Winter’s log, earthdate 201703.08

05.41 pm

Yes, I’m still here – a bit more frazzled around the edges, but hey! That’s progress, innit?! 😉 As usual we’ve been super busy – Saturday was the Great Big Birthday Bash, a joint affair for himself, who was in hospital for the actual Big Day, and moi-même, because – well, crikey! Why not? It was only five days before the ninth… A very good day was had by all – we had Nandos chicken tenders, and Nandos chips – both of which suffered – just a teensy bit – from languishing in the oven whilst we got on with the materialistic bits of Birthdays. Then Julian tizzied up the Caesar salad from the supermarket a bit, with some yummy diced Feta cheese, olives, some organic and home-grown tomatoes,  and a few commercial croutons, and we finally sat down to dinner.

And there’ll be a dramatic pause right here while I go and find out what’s happened to my editing functions! Most of which are…. suddenly… missing! NOT impressed or amused, WordPress!

10.55 pm

Soooooo…. After changing the ruddy Template, thinking that might have been the problem, and getting into all sorts of problems with my graphics, because all of a sudden Photoshop has decided to do something truly unspeakable to my styles (sort-of shortcuts to the final look, if you will) I finally managed to get something semi-decent done, get back to this again and find out…

Yes, it damn-well is WordPress wot’s fiddled, totally unnecessarily, with the controls and functions of the Editor – supposedly making it more “streamlined”, and efficient, I presume? Well it’s NOT more streamlined and efficient! They’re bloody useless and idiotic changes! To underline something? Instead of just ranging and highlighting the word or words you want to underline, and clicking on the “U” (for “Underline”) in the Editor, they’ve removed that “U”, and you now have to range and highlight the word or words you want underlined…. and then click CTRL U! Now, this is a real time saver, isn’t it! Instead of just clicking on one letter in the Editor, you still have to range and highlight your word (or words), then use two hands to hit CTRL and U! As for “Justification”, or getting the left and right hand sides of the text nice and even, instead of clicking on the squared lines for “Justify” in the Editor, you now have to hit “SHIFT ALT j” HOW is this an improvement?

And do you want to know how I managed to find all this out, after wasting my entire afternoon and evening trying to work out what had happened? Sheer luck, is how! After examining just about everything still available in the Editor several times and coming up empty-handed, I finally moused over a small, insignificant question mark on the bottom row of the Editor, and the mouseover read “Keyboard Shortcuts (SHIFT+ALT+H)” OK, I thought – maybe there’s something here that might help. Well, it pops up a small window. The first part tells you “Default shortcuts, Ctrl + letter:” which didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. The second part tells you “Additional shortcuts, Shift + Alt + letter:” – ditto! But wait! They knew we’d want more! So you scroll down a bit more, and lo and behold, it says “j …. Justify” Finally! Who’d a thunk it! So I now have to range my text, and hit SHIFT+ALT+j to get my text nice and neat!


Sorry, it’s damn late! More tomorrow. Maybe. 👿

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