Winter’s log, earthdate 201702.18

04.52 pm

Well, it’ll probably be another rather shortish episode again tonight – once again, it’s been a very quiet day! This morning I completely changed out all the cat litter boxes (my, that was an exciting and challenging job! Not!) and Julian went and dropped off the dry cleaning, picked up some more coffee, and did some shopping. I didn’t go with him this time – I stayed home and played a bit of WoW – which was a nice thing to do, for a change! No! True! I don’t get the chance to play all that much these days – we’re always going somewhere, or doing something, or whatever, and unless I know I’m going to be able to get in at least two and a half hours of uninterrupted play, I don’t even bother to start – there’s nothing more annoying that being out in the middle of a quest somewhere, surrounded by hostile mobs – and all of a sudden, hey presto! It’s time for us to leave to go somewhere, or someone’s about to arrive in a couple of minutes, and I have to up and abandon my character – hopefully in a “safe” place – which usually ends up stuck on top of a rock, somewhere out in the wilds of Azeroth! (Winter shakes her head sadly) Not good! Tomorrow, of course, is Sunday, and Julian and I will no doubt be screaming, fighting, kicking and massacring our way through hordes of nasty Azerothian mobs all day – and having a right good time of it 🙂 I like Sundays… 😉

By the time Julian got back from shopping today it was lunch time, and after lunch he headed off to do some washing and clean out the Fish House. Lazy me sat on the couch in here (it’s very comfortable!) alternating between dozing off and reading my book, whilst attempting to stop Satai from biting my legs ((*helpless look*) what can I say?! The poor little guy’s teething! 😉 ) After Julian had finished cleaning the Fish House and had put all the buckets and other paraphernalia away, Sal and Satai sat and watched him through the big folding doors, “showering” the plants and herbs on the decking outside – with much the same horror and amazement that they watch him in the shower every morning! However, the washing is almost finished (little Mr. Curious was fascinated with the washing machine! Sal, being older and more worldly, is much more blasé about it all!) Auric and Dapple have a nice, clean Fish House, and the vegetables, plants and herbs have all had a nice, refreshing drink.

“What is it? Shiny! Can I play wif it?”  

“It moves! It goes round n round n round! C’n I play wif it?!”

Yanno, it’s occurred to me that I’m always talking about Auric and Dapple, but I never put up any photos of them!

Auric and Dapple - Auric's the one on the left, with the long floaty tail, Dapple's the one on the right, with the shorter, thicker
Auric and Dapple – Auric’s the one on the left, with the long floaty tail, Dapple’s the one on the right, with the shorter, thicker “fluffy” tail!

This time Auric's on the top right (long floaty tail) and Dapple's on the bottom left (shorter,
This time Auric’s on the top right (long floaty tail) and Dapple’s on the bottom left (shorter, “fluffy” tail!) Aren’t they sweet? 🙂

So there ya go – ladies and gentlepersons, I give you…. (drum roll please!) the Two Amazing and Miraculous Survivors of the Infamous Mud Puddle! Auric and Dapple! Unfortunately the water’s still a bit cloudy from all the cleaning and gravel vacuuming this afternoon – I’ll try to get better piccies for you all tomorrow!

I may have to scoot off in a sec – the cats are bellowing for their dinner!

Two hungry kitties... (Sal looks like he's saying:
Two hungry kitties… (Sal looks like he’s saying: “feed me NOW slave, or it’s a beating for you!”)

The kittens have now been fed! 🙂 And… speaking of feedings and food stuffs… 😉 Lunch today was from Baker’s Delight, as it usually is when Julian goes off in the morning to do the shopping, so I had a half of a very nice ham Danish, and half of a very nice pesto/pizza flat roll, plus a delicious fruit scone (that is, we each had half of the two savoury rolls, but a whole scone each) For dinner tonight we’re having chicken breasts marinated in Dijon mustard and whole-egg mayonnaise, served with plain steamed rice mixed with finely chopped spring onions. We had that weird fruit what I can’t remember the name of last night, and I tell you what – we won’t be getting another one! We didn’t like it – basically it tasted like a cross between a very insipid mango (though I do like mangoes now!) and a lychee (which neither of us like!) I will, however, take a photo of one next time we’re at Bushy Park, if they have any, and find out what its name is, so that you can all avoid them if you ever see them! They’re really “not nice”! But for tonight’s dessert I’ll have a very nice looking mango that I got at Bushy Park the other day, and a Sticky Apple and Organic Honey MOO yoghurt. 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Tra-la-la, and here we go gathering nuts in May again on the roundabouts, losing on the swings this morning for a change! Oh, it’s a silly, mixed-up muddle-headed body that I have indeed! Yesterday I was 73.6 kg… this morning I went down two points to 73.4 kg! Not that I’m complaining, mind you – I just don’t understand it – after all the carbs I had the other day! Oh well, lunch today should “bulk” me back up again, fer sure! :/

And here I am, right at the last paragraph – and dinner’s ready! You wouldn’t read about it! (well, actually you are! Reading about it, I mean!) Never mind – I’ll be back “a little later” to finish off….

09.58 pm

Right, I’m back again… lemme just read back the last couple of sentences… yadda yadda yadda… uuhhh… yeah… right! So, tomorrow’s Sunday – all day until midnight – and we’ll be spending our usual Sunday sashaying around Azeroth – well, we’re actually in Outland now – still in my most UN-favourite place, Hell Fire Peninsula, where all the really, really nasty, giant robot Fel Reavers sneak up on you and stomp you flatter than a pancake. Actually, they don’t sneak up on you – they make too much noise to sneak – you can hear them coming for miles, but just like ambulance sirens and Fire Trucks, it’s damn difficult to tell which direction the noise is coming from – all you can do is freeze and cower, and hope to goodness that they’re actually going in the opposite direction to you. Still, I reckon we must be just about through Hell Fire Peninsula by now and just about ready to move on to Zangarmarsh, the next area along… it’s a much more nicer area, with giant mushrooms, spiky floating spores (toxic, of course!) and gargantuan Marsh Walkers, which have lots of gossamer-like tentacles… yeah! 😀 It’s much more betterer than Hell Fire Peninsula! 😉 And once again, that’s about “it” from me for this evening – you may, or may not, get another “episode” tomorrow night, depending on what time we finish playing, but rest assured that you’ll hear all about our adventures from both the mundane world and the WoW universe, if not tomorrow night, then most definitely on Monday night! Until next time then, do try to bee good – don’t forget that a positive mind will find a way it can be done; a negative mind will look for all the ways it can’t be done, and remember to keep warm – or cool – depending on your mood, to look after yourselves, and to always drive carefully… but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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