Winter’s log, earthdate 201701.23

04.13 pm

Well, here I am again – but probably not for long! I’m expecting Sean to turn up in about three-quarters of an hour, so I’d better get a wriggle on with this!

Yanno, sometimes I feel as though we might have been better off getting a couple of adult cats from a shelter, rather than two highly strung and over-active kittens! Never a dull moment around here any more – except when they’re asleep, which they are at the moment, bless their little hearts! 🙂 Sal is a really laid-back individual, who’d mostly prefer to sit back and observe… Satai, on the other hand, is a cross between a whirlwind and a squeaky, bouncy toy! Sal wants to lie around and snooze? Satai bounces on top of him and beats him into submission with an all-out wrestling match! Sal has almost reached his full adult size – he won’t get much bigger than he is right now (or at least we don’t think he will!) from here; he can really only grow “outward” – we’re almost at the point of considering whether we should put him on a diet, but his piteous and insistent cries that he hasn’t been fed for almost two hours are very hard to resist – and we usually find that a few more pussy biscuits will suddenly and mysteriously appear in his dinner bowl… hmm! At his age of course, Satai is a walking stomach with hollow legs – but he’s barely turned 12 weeks, and although he still has a lot of growing to do, is almost the same size as Sal! Methinks he’s going to be a big boy – which is weird, because his paws are small and dainty – in other words, he doesn’t have the tell-tale big paws to have to grow into!

Up until the night before last, Satai has been sleeping in the Library, as being considered too much of a disrupting influence in the bedroom with us and Sal – but on Saturday night we let him in with us – experimentally – and everything seemed to be working out well – he was a bit of a bounce-full at first, but once the lights were out he settled down and went to sleep too… Last night was a different matter  though, because he insisted on nibbling Julian’s toes, and pouncing all over the bed, to see just how high he could bounce, when he put his mind to it… alas, Satai was ignominiously carted back to the Library in disgrace, and he spent the remainder of the night on his own. At this stage, I’m not sure if Julian’s going to be willing to give it another go tonight… :/

So, all in all, it’s been a pretty busy time, running after the kitties and trying to keep them amused – as well as continue with our “usual” daily activities!

“Oh good!” thinks Sal “That brat of a brother of mine’s asleep! 🙂 “
“Time for a nice, quiet bath!” thinks Sal…
“Bugger!” thinks Sal “The brat’s awake!”
Sal is wrestled into submission by Satai, who wants someone to play with...
Sal is wrestled into submission by Satai, who wants someone to play with…

On Saturday we held my very favourite eldest daughter’s Big Birthday Bash at the East Empress Bistro – one of our favourite lunch and dinner places. As usual, a very good time was had by all, and also as usual, we all ate far too much – no dinner for us that night! 🙂 It’s interesting that the Bistro is where the proprietors had previously run a Japanese restaurant called “Circuz”, with their main restaurant, The East Empress, further down Springvale Road towards The Glen. Circuz, too, was an excellent restaurant – if a little pricey – but when they decided to “renovate” the East Empress, they moved into the smaller Circuz for the duration. It’s some renovation alright! They completely demolished the old East Empress, and started re-building it from, quite literally, the ground up! The owner is hopeful that they’ll be into their new premises by September this year, and from the look of it, as one drives along Springvale Road, it’s very likely that they will be. I wonder what they’ll do with the Bistro? Turn it back into Circuz? Something else? Sell it? Who knows! I’m going to ask them next time we go there – Julian has a Big Birthday Bash coming up in February! Hmm! 😉 Anyway, the point I was starting to make earlier, is that they’ve combined quite a lot of both the Circuz menu and the old East Empress one – making the Bistro a sort-of a Japanese/Chinese restaurant – to mix and match the dishes as you please! Très interesting, and very excellent food!

Dinner’s calling me – back soon! 😉

10.19 pm

Back again! Dinner was late tonight, so this blog is being finished extremely late – but boy! was that dinner worth the wait! It was a recipe I found in yet another of my daily foodie emails – one of those oh-so-easy sheet-pan dinners that look so simple and straightforward… and are! We’d been meaning to try one of these recipes for yonks, and finally today Julian decided to try this one for dinner tonight. It’s called “Grilled lemon chicken with potatoes“, and came from one of my daily foodie emails, GoodtoKnow Recipes. There are seven ingredients, and apart from parboiling the potatoes and blanching the beans, everything just goes in the baking dish or pan, under the griller – and… bob’s you’re uncle! I have to confess though that our oven doesn’t have very much of a griller, so we just oven baked it instead, so the chicken skin didn’t get quite as crisp as it would have under a proper griller, but it didn’t matter – it was utterly delicious, and will be a definite “keeper” recipe! Oh, and another thing that we “modified” – not by choice, mind you – but although the green olives in the ingredient list are optional, we decided that they’d be a really nice touch to the dish, however because Julian forgot to get green olives when he was getting everything else, we used some chopped kalamata olives that we already had in the fridge. Next time, we’ll use the proper, whole (as opposed to chopped!) green olives! The recipe says it will feed four, but we’re fairly light eaters anyway, and with only the two of us, there’s leftovers for at least another meal, chilling in the fridge, and waiting to go in the freezer!

