I have the jitters… I’m trying very hard not to think about tomorrow (and not really succeeding), but telling myself “this time tomorrow night will come…” :/ I’m not going to talk about it….

This morning I had my hair done, very nicely as usual (thank you Josh! 🙂 ), after which I attempted to show him how Rift was played. I’m afraid I’m not a terribly good teacher 😦 It’s very hard to explain to someone how an MMO like Rift, or WoW is played; I spent about a year or so just watching – first my favourite eldest daughter playing various games, until she started playing World of Warcraft, then when Julian started playing it too, I sat and watched them both playing (not at the same time though! Lisa during her weekly visits, and Julian in the evenings when he got home from work) I’d also watched him play first Diablo, and then Diablo II, excitedly yelling out such valuable advice as “Look out! Behind you!”, and “Quick! Take a pot (healing potion!) now!” I never got bored watching them play, but never rolled a character because I didn’t think I’d be a good gamer – too slow, or reflexes not up to it, or whatever… but one day we needed a “mule” (someone to stay in camp and act as extra storage space for the real player, because you couldn’t play two characters at the same time – then! 😉 ), and I rolled a character. That, I’m afraid, was the beginning of the end for me… I became hooked. I developed my own rather idiosyncratic playing style (which I’m afraid didn’t go down terribly well in groups, especially on WoW – Rift players are a bit more lenient, though I still avoid playing with groups wherever possible 🙂 ) I play once a week with Julian, and we make a good team because we both have roughly the same playing style. A lot of people play to get from point A to point B and kill the big Boss as quickly as possible – we like to take a more leisurely approach, smell the flowers and explore a bit – a ‘what’s over that hill?’ type of attitude… The rest of the time I play on my own, only calling in Julian for things like… jumping somewhere. I’m hopeless at jumping onto things, or from things. Sometimes there are quests that end in mini rift-type situations with very high mob density (usually set for a group of 3 party) and because I count my pet as being a “group member”, so to speak, I look on myself as a group of 2 – but very occasionally (as in the final mini rift sequence in Scarwood Reach – Julian, and possibly Lisa,  will know what I mean!) I really do need that extra group member… so it’s “Jooooliannnnn” 🙂

So although I do play a lot, and quite well too, thank you very much (3 level 60’s, 5 level 50’s and, and 4 “teenagers” – not too bad a count for one shard!), I found out today that I’m not very good at explaining it, what to do, or how (and when) to do it. Sorry Josh 😦 Hopefully if you start playing a bit by yourself, you’ll work it out as you go along 🙂

Weigh-in… I was most annoyed this morning… I weighed myself several times because the scales couldn’t seem to make up their mind what they wanted to tell me. First it would start on 118.8kg for a couple of seconds, then it would suddenly decide that that was wrong, and go back to 119.0kg! It did that three ruddy times in a row! Three!! Maybe I was so close that it was six of one, half a dozen of the other… but why couldn’t it have opted for the lower [rude word] weight!  Arrrggghhhh!

I do hope that tomorrow, being a “very important day”, it’ll go down again… just a bit… to, say, 118.5kg… It probably wont – it’ll probably want to drive me mad by going up some more… But alas, I fear that mine is the triumph of hope over experience :/

Stay tuned… I’ll either be here tomorrow night, celebrating, or not here, weeping alone in the dark… 😉

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