Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.23

(*slurps tea*) Well, here it is, another Monday almost over… A good day, all round, really – I had my hair done this morning – and I got my new colour, too! It’s…. quite… “startling“, is a good word! Yes, it’s a bit startling, at first – it’s very red, but not the same red as I had last time – it’s quite a lot darker, and a very different type of red – this one has a lot more blue (perhaps “violet” would describe it better) in it, so it looks almost like a light burgundy? A deep magenta? The top colour on this page is close-ish… only shiny, and mixed in with blondish streaks and strawberry blond streaks… I’m not doing a very good job of describing the colour, am I? Suffice it to say that I like it, and himself likes it, and Josh (who’s responsible for it) likes it too! 🙂 It took quite a while, and when it was “done” and washed out, it was decided that a few more stripes and dabs were needed, so yet another twenty minutes was spent while a bit more colour was deployed. The final result, while a trifle startling at first, is very pleasing! Unfortunately it will fade a bit, as all chemical hair colours are wont to do, but by the time it’s starting to look a bit wan and anemic, it’ll probably be time to re-do it. I took my new hair colour out for a test drive when I went on my lunchtime Stair Walk, but as I didn’t run into any of our neighbours, it wasn’t really much of a test drive. They’ll see it soon enough – probably next year – that’s how often I run into our neighbours, anyway. I’ll take it across the road to Shoppingtown on Saturday and see if I get any surprised reactions from the Valet Car Park people 🙂

After I came back from my Stair Walk and had lunch, I hopped into Rift – I wanted to get Persha started off on her journey to level 40. Guess what! They were having one of their multi-massive Rifts and Invasions affairs – no-where was safe! It was a matter of give up and go play in a Dimension for an hour, or join in the fray. I joined in the fray. And promptly died…. but I got better, and honestly, I really can’t see the enjoyment people get from participating in these things – all I was doing was standing there, in the one spot, going “Tab Target, cast a couple of D.O.T’s*, Tab Target, cast a couple of D.O.T’s”, over and over again (which was exactly what everyone else was doing) as the Invasion mobs keeled over in their droves, and more kept coming to take their place. You should have seen the area map! It was covered in little Rift symbols, and there were little crossed swords (the Invasion symbol) scattered liberally between the thousands of Rift symbols. It was a nightmare! Eventually we killed enough Invaders for the Big Bad Boss to make an appearance, and after a great deal of work, we got him down, and the Rift closed. Then everyone else raced off after the next Rift, and I dropped out of the Public Group and was finally able to resume questing in peace and quiet, now that the wretched Rift had been closed 🙂 So by the time I finally got around to some actual questing, it was close to three o’clock, and I didn’t have much time left. I got Persha up to level 22 (from level 20 – I don’t think that two levels, sans booster, in about an hour and a half is too bad going! 😉 ) and finished off the final Boss in Silverwood. I could have gone straight on to Gloamwood (the next zone to Silverwood) Persha’s gathering skills were probably high enough, but I decided to take her over to Freemarch to get her Butchering and Foraging skills max’d out first. There’s nothing worse than entering a new zone and finding out that you can’t skin anything, or pick up any flowers and/or wood, because your skill levels are still too low. You have to turn around, trudge back to the previous area and run around trying to get your gathering skills up – most humiliating! Let’s hope I don’t arrive in Gloamwood tomorrow to find a Gloamwood multi-massive Rifts and Invasions affair in progress! I will not be amused!

Weigh-in this morning. That was something that didn’t amuse me, either! As I’d predicted, I went up. Only one point, but still, it was up! I was not a happy little Vegemite! 98.5kg 😦 “Do Not Want!” – I wonder if forgetting to do my pre-lunch Stair Walk yesterday, and doing it in the evening instead, had anything to do with it…? Well, I definitely must not let that happen again! I was a bit late for my pre-luncheon Stair Walk today, not because I’d forgotten again, but only because my hair was still in foils, and I couldn’t go Stair Walking with foils in my hair – what if one of the neighbours had seen me?! They would find out that my brilliant hair colour wasn’t natural, after all! Anyway, I hope my weight will be down again tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath…. :/

So call in again tomorrow night – find out if my hair still looks as good as it does now, and if I managed to find the time to do my nails (they’re still sitting here, looking all raggedy and moth eaten – I just haven’t had the time to even remove the old polish!)(well anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Heaven forbid that you should ever realise that I’m just bone lazy! 😉 ) I’ll also tell you if my favourite eldest daughter and I watched any more “Person of Interest” (a most excellent show!) and whether or not I’ve been able to get Persha any closer to the ever elusive level 40, and what type of Bar I had for lunch (it sounded good when I thought of it!) You’ll probably all be champing at the bit to find out “What Winter’s Weight Went and Did Next”, won’t you, so I suppose I’ll have to tell you all about that, too. Ah me, ’tis indeed a busy and hectic life wot I lead, to be sure…. and you’ll find out all the answers to the above questions, this time tomorrow night – so until then, please bee good, don’t annoy your old grandmother, and above all…. stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*D.O.T’s – in case you’ve forgotten, it stands for “Damage Over Time spells” 🙂

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