Monday again….

Monday again – I can’t understand why Garfield doesn’t like Mondays… Personally, I don’t like Wednesdays. The middle of the week… two more days before the weekend. It’s like climbing up a great, long, hill…. and tumbling down the other side…

Today I had my hair done (brilliant! Thanks!), and this time Julian gave Josh some lessons on Rift (and he did a much more better job than I did! I could actually understand what he was talking about, too! 😉 ) By the time we’d finished, it was almost lunch time – and guess what! I’d forgotten about morning tea again! (this is starting to become a habit!) Never mind, it probably just means my weight will be down tomorrow! 🙂 (cross fingers!) After lunch I finally got round to organising more of my Dimension items, the number of which is growing at quite an alarming rate, as the Minions keep digging them up on their various adventures. You don’t even get to chose which adventures you can give them, either – only which Minion you want to send on the adventure! This sucks, really, because at this particular point in time, I really don’t need any more Dimension items! Sure, I could sell them on the Auction House, but…. they’re… they’re mineMine, I tell you! My dear little Minions gave them to me, to show me how much they appreciate the nice, comfy box I keep them all in… *sigh* Oh well, I’ll just have to stash the items somewhere until I get the Dimension building bug again… 🙂 I really should get back to it, you know – I have some quite lovely sites – one of my girls even made me the keys to a couple of them – and I have some quite good ideas about how to set them up, too… Hmmmm… We’ll see… 😉

It’s taken me ages to work out how to use the new Dimension Toolbox utility that I have – although it comes with sort-of directions, it’s very difficult to use when you don’t quite know what the “X”, “Y”, and “Z” co-ordinates are… mean… what they do… er… see what I mean? The other day I was trying to turn a boat around, in a circle, so that it was facing the other way, and all I could seem to do was turn it upside down 😦 Still Facing the same (and wrong!) way, only… upside down! After about 15 minutes of intense frustration, very rude words, and a lot of yelling, I finally figured out (sometimes it takes a long time for the penny to drop!) that you only change one of the co-ordinates, not all of them! :/ Unfortunately, now, twenty four hours later, I couldn’t tell you which one I changed to save my soul! Don’t worry, I’ll work it out (again!) eventually, but mathematical things like that are like Sanskrit, Russian, and Chinese, all rolled into one, to me. Totally illogical and nonsensical. I should write it down, I suppose, but whenever I think to do that, there’s no-one around for me to ask how to do it. Oh well. I will survive! 😉

Tomorrow, it’s off to buy me some new clothes (Yay!) before it gets too hot for me to venture far from the air conditioner. 25C will do it… especially if it’s humid as well. So now I have to decide whether I want to go to The Glen (lots of other “interesting” shops there! 😉 ), but it’s a lot further away than The Pines (which doesn’t have lots of other “interesting” shops there) but is a lot closer… On the other hand, if we’re going to go the whole hog and get me some items of “intimate apparel”, we’ll have to go all the way down to Seaford, so we might as well go to The Glen… I think…

Whatever happens, I’ll let you all know tomorrow night what I scored 😉 Weigh-in this morning was a bit “meh!”, if you know what I mean… I stayed the same, at 117.7kg. Hopefully, by “forgetting” my morning tea this morning I might go down a bit. But I can’t complain, really! It was a very big drop from 118.2kg to 117.7kg, and my body is probably still resting up after that super human effort… however, rest time is up, body (NO, body! I am not telling you to go up, weight-wise, I’m telling you that your rest period is over! grrrr!) Time to start going down again 🙂

And that’s about it – Flipper is well, and moving a lot more freely after her needle – she even sat on Julian’s lap this afternoon! 🙂 Stay tuned for all the latest adventures, weight ups, downs, and stationary sulks, and all the rest of the goings on here at the (newly named, by yours truly! 😉 ) Telara Tavern!

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