” An Achievement for having put your slacks on standing up, for the first time in 25 years“, along with a pretty little icon to stick on your desktop calendar, on the day that you achieved it. Well, I think it’s a good idea, anyway! Someone ought to tell Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig to trial it! I reckon it’d be very popular! 😉

We also got the news yesterday that my favourite eldest daughter’s back was no better – in fact it was a lot worse! She had to get a locum to come in and see her last night, as she was in too much pain to get to a doctor herself. Apparently it started when she and Neale went out to play cards, and she had to perch on a stool all night (she’s a very big girl!) – she probably pulled a muscle, or stretched a ligament, or something, and it’s just got steadily worse from there. She’s decided not to start her VLCD* until after Easter (I wonder why she decided not to start until then?! 😉 ) She has an appointment to see the Doctor on Thursday evening, to which himself will have to become Mr. Taxi Man again, as Neale won’t be home in time to take her. Unless stricken down by something like this, she is mobile, and would do well to go and see Ian Anderson (the Personal Trainer I used to go to until I decided that exercise was just… “not me” :/ ) at Bounce Health Group in Blackburn. *sigh* Why is it, that no matter how old they get, you can never stop worrying about your offspring?!

Weigh-in this morning. Wonderousness!! Down 4 points, to 97.1kg! But, never fear! I shall pay the price tomorrow – I’ll probably bounce back up to 97.9kg, or something stupid and horrible like that :/ Innit always the way? A big drop, and then wiggle, wiggle, see saw up and down, but mostly up, or the same! I wish I could skip over that wiggle, wiggle, see saw up and down bit, and just get on with the big drops down (and if wishes were horses, beggars would ride! 🙂 ) So let’s wait and see how much I go up, but hopefully go down, tomorrow. Don’t forget, tomorrow is my last day before I go back on those fluid loving and retaining pills! I hope I do go down – I really need to get as low as possible before I start taking those ‘orrible pills again!

And that’s about it from me for today (well, yesterday, really, but we’re pretending it’s still “today”, aren’t we! 😉 ) Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Apart from me struggling with wretched Word Press’s recalcitrant free themes (and their refusal to either tell you the correct size for their headers, or to work properly even without a personalised header) that is. Hopefully I’ll find a bit of time to get back to Rift – poor Satai has been sitting around, twiddling her virtual thumbs, for the past two days – it’s about time she started her sprint to level 40! So stay tuned for what happens tomorrow! What news, scandal, or comedic muddles will we have gotten (*cringe*  “gotten” – I really hate that word!) ourselves into, I hear you wondering – well this time tomorrow night, you’ll know! So until then, bee good, don’t touch that book!, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

VLCD* = Very Low Calorie Diet

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