Winter’s log, earthdate 201610.19

04.49 pm

Well, I might not be early today, but at least I am here! 🙂 It’s been a fairly quiet day – Julian worked in the office a bit this morning, and I WoW’d (well, what else was there to do?!) and then we went off to The Glen – I wanted to chase up that [heavily censored] lipstick that was  – according to their website – supposed to be available in the DJ’s store there. Nope! Only in their “main” stores, like the city… and Chadstone… and maybe a few others (the girl really didn’t seem to know much! You can tell, you know, by the way they nervously say “Umm” between every word… sometimes even twice between every word!, like this girl did!) Unfortunately, Julian refuses point-blank to go to Chadstone – for any reason – and we never go into the city… So I gritted my teeth, and shopped around for another largish bottle of body lotion. I mainly use it on my face, truth be told, and I usually get the Jurlique “Clarity” body lotion because it not only smells nice, it’s also non-greasy and my skin seems to like it – but I just wanted a bit of a change. So we were wandering around, looking at this, that, and the other, when we were approached by a second young lady, who offered her help – but she seemed to know even less about the products on show than the first girl did! When we left DJ’s, Julian and I were talking about our experience there – and we discovered that the second woman, for some reason, annoyed both of us greatly, though neither of us could quite put our finger on why she’d annoyed us so much! (Winter shakes her head in perplexity) Anyway, I spotted a body lotion that looked promising, but this young woman (a) couldn’t find one that she could sell us – there was only the three-quarters empty tester bottle on the shelf, and she was unable to find out where the rest of the stock was kept, and (b) on going over to her POS, was also unable to find the price of said product on her computer! I told her “never mind” – I’d keep looking – indicating politely, I thought, that from now on we’d manage on our own, thank you – but she stuck to us, like a burr to a long-haired cat, until almost in desperation I grabbed a big bottle of body lotion with a snazzy-sounding name and said “This looks quite good – I’ll have this one!” So she triumphantly headed over to her POS with Julian in tow, while I cowered behind the shelves looking at other products… This would have been a very good idea of mine, cowering behind the shelves, except for one particular product which struck my eye! There was a new-comer to the world of facial products, and heavens above and glory-be if they weren’t offering a…  lord, you’ll never guess it – I’ll have to tell you all! “Tooth Mousse”!! Tooth Mousse?! Tooth Mousse? It’s a fancy way of saying “toothpaste”, but I picked it up in utter astonishment to have a look at this brand-new wonder product! No one in the facial cream industry side of things makes toothpaste! Not even Burt’s Bees – and they do make quite a lot of pretty incredible products! The brand that I’d picked up is called “Divine“, by Therese Kerr – and they make all sorts of stuff – but this “Tooth Mousse” really got to me! There are two sorts, “Peppermint and Chamomile”, and “Lemon Myrtle and Chamomile” – I bought a tube of the latter one, as I’m sick to death of all toothpaste insisting on being “minty”! I’ll let you know what it’s like tomorrow night! Meanwhile, Julian was over at the POS with the annoying woman, having just finished paying for the large bottle of “Grown Alchemist” Body Cream with Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf that I’d grabbed, when I hurried over, brandishing my new-found tube of “exotique” Tooth Mousse, saying happily “I’ll have this too! How much is it?”

And then we went for lunch, which we had upstairs. We were going to have lunch downstairs, at the Shingle Inn, but seeing as we were upstairs anyway (DJ’s cosmetic section is upstairs at The Glen) and we were going along to Woolworths – which is also upstairs – after lunch, and we were right in front of a semi-decent-looking little coffee-lunch place, we decided to eat there. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember the name of the place (yes, it was that memorable!) just that it started with a “D” – hopefully some of you may be able to recognise the place from those clues and know what I’m talking about. After lunch we went on to Woolworths – mainly to see if they had any of Flipper’s favourite tinned food, which they didn’t, and to see if they had any decent fruit that I wanted – but they didn’t have any of that, either. We did a bit of other shopping there, and came back to the car via the Newsagents, where I got some very pretty “thicker than paper, but not quite as thick as cardboard” sheets to try out as a mouse mat (I have terrible trouble with mouse mats! They’re either too small, and my mouse keeps falling off them, or too big, and they stretch and buckle, or to “sticky”, or too slippery, and I can’t just use the desktop because it’s glass, and the optical mouse doesn’t work properly on it) And then we came home.

Upon our arrival, and after being screeched at, Banshee-like, in welcome by Flipper, we partook of a very much needed cup of coffee, and I got straight back on to pulling Shamena up by her bootstraps to level 20, and her riding licence. Not that she really needs to be able to ride, because she can now turn herself into a proper “doggy” type of wolf, where she can run along on all fours, a lot faster than she can jog, and wearing nothing but her shaggy wolf coat (so it’s a lot much more betterer than Worgen, running along in their Sunday Best human clothes, I can tell you!) And once I got her up to level 20, and got my riding licence, I logged off, checked my email, and started writing…

So now that you’ve been given a blow-by-blow description of “My Day”, by Winter P. I suppose I’d better hurry up and get onto all the “good” bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night, as you all know, we had the lovely Tuscan Pork Gourmet sausages, with mashed potatoes, half a tomato, and some extremely nice steamed green beans, sautéed with some slightly toasted almond slivers, and for dessert I had my last Nashi pear and an Apple Le Rice. Today for lunch at the coffee shop place at The Glen, I had a middling-nice piece of spanakopita – which miracle of miracles, didn’t come with the usual serving of sad, limp salad, drowned in its own dressing! The spanakopita really was much more nicer on its own! And I also had a rather delicious – and therefore terribly sinful – chocolate hedgehog slice. Tonight for dinner we’re reprising that absolutely wonderfully delicious marinated lamb backstrap – the “Woolworths Gold” Australian Lamb Eye of Loin, with Caramelised Onion – Succulent, hand seasoned lamb with cumin, fennel & fresh coriander (well, that’s what it says on the packet!) We’ll do what we did last time, and have it on a bed of plain steamed rice, to which some finely chopped spring onion will be added. For dessert tonight, I’ll have one of my Corella pears, and for a change, a Guava and Blood Orange CHOBANI yoghurt. I’ll let you all know what everything was like tomorrow night! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Strangely enough, I was absolutely positive that I’d have gone up again today, but my body either decided to be kind (?? …..Nahhh! It’d never happen!) or thought it would play a huge practical joke on me! The practical joke won out, I think, because I went from 66.8 kg yesterday, to 66.5 kg this morning! Down three points! I’ll be back up again tomorrow though, so I wouldn’t get too excited about this morning’s weigh-in if I were you! :/

And that’s about where my day’s at, at the moment! Flipper has been fed, but it remains to be seen whether she’s eaten her dinner or not when Julian lets her out of her dining room… Ahh… she’s out, and he says she’s eaten “a bit over half”, which is pretty good – for her – and it means that she’s probably ingested most of her medication – for once! But I’m not going to give her back her pussy biscuits just yet, because without them she might go back and eat a bit more of her dinner. I’ll give them back to her before we go to bed tonight…. Auric and Dapple are both being good little Vegemite Sushies – and… that’s about “it” from me for this evening! Do drop in again tomorrow night though, to find out just how much my weight went back up, how our lovely piece of lamb turned out, and what that fancy-smantzy “Tooth Mousse” was like! Until then however, please try to bee very good, remember not to live down to expectations, but to go out there and do something remarkable, and don’t forget to stay warm and dry, even if the weather looks fine, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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