Winter’s log, earthdate 201612.07

04.24 pm

Well, I am not a Happy Little Vegemite this afternoon, no sirree, not a Happy Little Vegemite AT ALL! 😡 I’m due to go to the Prosthodontist next Monday, December 12th (my very favourite youngest daughter’s Birthday!) to have my lower implants professionally cleaned, polished, and made all sparkly again… Next. Ruddy. Monday! Today, one of my lower implant screws came loose! Why couldn’t it have waited until Monday to come loose?! Unfortunately, it can’t wait until then, because if it comes out and I lose it, or accidentally swallow it, (a) it might be difficult to get a matching screw at such short notice (it’s really eeny-weeny-teeny!) but more importantly, (b) it will put too much load on the remaining screw and I could end up breaking or damaging not only the implant, but my jaw as well! So guess where we’re going tomorrow afternoon! Moonee Ponds! At 05.30 pm (so please don’t expect a blog tomorrow night – I’ll be in transit! I’ll give you all a quick update when I get home, but that’s about all I’ll have time for, if that!) All that ruddy way – from Vermont South to Moonee Ponds, at peak-hour, for an emergency dental appointment to tighten up one stupid little screw, which will take all of about three seconds – and that’s including the time it’ll take me to walk into the surgery, sit down in the chair and receive my handy-dandy dribble bib, have Dr. N say hello to me and ask me what I’ve been up to in WoW – and tighten up the wretched little thing! All the way to Moonee Ponds… (Winter pouts sadly over the loss of time this “little”excursion will incur)

We were up really early this morning – Julian had to be over at Glen Waverley at 07.30 am to supervise the painter who – as far as I was aware – was painting the new ceiling in our erstwhile back neighbour’s garage, not installing a new ceiling there, as turned out to be the case! But as usual, I managed to get things wrong, didn’t I! Apologies for leading you all astray with that little “assumption” of mine, because Julian wasn’t there to supervise the painting of the ceiling, he was there to supervise the installing of the new ceiling – but because it was the painter that we’d used many times before, and because Julian always referred to him simply as “the painter”, naturally I assumed (always a very unwise thing to do!) that a painter would be, well, painting – not installing a new ceiling! However, having straightened out that small issue, we were up at 06.30 am, and Julian arrived on time… so I pretty much had the morning to myself! I played WoW until Julian got back at around 11.30-ish – the work didn’t really take all that long, so Julian was home in time to get the corned silverside into the slow cooker for our dinner tonight, after all!

After that, he finished off the last bits of the Christmas Cards, put stamps on the envelopes, and took them up to Vermont South… and posted them! Finally! The Christmas Cards Have Left the Building! Now I really have no excuses left for not pulling out the old Christmas Present List, and starting to organise exactly what we’ve got for whom, whether it’s been ordered from overseas or not, and if so, when it’s due to be delivered… how many “incidental” presents we still have to get, etc., etc., and so forth. I have my little list (let none of them be missed!) of what I want to try to get for Julian this Friday – the presents for both of my very favourite daughters and their respective spouses have already been obtained and organised – leaving only a couple of boxes of shortbread or similar for the few remaining friends and relations in Adelaide, and lastly, something for Julian’s sister, Melissa, who lives in Sydney!

The Vet rang this afternoon too – Flipper’s ashes had come back, so this afternoon when Julian went to post off the Christmas Cards, he continued on to the Vet and brought Flipper home again in her pretty little box. I do miss her, poor old girl…

As you all know, Auric and Dapple had their walls and gravel and plants cleaned yesterday – and everything put back in a much better lay-out. Usually, this upsets them more than somewhat – it can’t be much fun seeing all your belongings pulled out of your home by a giant pink tentacle “thing” with fingers – and then to get all your stuff back again, smelling (do fish have a sense of smell?) “different”, and deposited in different places from where they’d got used to having them! They’re also not terribly fond of the ultry-violent steraliser thingy wot kills of algae in the water (I think!) because it buzzes a bit – but this time they seem to have been quite un-phased by it all – probably because this time we put their furniture back in more-or-less sensible positions! (Winter gives a hard stare in Julian’s general direction! 😉 ) But they’re good little fishies – I’m so glad we brought them inside to be “indoor fishies” – and they’re really growing! They’ve more than doubled their size since we brought them inside!

Now, as I’ve just about got to the end of all our comings and goings today, I’ll get on to all the “good” bits for you! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night for dinner we had some gently pan-fried porterhouse steak, with chips, some rather nice steamed green beans, and our usual half a tomato. For dessert, I had an “ordinary” green pear – probably a Packham… they’re quite big, and it’s really strange – I can eat a small to medium sized (any variety of!) apple, cored, and cut into quarters – but it seems to take such a long time to chew through those four quarters! I get tired of chewing, and totally bored with the apple, almost wishing I hadn’t started eating it! The Packham pears are rather on the large side – bigger than your average “any variety of” apple, anyway – and I eat the pear in exactly the same way as I eat an apple – cored, and cut into quarters – it too takes a long time to chew through, but I don’t get tired of eating the pear, or even slightly bored with it! I wonder why? Anyway, I also had an Apple Le Rice with the “ordinary” green pear. For lunch today we had another sandwich made with Julian’s home-made bread – with a smidge of butter, chunks of cold smoked chicken breast, Cheddar/Tasty cheese, and tomato – it was most delicious! I’m so impressed with the texture of the bread, and the ever-so-slightly “crunchy” crust! Tonight for dinner we’re having the slow-cooked corned silverside, possibly with a side dab of mustard or other condiment, steamed potatoes, steamed green beans, and our usual half a tomato. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow night – or whenever I get a chance to, seeing as we’ll be in Moonee Ponds tomorrow night ( 😡 ) For dessert I’ll have another one of my “ordinary” green pears (which I think is a Packham) and a Vaalia Lemon Creme yoghurt.

Weigh-in this morning. Was horrible! After dinner last night, while we were sitting in the lounge room watching television – with out feet up, I might add – I looked at my feet and was amazed at just how swollen they were! I mean, I’m used to seeing them looking like toed balloons, but this was ridiculous! They were gigantic! So for some reason known only to itself, my body seems to have decided to go on a fluid hoarding spree – just for a bit of a change, you understand! They were still pretty swollen when I got up this morning, so when I got on the scales I wasn’t particularly surprised to see 69.6 kg on the read-out. Depressed, but not surprised. I’d gone up over half a kilo overnight – for no particular reason other than my body just decided to upset me for a change… *sigh*

So that pretty much brings me up to tomorrow again – and this is where I usually say something along the lines of “I have absolutely no idea what’s happening tomorrow,” – but this time, of course, I do! Well, I do know what’s happening tomorrow evening, but in actual fact I have absolutely no idea what’s happening for the rest of the day! *shrug* I suppose I’ll probably play a bit of WoW – I haven’t tried to do anything with my new desktop wallpapery thingy – it’s starting to grow on me a bit, so I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow! But once again, that’s really about “it” from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night, to see if I’ve managed to get anything up, like how my visit to Moonee Ponds went, and what new evil tricks my horrible body has chosen to play on me, weight-wise, but until next time, please try very hard to bee good, because you don’t want to run the risk of getting yourselves on you-know-who’s “Naughty List”, do you! 😉 remember – people who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full, miss the point! The glass is refillable… and don’t forget to keep warm – or cool – depending on the time of the day, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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