Winter’s log, earthdate 201611.10

04.13 pm

Well, here I am – apologies for not writing yesterday, but I think I was just too numb… or perhaps too bitter… to have been capable of writing anything! (Winter shakes her head sadly) “President Trump” – wow! But watch out, America, because you got the President you deserved! And watch out too, the rest of the world, because we all have to live with America’s choice of leaders! I fear that the world has fallen into that hideous and ancient curse: “May you live in interesting times!” I truly wonder what’s going to happen when the people wake up one morning to find that – Trump can’t give jobs back to the angry and disillusioned voters who gave him his win (which was supposed to be rigged, wasn’t it? Oh well, maybe it was, too… for him!) It’s not just a matter of “opening up new manufacturing plants”, or bringing the business back to “home territory” instead of outsourcing it overseas, where automation can mass-produce goods a lot quicker and cheaper than a slow and cumbersome production line – or by “deporting” (i.e. firing) the Mexican and Latino workers who supposedly “stole” their jobs, because they didn’t (steal their jobs) – yanno, sometimes it’s more practical and economical to import things rather than to pay people to make them! Yes, I do understand that an awful lot of people felt disenfranchised, and totally left out of any of the important decisions regarding their lives. They had nothing, and were starting to get even less. Their so-called “Representatives” (ahem! Whom they also voted for!) didn’t represent them at all! They represented themselves, and lined their pockets, and made decisions that would only benefit themselves and their ilk!

In other words, yesterday’s Presidential Election turned out to be the modern-day version of the 1773 Boston Tea Party, where dressed as Native Americans, furious Americans threw an entire shipment of tea from the East India Company into Boston Harbour, as a protest against “taxation without representation”. Yesterday, it wasn’t tea that they threw overboard, it was the “current establishment”, along with Hilary Clinton, that they threw out!

Most of what Trump said he was going to do, he’s not going to be able to – just because you’re the President of the USA doesn’t mean that you can do anything you like, whenever you like – in some ways, the President is much like the Queen of England – able to veto here and there, but totally unable to have your head chopped off. I just don’t think I’d like to be Donald Trump when his supporters find out that – he isn’t going to be able to bring back the old manufacturing jobs… he isn’t going to be able to build a Great Big Wall to keep illegal Mexicans out of the USA, and to make Mexico pay for it! And he isn’t going to be able to deport every single illegal alien, or to prevent Muslims from entering the USA! No… I don’t think I’d like to be him at all, when his supporters realise that they’ve been had, because they’re going to be right-royally pissed off!

So yesterday I pretty much sat around like a stunned mullet – why, I don’t know! I don’t think that I honestly, really-and-truly, thought that Hilary would win and that we’d end up with a female President of the USA – I’m afraid that country simply isn’t mature enough for that yet – maybe one day, but yesterday was not that one day! Shame… Truthfully, I didn’t want either of them to win – but… maybe Trump has more of a penchant for getting lynched when people find out that he can’t do any better than Obama… Time will tell… But mark my words – things will change here in Australia, too… we just have to cross all our fingers and toes and hope that it won’t be too bad.

This morning Julian had an appointment at the Dentist, to discuss what they’re/he’s/we’re going to do about his four central top teeth. They’re in urgent need of attention – really, they just need the facings on them re-done – but the Denti$t has ideas if shortening the two front teeth, crowning one of them (or both of them – in the end I lost track of which tooth they were talking about!) and artificially “straightening” one “eye” tooth, which is quite small, and a little crooked. All this work is strictly cosmetic, but on the other hand, having a capped tooth in the front there just might prevent problems later on, as one of the teeth is dead, anyway. We told them we’d let them know next week. I usually don’t go with Julian when he goes to the Dentist, but I went today because I saw an extremely nice maxi skirt in a “Sale” email from Katies, and there’s one right across the road from the Dentist, at The Pines Shopping Centre. Now, because of my wretchedly deformed ankles, I haven’t worn a skirt in centuries, but this one looked… nice. Special. And I decided that – maybe I’d try it on, and if it looked alright, I’d get it… They also had a very nice black “peasant” blouse that has almost ¾ sleeves (hopefully they’ll be long enough to hide my icky upper arms!) and they also had a pair of jeans… with proper pockets in them! So I got a pair of those too… (have you all realised yet that it’s very dangerous to take me shopping? (Winter nod-nods) Thought you might have! 😉 ) As Julian’s appointment was for 12.30 pm, but he didn’t actually go in until around one-ish – we had lunch over at The Pines before we went off to find Katies there, and in the end, we didn’t get home until a bit after 3-ish… and that’s been pretty much my day today! Flipper did a pretty good job of her dinner last night – we were both very pleased with her. Tonight she started to eat her dinner (I put her pussy biscuits away as soon as I got home – she was still asleep on our bed, so she didn’t see me doing it! Shhh! Don’t tell her it was me, or she’ll hate me forever!) Yes, Julian put her in her Dining Room (The Bookless Library!) with her dinner, and apparently she’d started to eat it, and then brought it all up again on the carpet in there! 😦 Poor little girl – hopefully she’ll go back and eat a bit more laterAnd speaking of eating, I guess I should move onto all the “good” bits, now that I’ve filled you in on all the goings-on chez nous…

