Shufflin’ along….

Yes, I decided I liked my new girl enough to move her across to Laethys. I liked her name, too… It’s almost impossible to get a name that you like, and that means something (to you, anyway) about how you were feeling when you were creating her, what your thoughts at the time were, whether you’re a true romantic or not, and even her colouring at the time of her creation… (which is very easily fixed and/or changed – I don’t know why I get so…. fixated on it, really…) Anyway, because you can’t have the same name as anyone else on the shard, you try and think of names that mean a sort of purple colour… like Amethyst – too late, that name’s long gone… all the myriads of combinations possible of Lilac, Mauve, etc., etc. all seem to be taken… So what about…. Lavender?! Well, that was gone too, but let’s try a bit of “romantic” manipulation here…. Lavendermyst! Great! and nobody else had it! It was mine! Well, hers, really… and I thought it was kinda “misty” like…. er… until I moved her (innit wunnerful how you only think of these objections when it’s too late to do anything about it other than a complete and drastic re-roll, or an expensive name change! :/ ) and I thought…. “Lavendermyst”… “Lavender”… “myst”… “Lavender” “mist”… Oh Noooooo! It sounds like some fancy name for a new “bathroom” deodorizer! Aaarrrgggghhhh!! [feels like tearing her hair out] Oh well, I’ll either get over it, or go and buy some more Credits and get a name change scroll – I haven’t got my allotment of November Credits yet, either… 😉

You might have noticed that in all the above, I kept referring to my character(s) as “she”, or “her”. This is because I always create female characters. The few male characters I’ve rolled over the years have usually been abandoned or deleted fairly soon after creation… I just can’t seem to get my head around playing a masculine character – it feels wrong, somehow…

So there I was… I got her to level 15 (the earliest age when a young Mage can leave her place of birth, so to speak), and I even got her her title of “Merchant of Death” (because it sounds so cool! 🙂 ) (though I had to “visit” just about all the available shards to get the timing right 🙂 ) Made sure her mail box was empty, and that all her bags were packed. Then I went to Laethys to create an empty slot for her… Denuding one poor soul of her pretty Costume clothing and water breathing necklace (please note the water breathing necklace (or “wbn”) – they’re very important to me, and every girl on Laethys has to have one, or they don’t go in the water, and I get cross and upset because I don’t play well in water, as you already know) and sent them off to a third girl in carefully labeled mail packets for her to mind until Lavendermyst got there, when she was supposed to send them all on… Unfortunately, each girl can only carry one wbn for her Class (and as many as she wants to for any other Class) however, as all my girls are Mages of various persuasions, the girl that I sent all this stuff to couldn’t remove the wbn from her mail box because she already had one! I couldn’t send it to one of Julian’s characters either, because they’re what’s called “Bound to Account” – you can only send them to someone on your own game account. In the end I was able to send Lavendermyst the one that the “courier” was wearing, and then the “courier” was able to retrieve the one from the mail box for herself. All sorted out… eventually 🙂 Now I just have to level her up….

Flipper went off to the Vet this morning, and thanks to my brilliant idea of taking the cat carry box down a day or so ago so that she could get used to seeing it around, although there were some fairly loud complaints about being made to go into the nasty, cold, plastic cave, there were none of the usual histrionics we’d come to dread with her going to the Vet, and for once she didn’t wet herself in terror. She got her needle and had her nails clipped, but, although she doesn’t realise it yet, she has to go back again next week. The Vet wants to keep her for several hours in order to do some blood tests for kidney function, and to take her blood pressure several times – we think she might be suffering from “White Coat Syndrome”, where fear of the surgery or place forces the blood pressure artificially high. She seems to have forgiven Julian for taking her off this morning, and she gobbled all her dinner, so I’d say she’s back to her usual self. Ahem! And we have left the cat carry box out where she can “get used to seeing it” 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was disappointing, but expected. I’d had such a good run that I knew it was bound to end, sooner or later, and unfortunately it was sooner… I went up two points to 118.2kg, however, as long as I don’t go up again tomorrow, I won’t get too distraught over it (only a little bit distraught, is that alright?)

Tune in tomorrow to hear all the latest about Flipper, Lavendermyst (and whether or not I’ve decided to change her name), and whether my weight goes up… down… or stays the same… 🙂

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