Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.04

Today was a bit of a mixed bag again – I spent most of the morning unzipping and installing the nine new zodiac fonts I downloaded last night, and then trying them out. I’m still not completely satisfied with them – they’ll definitely need more work – and if I can’t get the effect I want with the fonts, then I’ll just have to find royalty free graphics, and try to use them instead *sigh* Why doesn’t anybody ever have what I want?! Himself went off for his scan today… when he rang up to book it, they told him is was a “fasting” test, and to “go to the bathroom” before he arrived for the scan. So he did. He didn’t have tea or coffee this morning, and he didn’t have any breakfast. He drove off with an empty bladder, arrived for his scan, and was told “Oh no dear, it’s not a fasting test, and we need you to have a full bladder!” The scan is to be “re-scheduled”! It can’t be tomorrow, because we’re expecting all that furniture to arrive, we just don’t know what time it’ll be arriving, so he can’t re-schedule for any time tomorrow – and Friday was also fully booked – however it turns out that the people we were getting in on Friday to re-locate the enormous TV (Julian can’t move it on his own – it’s too big and heavy) who were supposed to be coming  are short handed at the moment, so they’re coming on Saturday morning instead – which leaves Friday free, after all. So he’ll try to re-schedule the scan for sometime on Friday. Our cleaning lady will be (should be) here on Friday, and I can cope with her on my own (mostly she just sits and smokes and talks, anyway! Then she gives the place a (very) quick lick and vacuum, and she’s off…) Depending on what time he can get an appointment, he’ll probably be back before she’s finished (maybe even before she arrives!) Anyway, after I’d spent a largely fruitless morning slaving over hot zodiac fonts, I got into a bit of relaxing mayhem on Rift – Nuha is now level 17. I thought I might have got him to level 20 today, but himself, greatly disgruntled with his wasted and hungry morning, suggested a bit of Rifting together. It sounded like a good idea, so after lunch we embarked on an hour’s worth of fun and killing in Telara. Again, we noticed how quickly and easily we were knocking off mobs that we both remember as being fiendishly difficult, not all that long ago – now, they’re barely annoyances – small nuisances holding us up on our way to completing a quest, because they’re in our way and we have to stop and waste time killing them. I wonder if it’s worth mentioning our concerns in the Rift Forums? It would be interesting to see if anyone else has noticed the same lack of difficulty and challenge… I’ll suggest that to himself later tonight…  Honestly, the way things are going at the moment, I reckon that even though we’re both only level 41, we could probably move on to Ember Isle (level 50 quests and mobs) any time we wanted to. It’ll probably be best if as soon as we know when the furniture is arriving, that I ensconce myself in here (the Den) and immerse myself in all things Telaran for the duration – in other words, keep out of everyone’s way until it’s all over! 🙂 Which should give me a chance to get Nuha a little further along in his quest to level 20.

I’m starting to get interested in genetics all over again – I studied it quite a bit, back when I was breeding Siamese (any legitimate licensed breeder has to know – or at least have a fair idea – of what they’re likely to get in a litter, depending on the parent’s pedigrees) I found it quite fascinating – f’rinstance Chocolate Point + Chocolate Point doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get Chocolate Point kittens – you’re more likely to get a mixture of Blue Points (x 3), Lilac Points (x 1), and Chocolate Points(x 2), a ratio of 3:1:2 because (from memory, and it was a l-o-n-g time ago!) Chocolate Points are an off-shoot of Blue Points. Anyway, a friend sent me the url of a pigeon breeding site (he’s into pigeons, you see) with pictures of all the different colour combinations and their genetic makeup – unfortunately the site isn’t complete yet, so I couldn’t glean terribly much information from it (yet!) I may have to research further afield – but it’s managed to get me interested in genetics, all over again (ahhh… nostalgia!) and no Julian, I don’t intend to start breeding pigeons! And even though I still miss the patter of little paws, and kittens romping and playing on the bed every morning, I don’t intend to start breeding cats again, either! I’m just interested in genetics, alright?! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Will wonders never cease? (I fervently hope not!!) I went down 2 points this morning, to 101.0kg! You do know what this means though, don’t you! It means that I’ll go up tomorrow, or worse, stay the same! So as yet, the third Stair Walk hasn’t had to be implemented – but I’ll be so chuffed if I’m down in the 100kg zone for my Birthday! I wish I hadn’t said that now 😦 It’s like washing the car to make it rain – because by having said that I’d be really chuffed if I made it to the 100kg zone by Monday, I’ve now doomed myself to going up, or staying the same, for about a week! *sob* Me and my big mouth – or should I say “me and my stupid, careless fingers! typing targets for the Gremlins to home in on!” Oh dear… I’m not looking forward to getting on the scales tomorrow!

Anyway, look in again tomorrow night – find out if the furniture arrived, and how it looks (probably a bit silly, because the new entertainment unit will sit empty, in front of the old unit, until Saturday, when the TV will get moved onto the new one, and that afternoon the old unit will be picked up by its new owner – so roll on Saturday afternoon!) The new side tables will be in place though, and the old ones will be dragged into the spare room to sit at either end of the new sofa bed – the lounge room rug might (or might not) go into the spare room too, which means that we’ll either have to look for a new rug for the lounge room, or a new rug for the spare room. So, 1 rug, 3 scatter cushions, and 1 throw rug, are all that stand between us, and a pleasant and welcoming spare room! 🙂 It’ll be so nice to have that room habitable again! 🙂 I’ll also let you know if I mozzed myself or not when I said I hoped I’d be down in the 100kg zone by Monday – you’ll be able to tell straight away, if I start the blog off with something like “I trod the stairs three times today…” Let’s all just hope and pray that I don’t! I’m sure there’ll be lots of other things to tell you, too, so until this time tomorrow night, bee good, drive carefully, and… stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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