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had some Beak & Sons “The Godfather” Classic Pork & Beef Sausages – we haven’t had those ones before, and they were really very nice! Julian was annoyed though, because there are usually six sausages per packet, so we get three sausage “meals” out of the one packet of sausages (at one sausage each, you see) but this particular pack of sausages only had five sausages in it, so we had one and a half sausages each last night, leaving one and a half sausages each for the next time we have them. Oh dear! The terrible traumas and hardships we go through, just for a sausage dinner! We had the sausages with mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and our usual half a tomato. For dessert I had two smallish yellow Nectarines, and a new and different Chia Pod! It was an Apple and Spice Chia Pod, which was absolutely lovely! Not only did it have the usual weird little “bobbles” of chia (anyway I think that’s what they are!) in it, it also had tiny little cubes of apple through it, too! (or little cubes of apple flavoured protein, more likely!) Anyway, it was very nice, and I told Julian that we’ll have to get some more of those, next time we’re doing the shopping. Now, lunch today was quite interesting! There is no Shingle Inn at The Pines – there was a Coffee Club there, but it’s all boarded up being re-furbished at the moment – so we went to a reasonably nice-looking but “I Can’t For The Life Of Me Remember Its Name!” snackeral place, where I had a really, really, really yummy “Halloumi Bagel”! The Bagel didn’t have a hole in the middle – it was more like a fairly large, flattish (?) round Turkish-bread roll, absolutely smothered in sesame seeds, and full of slices of Halloumi. It was served warm, with the Halloumi a bit more than half melted – and I tell you what – the Shingle Inn can keep their BLTs on Sourdough Bread! Ah’ve found me a noo favourite lunch! 🙂 Unfortunately, I’ve never seen them anywhere else! 😦 But you can bet your sweet bippy that from now on, I’ll be-a-lookin’! I also had two tiny little squares of what I think were some sort of semolina cake (I got the feeling that it had been a “bar”, but that they’d cut it in half, making the two tiny squares) They were exceptional! A teeny bit yummy-crunchy on the top, and on the edges, the rest was soft and squishy and exactly like a very, very moist semolina cake – with maybe a bit of almond and almond meal in it! It was also most probably made from nothing but liquid sugar! But, oh… it was de-scrumptiously-yummy! So after all of that for our lunch today, tonight for dinner, we’re having another of our frozen left-over Lamb and Harissa Lasagna with Feta and Oregano. For dessert I’ll have a Corella pear, and a Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt.

Weigh-in yesterday morning – Day 9 of the [censored] little Pills… Actually wasn’t too bad, considering! Mind you, I’m still completely off the graph page, and who knows when, or even “if”, I’ll come back down to what I’ve been considering to be “Normal”, for me! This morning I went from 68.8 kg on Tuesday, to 68.7 kg.
Weigh-in this morning – finally! Day 10 of the [censored] little Pills! Of course, it’ll take me a bit over a week to get them completely out of my system (though I have this working theory that they never quite do leave your system! They accumulate in your body, and every time you do take them, they accelerate and exaggerate the original effects – so the more often you take them, the higher your weight will go, and the harder it will be to lose it again!) Again – it wasn’t as bad as it could have been! I went from 68.7 kg on Wednesday, to 68.6 kg this morning! However, after eating that (absolutely delightful and delicious) pure liquid sugar today, what I see when I clamber up onto the scales tomorrow morning is anybody’s guess! :/

