Winter’s log, earthdate 201610.22

04.07 pm

Well, I’m “fashionably early”, you could say – seeing that this is about the earliest I’ve started writing for a long time! It’s been totally miserable weather today – I’m just sooo glad that I’m not into the racing scene! It would have been absolutely dire out there at Moonee Valley for the Cox Plate! Brr! Julian’s lucky that he doesn’t seem to feel the cold, because for most of the morning he was outside in the cold – plus the occasional extremely heavy downpours – cleaning out our ex-fish puddle and its Water Feature fountain. He’s been trying to get to it for days now, but there always seemed to be something else that was either “more important” that got in the way, or else the weather was just too atrocious to be standing outside cleaning out a Water Feature puddle-pond! Things like …inadvertently missing my Warfarin blood test by a couple of days, so that became a “must do now!” thing, followed the very next day by his dental appointment, which very neatly bisected the day, and really didn’t leave enough room either before or after it for the cleaning of Water Features and fountains! In fact, he wasn’t home until late afternoon anyway, because he had to go out hunting for Flipper Food (which we’ve still been unable to find!) So… like sands through the hour glass, so were the days of last week – and he didn’t get the Water Feature and the fountain cleaned! This morning, however, he was absolutely bound and determined to clean the damn thing! It rained. It poured! Finally, during a brief lull in the deluge, he decided to do it anyway – so I’ll probably be visiting him in hospital, when he comes down with double pneumonia! At least he had the sense to have a nice, hot shower as soon as he finished with the cleaning, and came back inside! Actually, it was probably just as well that he did do the fountain cleaning this morning, and not waited to see if it cleared up this afternoon – because it’s absolutely vile outside at the moment – it’s freezing, it’s ferociously windy, and the rain is bucketing down as though everyone had a nice big Ark sitting in their back yards to escape on, as the antediluvian flood-gates appear to have been opened!

By the time he’d finished with the Water Feature and fountain, and had his nice, hot shower, it was lunch time, and guess what he’s doing right now?! He’s changing over 30% of the water, cleaning the glass, and vacuuming the gravel in Auric and Dapple’s domicile! Though, at least that’s inside (and almost directly underneath one of the outlet vents for the air conditioner!) Talk about a glutton for punishment!

And what was I doing, while he was wearing his fingers to the bone, outside in the freezing cold and the bucketing rain, cleaning up the Water Feature and the fountain this morning? Why, where else would I be but here, in front of my screen, running Sharmena around the Arathi Highlands, leveling her up and killing lots of Raptors, Gigantic spiders as big as a house (alright, as big as a cubby house then!) and Trolls… and Orcs… (she hasn’t got to the Ogres – yet – but they are next on her “To Do” list! 😉 ) I’m quite pleased with her actually – she’s now level 26, and she can heal, raise the dead, remove curses, and walk on water – amongst other things, like hurl chain lightning and bursts of lava – quite a talented young lady! 🙂 I also decided to give you all something new to look at whilst you’re reading – a new background and Header – though don’t worry, I know a lot of you really liked the old one – so to put your minds at ease, I can assure you all that they’re still there in my Word Press uploads, and they can be reinstated at any time!

Tomorrow, of course, is Sunday, and Wynterthyme and Demelzae’s day for riding around the Broken Isles, completing quests (ha! where possible, that is!) and biting their fingernails down to the quick, wondering and worrying about what’s in store for them come the next Patch, on Tuesday! But for tomorrow, no doubt we’ll die a lot, and get better a lot, and generally have a good time – unless Blizzard pull another swiftie and split our group up again – all in an effort to make the game much more fun for us, of course! *glower* So, we shall see what we shall see, and you can expect a full, blow-by-blow account of all our adventures and misadventures tomorrow night – unless we finish late again and I don’t have time to write them up for you! 😉 Then you’ll probably have to wait until Tuesday night…

And now having filled you all in on today’s doin’s, I shall hasten to get on to all the “good” bits! 🙂

Food stuffs. Last night we had some lovely Beak & Sons Chicken with Mushroom sausages – 100% Australian chicken with mushrooms, garlic and parsley. Pan-fried, as we’ve found that sausages – in general – don’t seem to cook as well in the griller, which is a sort-of a press, as they do in a frying pan (or maybe we’re just not using the griller correctly) With the sausages we had our usual half a tomato, chips, and steamed green beans, sautéed in a little light olive oil and toasted slivered almonds. Delicious! For dessert I had my last peach, which was very nice, though still a little crunchy (but I find that I actually don’t mind my fruit being a teeny bit on the crunchy side!) and a tub of CHOBANI dark cherry yoghurt. For lunch today we had ham, cheese (that lovely Cheddar/Tasty cheese that I like so much!) and tomato Toasties, which as usual were very yummy. I said to Julian that we could probably try making BCT’s next time, and he agreed with me, so maybe we can try that tomorrow. And yes, that is a deliberate “C”, and not an “L” in the middle of “BCT” above – because instead of Lettuce, he could put Cheese! That would make them “Bacon, Cheese and Tomato” Toasties, and I reckon they’d be a real winner! 🙂 Tonight for dinner we’re having grilled steak, mashed potatoes (though hopefully a little less than I had last time!) our usual half a tomato, and (probably) more steamed green beans. For dessert I’ll have one of my – hopefully ripe by now – Corella pears, and an Apple Le Rice.

Weigh-in this morning. Was not too bad (for a change!) I went from a “disgustingly fat” 67.0 kg to a simply “fat” 66.7 kg. I still have no idea why my body behaves this way – up and down like a yo-yo – I wish I did, then I could do something about it! Oh well, let’s see which way the leaden cookie crumbles tomorrow! :/

I started writing so early this afternoon that Flipper hasn’t even been fed yet, so I can’t tell you how she went with her dinner tonight! However, she did go back and eat some of her dinner last night, and she also came back and ate a bit more of it for breakfast this morning! She’s not here in the Den at the moment – I’m presuming that she’s asleep on our bed – so I’ve snuck over and stolen her pussy biscuits, so that she can’t wake up and come in to have a small snackerel before dinner! Auric and Dapple are probably wondering where I am, and why their tummies are thinking that their throats have been slit with a blunt and rusty knife (goldfish don’t actually have stomachs – they just have a very long gut!) but I shall go in and feed them once I get this online for you all (thereby making all of you the ones guilty of making my little fishies hungry! 😉 ) Anyway, that’s really about “it” from me for this evening! Do drop in again tomorrow night though, to see if I’ve had time to write anything – which really depends on what time we finish playing – and if I can, I’ll fill you all in on what happened, and what didn’t happen to us, and whether my weight disgraced itself again or not. But until then, do try very hard to bee good, don’t forget that success is a state of mind – if you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in this horrible cold and wet weather… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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