And now for something completely different!

I had to work today! Yes! Work (or, “werk”, as we in the industry call it) You see, not only does Julian slave over a hot Body Corporate Committee work regime, he also works as head executive of The Family Business* – I’m the CEO. In other words, he does the phone and paper work, I do the filing. I’m very good at it, and quick…. so I do rather tend to let it build up a little. This morning, after breakfast, I’d just settled down to do a little “ta-la-la-ing” in Telara, when who should appear next to me but himself, wondering if perhaps I could do… a little… filing? …Please? Of course, being the amiable and amenable person that I am 😉 without saying a word, I immediately logged out of Rift and cleared the decks. Moved my keyboard, mouse and mouse mat off to the side and then got stuck into the 3 inch (about 8.8cm) thick pile of paper work. About half of it was TFB**, the rest were Bank Statements, but if someone had put all those papers into one of those big barrels that lucky numbers and raffles are drawn from, and given them a good spin, they couldn’t have been more mixed up and higgledy-piggledy! Not only did I have to file them, I had to sort them first. Alphabetically and numerically! A lot of rude words were uttered when it came to all the multiple page, from multiple banks, Bank Statements – it seems we have something like… 9 or 10? separate accounts with one bank alone (never mind all the rest!), all with 10 number account numbers, most of which have the same first six numbers, but the rest completely different. Not only that, but some time ago, a sheet of paper with all the account numbers written on it was… misplaced. Just to be safe, we had to close all those accounts and replace them with new ones. But all those older Bank Statements still needed to be sorted and filed, and all of the new ones had to be sorted and filed, too, and then matched up with their older counterparts. By about 3.00pm this afternoon I had finished sorting all of those higgledy-piggledy papers and had them all ready for their final processing (i.e. putting all the papers into individual plastic sleeves and into their respective Lever Arch Folders) tomorrow. Now, was that quick, or was that quick? 🙂

Everything was all ready and set to go, but my favourite eldest daughter is coming over tomorrow instead of Friday, because the new WoW expansion will be going live late tomorrow afternoon, and of course I won’t want to be working while she’s over here – she’s coming to see me, not me working, and she’ll want to stay home and play the new expansion on Friday, instead of coming all the way over here to see me. Oh well, says me, I’ll do the end processing on Friday… after our cleaner has been and gone, or the papers might get all messed up again… So near(ly finished), and yet so far (from being finished!) 😉

Hopefully my scales have learned their lesson. This morning when I hopped on them, they dithered a little downwards, then upwards, and finally settled on 118.6kg, somewhere in the middle of where it had been fluctuating. This surprises me a trifle, as they’re digital scales… and where I wouldn’t find it strange or odd that mechanical scales might wobble around a bit before settling on one reading… I somehow find it a little unsettling with digital, electronic scales… Oh well, at least it was down again… Yes, I’m still in a hurry to lose weight – I do want to get down into double figures! Like… 90.4kg would be about right! 😉 So now I’m racing the clock to get there by late January… or at the very least, early February! Anyone want to place bets? Yes? No? Don’t really care? (how dare you! 😉 )

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “Who baked my files into a cake this time?”, or “Will the rising heat of summer assist with Winter’s weight loss?” 🙂

*The Family Business – see “TFB”

**TFB – see The Family Business

One thought on “And now for something completely different!

  1. Of course the first six digits of the account numbers will be the same if they’re all from the same bank and branch… That is what is called the BSB number or the Bank/Branch number (no idea why it acronyms out to BSB).

    As for your scales. While digital scales show your weight on a digital display, it still uses mechanical means to do the measuring, which is why you get the shifts/fluctuations while you’re standing on it. At least I *think* that’s how it works.


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