Shop ’til you drop….

Yup, today was shopping day for me! 🙂 We headed off to The Pines, and went to Autograph first… I was very doubtful that I’d fit into any of their slacks, but I actually fitted into a size 24!  That’s more than 2 sizes down from what I used to be! So I got two pairs (both black), one with “slim legs” (straight line up and down), and one with “wide legs” (slightly wider around the hem than the slim legs)… and Julian was supposed to pick up another pair of the “slim legs” from the Autograph shop at The Glen – but there’s a bit of a story attached to that one 😉 I have to say I was a little disappointed in their tops though – there were a lot to choose from, but, because summer is all but sitting on us, they’re mostly linen, or other non-stretchy material, which I don’t like. I did get a couple, but I did better at My Size in that department. I did, however, get two pairs of bras – 1 white, 1 black (both lace!) – again, down a size, but I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the “double d” :/ Then on to My Size, which is one door away from Autograph (there’s a Katies store in between them! The competition must be mind boggling! 🙂 ) I didn’t even bother looking at slacks or jeans at My Size, I was already getting very tired of trying stuff on, so I went straight to the tops. I got about four or five, I think, including one very swish black fringed top that looks straight out of the 20’s flapper era 🙂 I just couldn’t resist it! Yeah, it hugs the hips, only just, but it shimmies just great! 😉

By this time, I’d well and truly missed out on morning tea – again! 🙂 (I missed out on it yesterday, remember?) Strangely enough, the change rooms at My Size were smaller than those at Autograph (which were bad enough!), so the only way I could try the tops on at My Size was to… stand up… the whole time. By the time I’d gone through about 18 tops, shoving some into the “buy” pile, some into the “maybe” pile, and the rest into the “Yuk!” pile, my back felt as though it’d been broken into about 3 pieces 😦 All I wanted to do was sit down… so we settled for the “buy” pile, and a couple from the “maybe” pile and departed, quite a few $$$’s lighter! :/ As it was almost 1 o’clock, we decided to come home for lunch, then head out again after we’d had a cup of coffee.

After lunch, and some discussion, we decided that I didn’t really need to go (I wish now that I had!) First Julian was going over the road to David Jones to get a new/replacement kettle (ours died this morning, 1 year into its 2 year warranty!), and get me some more perfume (Estee Lauder‘s Cinnabar – my favourite! 🙂 ), as I was almost out… then he was going to go to The Glen, pick up my slacks, and do some (grocery) shopping. Well, all of this, he did. When he got home and was unpacking all the shopping, he couldn’t find my slacks. It appears that he…umm… left them in the shopping trolley. In the vain hopes that some honest soul had either returned them to Autograph, taken them back to Coles (it was a Coles trolley), or handed them in to Centre Management, he rang all three places, but…. no luck so far. We’ll wait and see if they turn up tomorrow. By this time, I’d missed out on afternoon tea as well! So if my weight’s not down tomorrow, well, it ruddy well ought to be! 😉 🙂

Flipper is still “flouncing”, so we figure she must be feeling more comfortable. She was really funny this afternoon – she’s used to taking a short cut through the bedroom when going from the lounge room to the den, rather than going through the dining area, the hall, and then down the long, dark corridor to the den – this afternoon, someone (we hadn’t realised!) had closed the door from the dressing room into the den… We saw her marching determinedly through the bedroom door, and we casually noted that she was on her way to the den… Then with indignant squawks and grumbles, she stamped out of the bedroom and stamped off through the dining area, the hall, and the long, dark corridor to the den. No cat can “stamp” quite the way Flipper can! She’s quite hilarious! 😀

Weigh-in this morning was better… down to 117.5kg As I said, “better”, but still a lot of room for improvement! Hopefully, missing out on not only morning tea, but afternoon tea as well, will make a difference! 🙂

Will it? Won’t it? Will it even make any difference? Who knows! Stay tuned tomorrow night to find out! 🙂 (currently listening to: Jethro Tull, A Jethro Tull Collection)

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