Winter’s log, earthdate 201702.17

05.39 pm

Extra short and sweet tonight, because I really hate having to finish up after dinner. As I was telling you all yesterday, my very favourite eldest daughter came over today, and we spent a very pleasant day watching episodes of “Legends of Tomorrow”, “Supergirl”, “The Flash”, and “Arrow” – including two episodes of a three episode “crossover” segment, where the characters from all of the above series get to interact with eachother. We would have just had time to watch the third and last episode of this very interesting set of “crossovers” – the final dénouement – before Lee went home around five-ish, except that around twenty past four, my phone made a really weird sound – nothing like the sound it makes when I get a call or a message – what it was, was a “reminder”… that I had the Podiatrist coming around 4.30 pm! To quote a modern colloquialism that I hardly ever use, “WTF”?! For the last two days I’d had a weird feeling that the Podiatrist was supposed to be coming today, so I’d checked all my calendars and reminder thingies – nothing! “I must be mistaken!” thought I… besides, whenever I do send myself reminders like that – you know, birthdays, appointments, and stuff – I always (without fail!) set it to send me the reminder three days before the event. Three days, not ten minutes! So… what to do? By the time we’d dithered around, fussing about whether or not we should start watching the last ruddy episode, it was ten to five, and Jo (the Podiatrist) still hadn’t turned up… so we started watching the… “ding-dong” went the door bell! I tell you, it works every time! Back in the “middle ages” – a long time ago – if I had to go anywhere by taxi, I’d usually find myself pacing up and down outside, sometimes for three-quarters of an hour – getting more and more annoyed about how long it was taking. I was a heavy smoker back in those days, and not being able to smoke in taxis really put my nerves on edge… I always found that the best way to get a taxi to arrive was to light up a cigarette – the taxi would always turn up before I’d had time to take a second puff of my newly lit cigarette – pretty soon I found myself doing that as soon as I stepped outside – and now it also seems to work with Podiatrists who are running late!

So we never got to see the final segment of the crossovers this afternoon – we’ll just have to wait until next week! 😮 😥

Auric, Dapple, Sal and Satai are all well and in fine fettle, and Satai’s tiny little wounds are healing nicely, although still a wee bit swollen (as one would expect!) Alas, I have no new photos for you this evening – but maybe tomorrow?

Food stuffs today. For lunch today the three of us had some of the ultra-delicious Cinnamon and Date bread that Baker’s Delight make, toasted. This time we all had three slices each, because two slices of toast didn’t seem like enough for lunch, especially when you consider that a sandwich consists of two slices of toast bread, plus all the stuff that goes inside the sandwich – butter (or butter substitute) meat, cheese, tomato – whatever! Tonight we’re having pasta with tomato sauce and a smattering of grated parmesan for dinner – yes, an extremely carb-heavy day! :/ Oh well! For dessert I’ll have either the nice, lovely-looking rosy mango that I got at Bushy Park the other day, or, if we remember after our pasta, Julian and I will share the cricket-ball sized fruit with the intriguing-sounding name – which unfortunately, I can’t remember off the top of my head at the moment – it was either “creme caramel something”, or “something creme brulée”, or something like that, anyway – if they have them again next time we go I’ll make a note of it for you all! And after that I’ll probably have a lemon CHOBANI yoghurt to finish off with.

Weigh-in this morning. What did I tell you all last night, hmm? Yes, back up again – not as much as I expected though! I went from 73.3 kg yesterday to 73.6 kg today. It took four step-onto-the-scales to arrive at that figure though! The first weigh-in went to 73.7 kg. Second weigh-in went to 73.6 kg – then 73.4 kg, and finally, 73.6 kg again! You see, I have to keep getting on and off the scales until I get two results the same! I would have much preferred it if I’d got 73.4 kg a second time, but… say lar vee, as the French say! :/

And that about wraps it up for today! Not all that much happened – my very favourite eldest daughter and I were too busy watching television, and the cats were – for once in their lives – reasonably well-behaved! I’m not too sure what’s happening tomorrow, but why don’t you all drop in again tomorrow night and find out?! 😉 And that being about “it” from me for this evening, I shall once more exhort you all to bee good – or as good as you can bee, remember that chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm – or cool – depending on what you’re doing, and to always drive carefully… but most importantly, pleasedon’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

P.S. I lied! I just managed to snap this for you all as I waltzed off to dinner! 🙂

Exhausted at last from playing all day, the brothers doze off on Julian's chair, as I waltz off to dinner...
Exhausted at last from playing all day, the brothers doze off on Julian’s chair, as I waltz off to dinner…