Our version of Grilled lemon chicken with potatoes
Our version of Grilled lemon chicken with potatoes

Yesterday was Sunday, and of course Julian and I frolicked off into the mighty land of Azeroth, to slay monsters, complete quests, make heaps of money (gold!) and go up as many levels as we could – without dying! At the moment we’re playing with our two young Horde characters – Julian’s Mage, Krankhaft, and my Warlock, Imaan, who after going up four levels on Sunday, are now both level 44, and doing very well for themselves indeed! Neither of us even came close to dying, either!

So onto the good stuff now – the food!

On Saturday night, Julian and I had a cup of coffee and a small tub of yoghurt each for dinner – we were still too full after our Big Birthday Bash at lunch time! We were going to have sandwiches for lunch yesterday (Sunday) but what was left of the sliced and frozen bread had all frozen together into a lump, so Julian did a bit of a “mercy dash” and high-tailed it up to the shops to get some lunch. We had our usual Baker’s Delight lunch – half each of two savoury rolls, and a whole coffee & apple scroll each! (tsk, tsk!) but we had our usual totally delicious Julian-made Sunday night omelet that night – with cheese, green capsicum, diced onion, tomato, and bacon (Julian pre-fries the bacon, and then the onion and capsicum together before adding them to the omelet) For dessert I had a medium-sized yellow peach and a medium-sized yellow nectarine, with a tub of CHOBANI strawberry and banana yoghurt. Today for lunch I had a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, seeing as Julian also got some bread yesterday, which was very nice, and you’ve already seen a picture of our dinner tonight, so I don’t think I need to say any more about it, other than to say that we did have our usual half tomato with it. For dessert I had one of the Clapp pears that we got from Bushy Park the other day. It didn’t look quite ripe enough to eat, but I had it anyway, and I’m so glad that I did! It was just right, very juicy, a little bit tangy, and quite sweet – and it was honestly one of the nicest damn pears that I’ve ever eaten! (I have two kittens busily destroying a couple of plastic drinking straws under my chair and around my bare feet – I don’t dare move because they’re both wrapped around the wheels of my chair! A favourite pastime of theirs, I might add!) I also had an Apple Le Rice after that delicious and yummy pear – of which I shall be sure to buy more of, next time we go to Bushy Park!

Weigh-in summary… my body’s playing yo-yo’s again… :/

January 20th – Friday: 72.0 kg ( 😥 )
January 21st – Saturday: 71.6 kg (and then I had the Big Birthday Bash lunch!)
January 22nd – Sunday: 71.8 kg (what?! Only up two points?!)
January 23rd – Monday (today): 72.2 kg (I guess Saturday caught up with me after all! :/ )

The thing is, I start on those [censored] little pills again on February 1st (but only for 10 days!) and I shall start doing my very very best camel impersonation, storing fluid in every cell of my body, as though a thousand-year drought was about to start – a bit like the opposite of Noah and his forty days and forty nights of rain! My weight will skyrocket (I’ll go up at least a kilo, which is always extremely hard to dislodge afterwards!) and my emotions will run amok like nobody’s business 😦 I really hate those horrible little pills! 😦

And that’s about where I’m up to! I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – Julian is playing taxi driver to my very favourite eldest daughter in the morning, but apart from that, neither of us is quite sure of what we’ve got on. Terry, my very favourite youngest daughter’s husband, is going in for surgery on Wednesday, to remove part of his liver for a biopsy. He’s expected to be in intensive care for a few days afterwards, so we’ll be on standby for the duration – whatever we can do, we’ll do. Julian cleaned Auric and Dapple’s Fish House yesterday evening, and we have to get them a new Big Rock, because the one they currently have is too big, and won’t fit into the buckets that Julian uses to scrub and clean all the plants and smaller rocks in the fish tank, so a smaller “large rock” must be procured for them to hide in. As it’s not going to be too hot tomorrow (I hope!) and Julian has to go and post off a Birthday present to his sister (although they’re a few years apart in age, both his sister and his brother share a Birthday – on January 26th! 🙂 ) I might go with him, and then we could perhaps go to an aquarium or Pet Barn, to look for a new, smaller “big rock”! Well, it’s a thought, anyway! 🙂 And now I reckon I’ve just about caught you all up on our scintillating, amazing, and fabulous lives, so once more I’ll say “that’s about “it” from me for tonight”, because it is – but do drop in again tomorrow night – because as far as I know there’ll be nothing to prevent me from writing something for you all tomorrow night – and find out all the latest news chez nous – what my weight did, how the kittens are, and whether or not Auric and Dapple have scored a new Big Rock for their Fish House! 🙂 Until then though, do try really hard to bee good, don’t forget that there are as many styles of beauty as there are visions of happiness, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on what it is you have to do… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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