I started with my treadmilling again today – I told you the other night, after I’d been to see Polly, the Physiotherapist, what she wanted me to do – 1 minute at 6 kmph, followed by 1 minute at 3.2 kmph, for ten minutes, every second day – and wearing “Flight” socks, because of the swelling in my feet. Umm… this didn’t work! The “Flight” socks were… awkward, to put it mildly! My feet are very long, very wide, and very deformed. I wear a size 11 shoe – when I used to be able to buy shoes “off the rack” – so I needed a men’s size 12 to 14 “Flight” sock – only they’re so damn tight (well, I suppose they have to be!) that I wasn’t strong enough to get them on! I kid you not! I had to get Julian to help me get them on – I kept getting my little toe stuck in them, and more pulling really only threatened to dislocate said little toe. It took Julian and I, between us, ten minutes to get the ruddy things on, and then the tops of them were so ruddy tight that they started cutting off the circulation to my legs, so I had to fold the tops over, and down to a slightly thinner part of my leg! Finally I had all my socks on (the “Flight” socks, plus two other pairs of heavy-duty walking socks) so I got onto the treadmill. Now, Julian and I had discussed this at some length, and he said that 6 kmph was far too fast for me, and to stay around the 4.6 kmph instead – but I wanted to try 6 kmph, anyway – and see how I went… I didn’t! I was yelping “Help! Help!, help!”, because the “minus” button on the treadmill handle wasn’t working properly. I finally got it slowed down enough to regain my composure (i.e. I stopped screaming!) and now I know, for once and for all, and although it pains me to have to say it, 6 kmph for me is “sprinting” fast enough to break all the Olympic records and win the Stawell Gift! I’m little! I have short legs! I’m “stumpy”! So I alternated between 4.4 kmph, which is what I used to walk at, and 3.4 kmph – and honestly, changing from one to the other every minute was just plain crazy! So I finished off the ten minutes at a solid 4.4 kmph. The reason Polly wanted me to alternate like that was so that I’d have to lengthen my stride – so I paid close attention to how long I could get my stride, at 4.4 kmph. Errr.. it was exactly as long as my stride is normally, without doing the splits! I’m seeing Miss Polly again next Tuesday, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell her that (a) I can’t possibly get my stride any longer without doing the splits, (b) 6 kmph, for me, equals an extremely fast sprint, which my very healthy sense of self preservation simply won’t let me do, (c) neither Julian nor I have the time to waste on wrestling the “Flight” socks on every second day, plus the fact that their tops cut off my blood circulation, and finally, (d) I’m going to be doing 10 minutes every day, at 4.4 kmph, until told that I can increase the time limit…

I might also add that I’m so stiff and sore after my first session with Polly that it’s all I can do to get out of my chair! The other exercises are easy enough, but my legs are just too sore to do one of them! :/

Dinner is yelling at me – back anon…

09.52 pm

Dinner is now gurgling happily in my stomach, and all’s well in the Den! 🙂 In actual fact, there’s really very little left to tell you! As far as I know, we’re just having a nice, quiet day at home tomorrow. I managed to pick up 20 lovely new FREE fonts last night, which I might have a bit of a play around with tomorrow, if I get too tired of playing WoW. Flipper has been back and eaten a bit more of her dinner, and apparently managed to keep it down this time, and tonight when I went to say goodnight to Auric and Dapple and turn their tank light off, they actually didn’t complain that they “weren’t tired yet Mommy”, and could they just have “nother five minnits, pleeeease!?” – so at the moment I think they’re happily lying side by side about and inch off the bottom of the tank, tails twitching every now and then to keep them stable, all ready to go to sleep (if no-one goes into the kitchen and turns the lights back on again – after we’ve had our cup of tea, of course! Ya gotta get y’priorities right, y’know! 😉 ) And so once again, that’s about “it” from me for tonight! Do call in again tomorrow night to find out what my weight did, after all that pure, liquid sugar this afternoon (I felt a little bit like a hummingbird!) and if I’ve had a bit of a play around with all those new fonts I snagged (if the Header’s different, then I probably have!) but until then, do try very hard to bee good, don’t forget that once a president gets to the White House, the only audience left that really matters is history, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry this week, because this time next week you’re probably going to need to turn on the air conditioner – but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