Winter’s log, earthdate 201611.06

04.45 pm

Well, well, well! Aren’t you the lucky ones tonight! 🙂 We finished playing a bit earlier than usual tonight, so I thought I’d squeeze in a short, quick daily update for you all! Ain’t I nice! 😉

Well, WoW was a bit fraught today – and yes, we did die – Wynterthyme died more than Demelzae (as usual) although one of those times was completely Demelzae’s fault! She let fly with a Barrage, bullets sprayed out every which-where, and nearby mobs that she’d thought were friendly…. weren’t… and the rest, as they say in the classics, was “history”! Never mind, we got better again, and soon got our own back on the miscreants! I have to say though, that our quests are starting to get very “muddled” – you see, we keep track of our quests with a handy-dandy “Quest Log” – a list of all our current quests, which runs down the right-hand side of our screen. However Wynterthyme is a Skinner/Herbalist, and Demelzae is a Skinner/Miner, and when they get Profession-specific quests, as they often do, those quests are also listed in the Quest Log. Unfortunately, there’s no quick and easy way to differentiate between the Profession-specific quests appearing in the Quest Log, and the ordinary, run-of-the-mill quest chains in there… so when Julian/Demelza says “I have such-and-such a quest to do – have you got that?”, and I have a look and say “No! I haven’t got that one! Can you Share it please?” but either the Share button is greyed out or missing altogether, or the request comes back with “That player isn’t eligible for this quest!”, or whatever – then we both have to stop galloping along the road to sort everything out – which is très annoyment! It usually turns out that (a) we are both doing the quest, only one of us was reading out the “body” of the quest, and not the Title of the quest, or (b) it’s a Profession-specific quest, in which case if it’s a Herbalist quest, Julian/Demelzae can’t do it, and if it’s a Mining quest, Wynterthyme can’t do it. Why we weren’t both on the same Skinning quest today, and why I couldn’t Share it with Julian/Demelzae, I have no idea! So anyway, you can see that sometimes it’s easy to get confused! :/ I wish they’d display the Quest Log the way they do in the (much bigger and a lot more time consuming to sift through!) “full” Quest Log – where all of your current quests are listed under their specific Zones, or Areas, and under their different Categories and/or Professions!

And that’s pretty much all we’ve been doing today – so I shall move it right along, and get onto all the “good” bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night we had pan-fried chicken, served on a bed of steamed rice with spring onion very finely chopped up in it. It was very nice indeed! Julian is experimenting with different ways of pan-frying the chicken, in order to keep it as moist and “juicy” as possible, and last night he pan-fried it until it was almost completely cooked, then took the pan off the stove, and “rested” the chicken, in the pan, for about five minutes. This gave the chicken the time to finish cooking properly, but without the continued stove-top cooking that tends to dry the chicken out too much. For dessert, I had a small yellow peach, and a small yellow Nectarine – both of which I think would have benefited from another couple of days to ripen up a little more! Oh, and I had a Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt with the fruit. Today for lunch I had another sandwich made from the same totally de-scrumptious sourdough loaf that we’d had in our lunches yesterday, however today I had sandwich-sliced turkey, Cheddar/Tasty cheese, some hot tomato relish, and… some sliced kalamata olives! The kalamata olives really worked well in the sandwich – we’ll have to do that again! 🙂 Tonight of course, is omelet night, being Sunday, and all that – which I suppose will have all the usual suspects in it! Julian fries up the bacon and the diced onions before he starts making the omelets (separately, of course, not the bacon and the onion together!) then there’s the generous pieces of Cheddar/Tasty cheese (which really melts beautifully!) diced tomato, diced red or green, or both, capsicums, plus of course his special blend of “secret herbs and spices” (so secret that even I don’t know what they are! 😛 ) And no doubt I’ll say something along the lines of tonight’s omelet being “one of the best he’s ever made!” 🙂 For dessert I’ll have one of my remaining Corella pears, with an Apple Le Rice.

Weigh-in this morning, and Day #5 of these horrid pills. Hopeless. All I can do is pull a face, shrug dejectedly, and cross another day of weigh-torture off on my calendar. Only another 5 days to! (and then about another four days, while I get the revolting little things out of my system!) You know, last time I set up a graph page to chart my weight, I moved it two kilos “down” the page, so that what happened this morning, shouldn’t have… But it did. I’ve actually gone off the chart! I’m disappointed, despairing, depressed, and full of doubts. I know it’s only the pills dictating these words to me, but I’m beginning to really, truly doubt my ability to keep the weight off. To say that I’ve had a gut-full of this pill-induced depression every third month is the understatement of the millennium – and truly, thank heavens I only have one more “pill event” before I see Dr. Y again next March. And, of course, the fact that I can’t do my usual exercise on the treadmill isn’t helping! I’m seeing the Physiotherapist on Tuesday, so maybe she’ll be able to get me back onto the treadmill again – I sure hope so! Anyway, yes, I went off the chart this morning. I went from 67.8 kg yesterday, to an obese, porcine, revolting 68.0 kg. I’m too depressed to even cry.

Flipper went back and ate a very small amount of dinner last night, and we didn’t give her back her pussy biscuits until we went to bed – and she didn’t even grizzle much about it! :/ Auric and Dapple must have been really spooked over their House Cleaning event yesterday – and the fact that Julian had to re-do their glass walls last night because he’d missed a few patches of algae here and there wouldn’t have exactly helped matters either… because this morning, when I went in to pull up their outside blind and turn their lights back on, they almost went crazy! Trying to hide, rushing for the back of the tank, where they managed to get themselves all tangled up with eachother, and a couple of the plants that Julian had moved! Poor little guys – they really weren’t in a very happy mood this morning! I hope they’ve settled down by the time I go in to give them their dinner! :/ Tomorrow my very favourite eldest daughter will be over, instead of on Tuesday, because (a) Lee’s having her hair cut, and her colour “re-touched” by Josh, when he comes over tomorrow, and (b) I have my appointment with the Physiotherapist on Tuesday, which isn’t exactly conducive to sitting around watching episodes of “Arrow”, “Legends of Tomorrow”, and “The Flash” 🙂 So all in all, I have a fairly busy couple of days – I’m pretty sure there’s something happening on Wednesday, too, but right at this particular point in time, I can’t remember what it is. Anyway, there it is – “My Sunday”, by Winter! And that’s also about “it” from me for this evening! Please feel free to drop in again tomorrow night, to see if we finished up early enough for me to write anything (because Josh has two heads to do tomorrow night, not just one!) to find out how much more my [censored] weight went up, and what else Lee and I watched as we lolled around in the loungeroom, watching television and being generally lazy! Until tomorrow then, please try to bee good, don’t forget to remind yourself that meditation is about opening and relaxing with whatever arises, without picking and choosing, and remember to keep warm and dry in this changeable weather, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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